Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years flop.

Almost every New Years, my best friend and I get together to just chill at my house watching movies and playing video games while eating tons of party food. It's a simple thing, mainly because we aren't the most social people. Unfortunately for the last two years, she has been getting worse with her social problems and now hates to stay out too late from her fucking house. I don't exactly blame her, I've known for years she has some fears she needs to conquer, but it feels like she stopped trying, which is what pisses me off more. I try to talk to her about it but I feel like I am being such an asshole for suggesting it since I don't know what she is going through, and probably never will completely understand it. She and I work differently. I have a few social issues, but I can force myself to do something because I'm a stubborn asshole. She is stubborn in the opposite way, where she will stubbornly try to stay in her "content" zone.

I've thought of ideas such as going to her house instead for New Years so she won't have to feel afraid to leave her house or whatever at so late at night. Problem is there would be no real party food (their oven has been broken for awhile, so no mozzarella sticks, onion rings, cocktail weenies and so on), her father is a paranoid, controlling guy that has good and bad days so there's a good chance things would just suck anyway... There's  a good chance she will see this entry, which i am prepared for. As is, I am not exactly ANGRY at her, but more frustrated with how she decides to deal with things. You can't conquer your fears without going outside your comfort zone once and awhile, you will have to eventually face them. She just doesn't seem like she wants to however.

Besides her, I have another "friend" who I was sort of close to for awhile, but lately just hasn't been a friend and more of an online friend despite how close we live nearby. I don't care too much though, because he still has the high school mindframe going for him anyway.

My other best friend (whom also is my cousin) keeps herself so busy I rarely get to see her, and she doesn't have time for me at all really. In fact, it's gotten so bad, I feel like I have to watch what I say around her when we used to be so open about things.

I've been looking into events around my area, but they are so far away. I rather not go driving back home late at night on New Years only because I KNOW drunk drivers and police will be out. My car has an expired inspection sticker still so if a cop pulled me over, I'd be looking at a fine still. Any place that actually is near me is so fucking expensive unfortunately... except one place actually but has police crawling around it.

So yeah, to put it simply/TL;DR: I need new friends, nothing remotely interesting to do for New Years, and...

I mad.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some of my presents this year.

I felt I would share with you some of the crazy shirts and pants and whatnot that i got for Christmas, perhaps including the "special ed" shirt. Note: It is not Special Ed from "Crank Yankers," but a shirt that reminds me as the clothing of someone in special education would wear.

I should also mention I tend to dress in what I believe is considered the punk style, and if that is incorrect wording, then let's just say not usual clothes. At least when it comes to pants anyways, i wear Tripp, parachute (very little) and UFOs. Just what I prefer. Now prepare for a nice image heavy post!

From "Problem Sleuth," I had to get these shirts!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow day.

We had quite the blizzard these past two days. Sunday was so bad, it was not worth shoveling. My sister and I tried to shovel as much as we could just so the morning shoveling would not be as bad, but it was a losing battle. Now we live in a 2 family house, which means there are 6 people in our house, but out of these 6 people, the only ones who shovel most often are my sister and I. Dad usually works during snow duty, mom loses her energy too much thank to her MS, and only the guy of the upstairs people SOMETIMES shovels and it is pitiful on how much it is (since the lady who is high functional can't be bothered to do shit).

The next day, thanks to wind shift, plows, and other misfortunes, there was pretty much 2 feet of snow across all of our cars. Fun. We got all bundled up and ready to take on the icy hell when some highschool kids came by asking if we would pay them to shovel us out. That felt like a miracle in itself. Mom said if they would dig out all three of our cars, she'd pay them 50 bucks, which they accepted. Gotta love that, haha. I had almost felt disappointed we would not be shoveling. ALMOST! Too bad things didn't end up so nice later...

They needed use each to move our cars some so they could get under and around it. My sister and I are parked on the street while mom has the driveway (and dad was out working, so no spot for him). I went to start my car, which was a bit of a struggle thanks to it being so old and being awhile since I started it. Finally got it started without any problems though and went to hit the unlock button so I wouldn't have to go through the passenger door all the time. Well... I learned a valuable lesson: Never try to use tiny automatic locks with gloved hands. I accidentally hit the lock button and closed the door locking my keys inside. With the car running. Doesn't sound too awful, just go get the spares, right?

Wrong; dad had the spares on his keyring and was at work. So we tried to call him all day, asking maybe we could meet him halfway, but he never answered for about 2 hours. Mom was getting all upset because he is supposed to have his phone with him all day, to which my sister and I had to calm down. It's not a rare thing for dad to miss a call or forget his cellphones (work and personal).

Sometime around then, my sister got ahold of our cousin-in-law who suggested breaking into my car via the wire-hanger method. He came to our house and tried very hard to unlock the door like that. Was pretty close too, got a grip on the handle and everything! Unfortunately, the force required was too much for the hanger and it bent off loose. My sister finally got ahold of my dad via his work phone, but he hung up on her despite her saying it was a bit of an emergency. He eventually called back, and told us he was in the middle of so many disabled vehicles, there was no way either he or we could meet up. His recommendatings were to just let the car run out of gas.

By now, our cousin-in-law gave up, said sorry, and advised us to either call a cop or a towing agency. We can't call a cop cause my car has an out-of-date inspection, so mom paid for a tow guy to get into my car. Cost 125 bucks for 3 minutes of labor.

Yeah. All of this could have been avoided had we shoveled ourselves (or I had not attempted to unlocks the doors with my gloves on). I ended up causing my parents to fight (mom didn't like that he hung up on my sister and basically ignored us for 2 hours), wasted a fair amount of gas, and cost my mother 175 bucks today (or 155, I chipped in 20 bucks). Needless to say, I did not feel spectacular about that.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Part 2

So my last entry was about the pains of Christmas, but there are some great joys to be had around the time too. Seeing your family and friends faces when they get a gift they want, the wonderful decorations and lights... ... ...And of course getting things! I don't mean that last part selfishly,  but it certainly is nice.

My mother complains people aren't in the Christmas spirit as much this year... It makes me think, what really is the Christmas spirit? Everyone has their own take on what Christmas means to them. Some find it to be a time to get free stuff, some just wish to make someone's day brighter with a gift, others it is a religious time, and some just see it as another day. There is no one answer to what Christmas is, despite anyone's beliefs. For a history lesson, check this out.

There have been some really nice Christmas times for me as well as more depressing ones too. One that sticks out that makes me laugh when I think about it was when I was really young. I was the typical, "I hate clothes as presents," kid. We were opening presents and I kept getting clothes in a row. I threw a hissy fit, and said I won't open the last one cause it looked like another clothing box. Dad mentioned to mom, "well we do need a gift for them to open in front of my grandparents, we'll just have him open it over there!" My great grandparents (father's side) didn't really buy gifts for us because I believe they were not exactly well off in money. My sister had to re-open a gift she had opened already for in front of them. When I opened the gift I was SO sure to be clothes, it was DOMINO RALLY!

My parents laughed at my shock, and I think that made my great grands thrilled with my reaction, haha! 

On the flipside, there was a Christmas where my "big gift" was something I did not want and my mom really thought I would want so much. It was a deluxe keyboard with a stand and little minibench to sit as you play. When I was a lot younger, I wanted one but as I grew older I stopped caring to have one, and I hadn't asked for this in years. I felt really bad I didn't have any desire for it. I might have played it twice or so but really didn't play it much at all. I much later told mom how sorry I am but I really didn't have my heart on this and that disappointment I saw killed me. It would have been a lot worse had I told her after I just opened it but I let her down over time. In the end, the minibench came in handy as I use it all the time in my room to hold things and such.

This morning, my family and I exchanged gifts. My sister got a purple shirt and some purple pants, and mom said they could go together. My sister told mom if she wore this out to the mall, she would be dubbed the crazy purple lady, which just set us all off in laughter. I got a lot of shirts this year since my style pants seems to always sell out or get discontinued... One shirt my mom got me looked like a special ed child's shirt. I don't think i could wear it ironically either.

I'm happy to have gotten Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye for wii now! I'll be playing them like mad for awhile, haha. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time (w/ some Neopets images cause I'm a dork)

In case I am not on for Christmas Eve or Day, Merry Christmas to everyone! If you don't celebrate it, well, happy whatever-the-fuck-holiday-you-celebrate-or-don't-celebrate.

I had been working on ideas to write about Christmas time in general... mainly the things that sicken me, heh. But I started feeling that would not be in true Christmas spirit, and tried to think of something else. Then I just said to hell with it and started typing up shit and hoped it made sense.

During the holiday season, there is a lot of shit you have to put up with. Shopping usually is one of the bigger piss offs since there are so many factors involved with it. First you have to travel to the store, which depending your mode of transport, causes hellfuck problems. If you walk or bike it, you will likely be freezing and also have a hard time bringing some presents home. If you drive, you get the holiday rush of traffic with so many idiots, it takes forever to get to the store of your choice you are already put in a bad mood.

I mad.

Then there's the parking. Oh god, the parking! Finding a spot is almost always a hassle, and then there are jerks who snipe your spot like an auction. Not to mention, if you are leaving and managed to have gotten a somewhat decent parking spot, people will fight over your spot, trapping you.

I getting madder
I usually settle on the first parking spot I see and deal with a long walk if a parking lot looks like a battlezone. I've had assholes box me in because they both wanted my spot as I was leaving, however. Eventually they backed off, and I tried to make it so the car I saw behind me first would get the spot (by blocking the other guy as I got out).

Ok, so you endured the travel and parking, now the fun part: shopping! Maybe you have a list or maybe you still don't know what you want to get someone. Either choice is a handful. The store could have it sold out so making you go to more stores, recycling some other past piss-offs. Or the store could have it but as you are about to get it, someone grabs the last one JUST before you get to it. I've seen worse, though. People will play tug of war with the items, steal from your cart if you look away for one second, assault you outside the store for a particular item, and more.


What's that? You can avoid most of this with just, SHOPPING ONLINE?! Great idea! Just that a lot more people have thought of that, so you can just as easily get sniped, online places could still sell out, or worse, orders could be screwed up delaying or terminating your items, and eventually have to go to the store ANYWAY with the frustration built up from unsuccessful online shopping. But you also might luck out and everything goes for you, and you just relax and sit your fat ass on the couch.

Besides shopping, there also is social things such as an office or friend's party, dealing with your family/families, and so on. There's usually at least that one unpleasant relative you can't stand to be around, if not many family members.

For me, it's mainly the aunts that are a problems. 2 of them aren't really bad, just can be loud mouthed so I can usually deal, but another two are incredibly bad. First there is my "holier-than-thou" aunt who needs to be heard of all the things going on in her life and how things are so GOOD FOR HER! And then she will criticize on you or your family's shortcomings. She also likes to bring up the fact that just because she goes to church SOMETIMES (lol, yes, sometimes) she is much more spiritual and in tune with the lord and whatever. My family isn't religious really... I believe my mother believes in different paths to god and doesn't need to show up in a place or actively be apart of rituals to be apart of a faith, father is probably the same to a lesser degree... And my sister and I are essentially some sort of agnostic-variation that I don't feel like getting into (I've already made a Religion related post in the past and not ready to make another). And on this side of the family, we are the only ones that don't have someone going to church, therefore get criticized for it every now and then.

The other aunt I have less problems with than "Miss Holy" since her daughters (my cousins) are close with me and are good friends, she just likes to pick fights with her siblings, causing general problems. I should really describe my two families in detail sometime, and maybe I shall.

I think this entry is long enough and continue more about christmas tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Terribly sorry, I don't care to leave my blog without an update for so long usually, but the holiday season keeps me a bit busy. Scrambling to get gifts for my family,mainly making personal things that are no cost buy labor and time thanks to lit-tle mon-ey. Also haven't been sleeping well so I'm awake during the nights and sleeping for so long during the day. Also have some family things going on.

On Sunday, we had a "surprise party" for my great(grand?) uncle's 75th birthday. Unfortunately, it wasn't really a surprise since everyone ended up coming late and not bothering to shout surprise, apparently. My sister and I came a little late so we only got to hear about that from my other family members. For the most part, the whole party was really lackluster. I'm not exactly close to my grand-uncle and I don't think he even knows who most of us really are since our interactions are limited at best. Overall, i think he was just happy to have people there though. Too bad his oldest son who threw the party is a pompous douche anyway.

For most of the party, I sat at the table playing Dragon Quest 9 on my DS. The table I was at had my "holier than thou" aunt and drunkard uncle, along with my twin cousins who just talk about football. I idly tried to make conversation, but they made no real attempt to reciprocate, so I stopped trying. I tried to talk to the cousins I was closer to, but they were seated at another table so it was only every now and then. The food there was mostly seafood too, so I went vegetarian and engulfed the steamed vegetables and salad.

After that travesty, all the (1st) cousins were to leave and go to friendly's in honor of my grandfather who died a year ago today (exactly on his birthday). It was a tradition we are trying to uphold since he loved to take the grandchildren out to friendly's all the time when we were younger. That was a lot more fun.

In other news, I have a date on valentines day... with Dragon Quest 6 for DS! :D As some of you (should) know, I am a huge Dragon Quest fan. Thank to my favorite Dragon Quest fansite, I found out the game is coming out on Valentines Day next year. It seems Nintendo is taking the series out of Square Enix's incapable marketing hands!

Dragon Quest may have a fighting chance now. Square-Enix treated the series like Terri Schiavo, wanting to put her down, but because there were vocal people demanding to keep it alive over in NA, they half-heartedly kept it alive when they could be bothered. Dragon Quest 9 was handed off to Nintendo as a larf I believe, and it did extremely well for itself compared to how Square-Enix has done to Dragon Quest 4 and 5 DS, Rocket Slime, Joker, AND Dragon Quest 8. Well, I might be exaggerating slightly but it's pretty close.

I have a post about Christmas in general coming up, just kept putting it off, haha.  Perhaps tomorrow or next day, after I finish the gifts for my family and friends.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Another trip down memory lane

Thanks to a lack of progress on a few other entries I have been working on, I figured I would share with my followers time in the past when I was little.This story gets in my head and infuriates me to no end very often. Just thinking about it now is already getting my blood boiling, which might be a good thing since it is freaking cold in this room right now.

I was in the first grade with quite the bitch of a teacher. She might not have been the worst, but extremely close to it. She could be nice and I recall a few instances where she actually was to me specifically, but it doesn't excuse her for what she had did this time. She bullied and humiliated me in front of class.

In the classroom, we had a closet/coat rack where everyone kept their backpacks, lunch, and coats. When we were allowed to go to the closet, it would be quite the scramble to get to your stuff, since the closet was quite confined. Often, we would have to wait to get to our things, and sometimes in the scramble, people's things would be knocked down, or even sometimes knocked off the hooks but wouldn't fall down until later because of how compact everything was. Thus, started a problem.

People's coats would be stepped on, becoming dirty or sometimes ripped. My parents were getting upset how my big-ass coat would be so dirty and worn for being rather new so they complained to the school. The teacher then decided to take this up with me during the middle of class.

"All right, Tal, so who stepped on your coat?" She asked out of nowhere, out loud to everyone. We were learning fire saftey at the moment I think, and it must have triggered her memory on this matter or something. there was no specific persons that step on one's coat, it just accidentally happened at times. I tried to convey this notion to her, but being 6... maybe 7 at the time, I was quite short on words.
"Um... pretty much everyone...?"
She then decided to go to each student and asked them if they stepped on my coat. OF COURSE no one would admit it, so she prosecuted me further. "None of them said they did it, are you lying?"
"But they said they didn't! Maybe you stepped on your own coat!"
"No! Maybe they are lying?"
She then asked if they were lying... cause that will work. When everyone denied it, she kept badgering me to make me say I stepped on my own coat, and though I have always been quite the stubborn person, at that age being in trouble scared me more, so I finally gave in. She then went on how I should not lie and scolded me for lying and basically made me feel like absolute crap.

When I went home, my father told me the teacher called him and said I stepped on my own coat. I broke down and cried, telling him how I really didn't, but no one would say they did, so she blamed me. He believed me, and said they'd get me a new coat (I really didn't care to have a new one but whatever), and told me to keep a watch on my coat from now on. If someone stepped on it, just tell on them right away. Yeah, that would never work, but I didn't have this problem later since that scene in the classroom made my classmates a "little" more careful with the closet.

That same teacher became a principal at a middle school later, and wanted to enforce a dress code that parents must pay for. I feel bad for that school tremendously. She was even a teacher in my middle school, but luckily i didn't have her. The interactions I had with her were very short and I wouldn't converse with her. I still want to make her pay somehow, even just to convey a message because she made my 1st grade really miserable, which led to miserable school years till high school. I can't blame her for everything, but she sure as hell didn't make everything wonderful.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weird dream

Some nights ago, I had yet another odd dream. It could bring up a story scenario I suppose, but not as elaborate a one like my Mr. Autodelete story.

I was at an arcade with an ex-friend of mine. She and I used to go to the arcades together till a falling out, so I guess that's how this dream formed. The arcade itself looked like someone's attic with one ddr machine and a few fighting games in the background. Some people from my old ddr days were around but not really interacting. My ex-friend mentioned something about the ddr machine not having a line on it so we should hurry over to it. i got on the stage, and then woke up.

However... I did not truly wake up. Instead, it was like a dream within a dream, and I had woken up into my main dream. I was even in my bed with everything in the right place except not a single light was on. Normally, i have my computer playing a show or movie on the whole time so it provides a light source, but it was nearly pitch black in my room. I had just heard my creaky ass door open and close, which I assume "woke" me up. it was a girl that I auto-assumed to be my older sister's friend. She jumped as I made some noise.

"Oh sorry, i didn't realize someone was in here!" I tried to communicate, but it was like I was out of breath for some reason. I managed to struggle a whisper, asking who was she and told her I can't talk too well for some reason. She said her name was Deanna, I think... Some sort of name with a D mixed with another girl name. I remember it sounding slightly odd. I choked out another whisper that I think my right side was still asleep, cause i could not feel anything. She scrambled over and rubbed my side, trying to help. After a short while, I started to regain normalcy, and could talk and get myself up.

I asked what she was doing here as we left my room, and I noticed in the living room, both my mother and sister had fallen asleep in the living room. it was late night/early morning, so this was quite odd to happen. My father was in his room, still asleep. She said she had come over and saw them like this, and then gave some sort of reason for why she was frightened. At first, I thought a gas leak or something had happened, but they made little noises to indicate they were okay. My dad suddenly woke up and asked who the hell was this person, and why did she just leave my room (Lol he thought I had a girl stay overnight; I'd never hear the end of it if I actually did). She apologized first and I kept trying to ask why the hell she was coming over so late at night in the first place, but something in the dream would always interrupt my train of thought, as if I was not supposed to know.

After that awkward moment with my father, for some reason we started walking outside and suddenly walked to "my old house." Except it really wasn't, but apparently in the dream world, it was.We had some meaningless conversation, and suddenly it was morning. I ended up waking up around here, wondering if I was still sleeping.

The inability to speak and move was probably me actually speaking out loud and laying on my side. I've woken myself up before trying to force myself to talk in a dream... usually when trying to get someone's attention or telling someone off that I apparently am not supposed to. Also woken myself up because a body part had fallen asleep. Just felt weird to have such a realistic re-dream...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Demo of my mapping

As mentioned here, I plan to scan a few maps i made for some obscure games on BYOND (namely: Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick) in an attempt to make another guide like my Archipelago Remastered Recipe Guide. I recreated one of them in paint (one of the simpler ones) to give an idea of how I map. I wanted some feedback from my followers to see if it is understandable. I don't care it's not the most descriptive, but it should serve as a guide to what a player needs/wants from the area.

This dungeon in particular consisted mainly of tunnels, so the directions were all that were needed. Some areas ended up being rooms with no direction to indicate so i would just box them up and lead the path in. On another map, there were rooms with directional input so I would do a box AND the directions to show the choices to be made.

I haven't done any other paint maps, which means I haven't done the other floors of this dungeon. As it is, the game this map belongs to has been offline for a very long time, and I doubt will be used in a guide, but it seemed like a suitable demo that wouldn't be overcomplicated for me to draw. The rest of the maps are probably just going to be scanned in because of how complicated some get. Trying to recreate a map and keep the locations correct is absolutely maddening for me. I am no artist.

The only other solution would be to keep screen-capping as I play which... I am not doing. That's infuriatingly annoying. Filming won't work either since random battles would get in the way. Plus, I imagine video capturing programs would be likely to resource heavy for my old desktop and overheat my laptop.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The weekly general update.

Time for another update involving what's been currently going on.

I FINALLY beat Classic mode with every character on Intense without continues on Super Smash Brothers Brawl as well as Boss Battles. All that is left is 2 fucking stickers I can't seem to get to complete the sticker collection and All Star Mode... which I'm not trying as hard to get through. Ideally I want to get through All-Star Mode with no continues, but I get stuck towards the end after the Star Fox crew. Furthest I got was the pokemon team playing as Zelda. It's kind of funny that she is about the easiest to do this without needing to heal too often since she can keep her distance the most. next best I found was Peach since she can heal herself each time she gets the smash ball. But I likely will drop trying to beat All Star mode without continues when i finally get those damn 2 stickers.

Funny enough, Rob was the last one to beat Boss battles on Intense (Wario for Classic)

I been getting some mad high scores on Neopets lately. All luck based games of course, but I never did get trophies like this before. My luck on there is going pretty nice, and it feeds my gambling needs since I have l i t t l e m o n e y for real-money gamblin'.

My mother's christmas present caused some frustration because it involved getting my laptop NOT to overheat, and all the other computers in the house couldn't read the files cause no one likes to update (and my personal desktop was to old to handle them). Sister ended up giving me an x-mas present early, so I now have a better laptop cooler. She actually got me two different ones; a newer version of my old colling unit and one that uses no power source since it uses crystals to self cool. I don't recommend it for laptops like mine that overheat and shut down. For the record, it's called, "HeatShift."

Resetting the router fixed the wireless internet problems. If we try that too early, it won't help at all which is why we didn't do it in the first place.

On blogtv, two of my favorite cartoon streams were banned because fox complained about copyright issues. More popped up, but aren't as organized or high in quality. Still, at least I have them to fall asleep to... I need something to listen to as i fall asleep because silence tends to make me think so much I can't get to sleep. And I'm too bashful to call up Comcast to fix the cable box in my room... :X I hate talking to operators!

Got a splinter for the first time in so many years a few days ago. Annoying thing. I got it while reaching through the wooden desk near my router to get a wire. Couldn't get the damn thing out of my skin so letting my body take care of it, which means I get to feel something like a paper cut for several days. Bah!

Been trying to get back into working out, but I haven't been able to get to sleep at a reasonable time. As it is for today, I been up since 5:30am and had originally fallen asleep at 2am. Trying to get my sleep schedule back so I can exercise and feel better about myself. BTW, EA Sports: More Workouts for the wii has the nice ab work out that just kicks my ass (or abs in this case) the right way. Can't wait to move on to the more difficult versions.

Submitted a few more applications, namely one for a convenience store. Ugh... I'm not looking forward to possibly working there; never worked at one. I likely would be given a night which makes me nervous of robbers. I hear about people holding up convenience stores all the time... not very motivating. But I shouldn't be left alone there overnight, so I at least would have company... But still...

But I need money, so if I get that job, I'm doing it. Hopefully one of the places give me a call back for an interview at least; that way I can have some humorous interview stories, or devastatingly terrible ones. Win-win for readers, haha!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some kudos!

Special thanks to David for introducing me to this web-comic:

Absolutely the best reads/watches I have had since I used to watch Bonus Stage/Highscore. The writing style is perfect, though sometimes a bit nonsensical (but that's what makes it great!). The many perspectives taken, the wording, adventure and references just wrap up an absolutely brilliant web series.

The first i was directed to (and so thoroughly enjoyed, I have some T-Shirts of it coming to me) was Problem Sleuth, a hard boiled detective that starts off wanting to be the best detective, but can't get out of his office, to such an adventure of a huge cast of characters with video game and scientific references that get so inanely complicated it just works. And for parts that didn't make sense, a recap would be given to explain what the fuck just happened.

The newer and current series is currently what causes me to stare at my computer screen for long periods of time this past week is Homestuck. It brings retains the same (il)logical type humor and large cast, as well as complete moments of absurdity but also is packing more drama, more FUCKING AWESOME animations, and of course many scientific theories being broken. Revolves around a game and real life... and if I said more i would spoil it. :X The main characters feel very much alive though, which I commend the author. There are times where you are allowed to do the interactions as well, which spices things up (though sometimes unnecessary).

I will admit, however, that because I liked the main characters so much, I get a bit annoyed when the perspective changes radically, almost to the point of losing interest, but as soon as the scope pans back to the heroes, the side venue is usually explained and shoved up your ass without a condom for why it was so important to know. That's the thing about the author's style: almost everything connects and is important. That reference made in the beginning will come back again in a smarter way.

Also concerning Homestuck, there was a key moment where I didn't like how the story was done (paradoxes are fine sometimes, but this certain one made me go, "Aww really? Come on!"). If you stick around to read into it more, you should enjoy it. A gamer should especially like it. A science person might enjoy it too, or find it so improbably impossible, it becomes frustrating.

In any case, I highly recommend checking both Problem Sleuth (finished) and Homestuck (in progress) if you are looking for a web comic series to keep you occupied. They are essentially graphic novels with some interaction. I know I would absolutely love it if Homestuck became an actual video game (not fan game, but the whole story picked up by a decent company).Too bad it's as likely to happen it is for the author to have a comic that does not contain the word, "abscond."

Monday, December 6, 2010

Law and Order

First want to mention I am still working on my "obscure gaming" tips and guides, but probably will sit in my drafts for awhile. I attempted to recreate my drawn maps in paint, and said, "fuck it" after awhile. Besides the fact my drawn maps are not to scale and just are directional, it takes FOREVER to recreate it by hand. I'll likely just scan the maps themselves. To give you guys an idea of how they are done, I'll post up a simpler map recreated in paint (one that won't make me want to kill babies) in a future post.

Anyway, the point i really wanted to talk about was of the testing facilities I am apart of. When I was younger, my parents had me join a testing place where they wanted kids imput and I would get paid money for my time. Unfortunately, i was not a typical kid, so I suppose they lost interest in me. I remember they were trying to make a new cartoon series and were asking us of our opinion on the characters. Most the boys hated this robot character but liked this guy with an eyepatch. At the time, i found the robot to be fucking awesome and the eyepatch guy to be a bit creepy cause he lost his eye. That's all I can remember about it now, but there was more to it. I remember some years later the cartoon was on TV at an obscure time too, but it was so crappily done. I do not remember the name, btw, but it was similar to an oldschool anime made in USA with a little hint of Hannah Barbara cartoons.

Getting off track of what I wanted to talk of...

Fastforward many years later, my friends tell me of testing places looking for people and helped me get signed up. I signed up to this one place by their recommendations and I found another nearby thanks to one of the forums I frequent mentioning them. I had some cool offers that I unfortunately was not eligible for thanks to my odd interests, but I have been eligible to do some surveys (which gives you points to exchange for amazon giftcards; a small but okay award). I had a recent one I was qualified for and found so interesting, I wished to share it. I am kicking myself for not saving the story as you can't go back to it after completing.

It was of a court case malpractice thing. A woman had been having trouble conceiving with her husband but finally managed to! Unfortunately some weeks later she miscarried, so went to her doctor to find out ways to improve their chances. The doctor found a problem in her vaginal area and went in to take care of it. While in there, they had made a small incision somewhere by accident or otherwise unintended. In bold print, this survey mentioned both parties agreed this was not negligent as it was one of those things bound to happen in this sort of surgery.

Some time after the surgery when she was let home, she started experiencing some really bad pains. She called the doctor, who said to take some more motrin, as this pain was normal. Hour later the pain was still there, she called again. He kept telling her there was no need to come in, what she was experiencing was normal, and just to take more painkillers. The next day she was in excruciating pain and had some other bad symptoms showing up (can't remember them all), so she went right to the emergency room and they found that the small unintentional incision from the previous surgery had cause the problem and one area was leaking out into other areas and other such messes. They operated and were able to have her recover, but because of all that, she was told that she would not be able to conceive in the normal fashion, and other pregnancy methods would have to be used to just give her a CHANCE at having kids. (Summation: No sex for babies, unlikely chance other methods will work, but they might) It mentioned the couple had planned to have 4 kids.

The survey then went on to say that both parties agreed this qualified for negligence lawsuit, not because of the incision thing, but because the doctor would not take her in to look at her (or so I surmised). The questions they wanted me to ask was based only on this information, how much compensation should this woman get for this, excluding economical reasons (which I took as medical bills excluded), so the value would be based on pain and suffering, mental anguish and so forth. They gave choices with the lowest option at 5-25k and highest option being over a million dollars.

I chose a middleground of 200-500k, with in mind of it being a LOW 200k range (like 210 or so). I gathered that first comes the physical pain she had to go through which was already 100k in my book, then mental anguish of the possibility of not being able to give birth to a child which lopped another 50k or so based on 4 kids planned plus the general idea of not able to have kids. Then thought of the whole doctor not taking her in when she called a second time, on principle, and figured in around 60k. There might have been a few other factors I can't remember but those were my thoughts. I generally keep a middle road because I know sometimes people ask for way too much or companies try to lowball them with way too little.

After that question, it asked if I had found out they managed to conceive one child thanks to invitro, would I change my amount awarded to her? I said yes but very little, and chose the minus 5-25k option, with intent of making the amount 190k-201k range. They planned for more kids, which they might not be able to get they way they intended. At least they have adoption if they choose to, which i think the doctor should have to pay at least partially for (though something tells me they rather have their "own" kids. Selfish somewhat, but better then giving an orphan an unwelcome home to live in again I suppose... maybe...).

Survey then asked if people are to litigous in today's society (I agreed), and then asked if I was for this law trying to be passed to restrict or limit people's ability to sew others, which I said no. A law like that just would cause as many problems as there is now. If it just was a law to limit but not restrict, I might partially agree... but there are bad doctors and businesses out there, they need to have something to fear. Maybe restriction based on how much the company makes in profits and salaries?

Feel free to share your opinions on this and how I responded. I am curious of what others think. My sister, for instance, said she should get 250k and all medical bills related to this issue paid (she didn't believe economical reasons meant what I thought it meant. If it didn't mean excluding bills, then i agree with her on that part).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new month means internet problems.

Every first of the month, our router starts to give us internet trouble. It is pretty much an accepted thing; we know it is coming and there is nothing we can do to fix it. I believe it is because it has trouble comprehending the IP renewal or something, but fuck I don't know much about computers. The more obvious thing is the router is old and we probably should get a new one.

We won't get a new one because it still works the rest of the month. Besides, it's mainly the wireless connection that has problems. What this means is my sister and I will have a hard time connecting to the internet since we use our laptops (mostly; she only has her laptop, i still have my old desktop computer). Sometimes this problem effects the desktops, but to a much lesser degree than the laptops have. Usually one simple restart and the desktops are fine. So as such, I have been making a few entries in advanced in case I am unable to update on the fly.

If the wire reached about a foot more, I would probably opt to have that plugged into my laptop instead of my desktop. As of right now, I have a rather comical situation with my computers: My desktop is old, so its computer operations are slow. However, because of it being a wired connection to the internet, its download/upload speed is fast, perhaps too fast for itself. My laptop is more up to date and is mostly fast with its computer applications. However, wireless connections suck (I've ALWAYS hated them, but settled when I got a laptop) and get interrupted signals at times causing lesser speeds of downloads. Even worse, my laptop is extremely likely to overheat if too many resource-heavy applications are on, so movies, clips, and such have to be quickly done.

I once actually pitted my laptop against my desktop in a download race with the same clip on youtube. I laughed when my desktop, despite its slow computer handling, downloaded the whole clip while the laptop was only halfway done. Kind of a shame too, but I suppose it's a fair price for portability. It sucks that I can't play as many games on my laptop either thanks to it overheating and shutting down so much. I blame my crappy laptop cooling unit thing and the brand of laptop.

Replace "ice" with "Acer"
If you ever go laptop shopping, avoid the Acer products. I am glad I have my laptop and all, but it definitely was not a great one. I even googled up the series of my laptop, and many complaint of the upperleft corner of it overheats too often. One of my fans must have broke because of it so it autoshuts down now when it gets to hot. I literally have to feel the corner every now and then to make sure it won't overheat when I play a few games on neopets or watch a clip on youtube. I have designated my desktop as the primary video/sound viewer now, but try to play games on my laptop when I can; desktop is utterly slow and laggy with them.

And for those curious, my laptop is this: Acer Aspire4730Z

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mr. Autodelete, Part 2. It gets sciency

Part 1

Everyone kept chattering on about how silly this was, while Kathleen and I kept telling them to pipe down. When the time came, there was no voice, and some of our friends and family started asking us where was he? Then the voice came, which freaked out my friend Tara. "Hello, once again," came the elegant voice filled with pity. "I see I have an audience today. Well, so be it, ask your questions!"

The first "question" came from my father, who thought this was some elaborate trick, and unplugged the computer. Others in the group yelled at him for "ruining the show," but Mr. Autodelete spoke again, saying something about how he hoped that this answered his question. Tara whimpered and excused herself from the room, for this was a bit too much for her. Kathleen and I pleaded with the rest of our friends and family to please calm down. Even though we both were scared, we knew we should take this time to ask questions instead of panicking.

"How are you speaking to us?" Kathleen's mother Caroline asked. Mr. Autodelete sighed, muttering how silly a question it was considering what would happen. He told her all he needed was an electronic device with speakers attached, and he could inhabit the hardware with a power source strong enough to keep it going.

My sister spoke next, asking why he wished to kill us, but I answered for him instead. "He told us already before, he doesn't want to he simply has to." To which Mr. Autodelete confirmed, along with an apology. Quite angered, my father yelled how can he say 'sorry,' for something so horrible, to which Mr. Autodelete sighed once more.

"Would you rather I simply say, 'tough luck,' and not speak to you again, leaving you and your family in wonder to when the end should be coming?" Dad didn't take that too nicely, but my mother calmed him down. Kathleen and I apologized to him, hoping he didn't take offense, and that we just wished he could now elaborate on why he must do this, and so he began.

"My planet is so much like yours, with birds, animals, flowers and so on. So much alike, we even have the same people as you, with the same quirks and personality and lives. So much alike, it seems to break a law of physics; the same matter cannot occupy the same space. For example we have the sunflower just like yours. Upon some observance, we found out they have the same exact life rate as yours. Not so much that they have the same life span, but at the exact moment a sunflower in Wyoming died on your planet, the same happened on ours in the same place..."

"Wait, so you have a United States in your world, too?" butted in Kathleen's friend Tracy.
"My dear, we have a Europe, Africa, North America and South... everything you have we have... almost."
"Almost?" Spoke another cousin of mine, Ginny.
"Yes, for you see, some life on our planet has gone extinct while on your planet it has not. The animals you call dogs and cats bred differently so they have ceased to exist. However, I'm afraid the same cannot be said for humans. On our planet, there is another Ginny, who talks, speaks, looks and thinks just like you. She lives in the same state, has the same grades, and likes the same books as you."

Ginny looked quite frightened (reasonably so since he somehow knew her name) which is when Jamie, her older sister had butted in. "So let me get this straight... Because a law of physics has been betrayed, you believe you HAVE to eliminate all of that life form's species?"

Mr. Autodelete chuckled softly, not in humor but with even more pity. "I am afraid it goes beyond belief as more of a certainty. While our worlds are so very the same, there are small differences. The difference may continue to exist, which is why your dogs and cats are allowed to stay. One of our differences is we have a better grasp on technology than you. We have developed things so complex you wouldn't begin to understand what they were. Thanks to our development we have discovered an anomaly with the universe, and with some research, we found that the universe would cease to exist at a shorter period of time than it was originally given."

"How is that possible?" I asked. This just seemed impossible; how could anyone have the knowledge of knowing all this. Our polite villain simply replied it would not be something we would understand. He then excuse himself, for he had a schedule to keep, and that he would visit us one last time tomorrow to inform us of some pertinent details, perhaps take final questions, and then he would cease interrupting our final moments.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bad Advertising = Good advertising?

An article shared with me from a friend. It's a bit long, but enough to be outraged about. You only need to read to about page 2 or 3, after that it's just background info.

A TL;DR version is a woman wanted to buy a particular brand of glasses/contacts and googled that brand. Up came this website. They caused some seriously wrong problems with her, and no one would really ACTIVELY help her till this reporter did something. The company that did that didn't even care and admitted that being an asshole with everyone writing about his site gave him great advertisement on google since everyone linked to it, so it became his sale mantra.

Another type of scum in the world. This is why I tell my family and friends (and now you my followers, probably more as a reminder) to ALWAYS get more info about a website before ordering from it. When you google a site, you often will have reviews of it pop in the search as well. When I was internet-stupid, I made the mistake of releasing personal information on a random website, and almost got taken away with it. Luckily my credit card company was reasonable and cut off the transaction and the thing was never heard from again.

If anyone has their own stories similar to this, I'd be interested in hearing them! But please take care with online spending. Warn your loved and liked ones.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm thinking of including more updates related to the odd games that have no real website for help. These mainly pertain to BYOND games because most of those games don't have help pages at all, or won't go in depth because of spoilage. I don't mind spoiling games so much since some things you can have no clue how to find unless someone tells you or stumble upon it by accident.

This came to me when I realized how much my Archipelago Remastered entry has been googled for help. That game has been going up and down for quite some time now, some with changes, some without. In fact, one changed BECAUSE of my guide telling people everything, haha. So if you see an entry out of the blue for a game you never heard of, don't mind me.

My next target is Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick. It has been getting repopulated lately, and I'm sure some people wouldn't mind some guide help. When I used to play, I actually drew up maps by hand to help direct myself. I figured I could scan some on here and let people use them as they see fit. If I was better at computer imaging, I would probably make a nice fancy image from it, but alas, I do not possess the programs or the skills. I might go into paint and draw up the paths since the maps were really simple (Seriously, just a bunch of lines and symbols to say what is a dead-end and what isn't). Couldn't hurt to do this to attract a few more people here, even just for gaming help.

I was thinking of including Neopets for help, but a lot of people got it covered in much better detail than I do, so there's no reason to intervene there.

For people who don't know, BYOND is a gaming engine that supports many people's fangames of other games, anime, books, and more. I have mentioned these in passing among different entries. I've played and seen Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Warrior (of course), and many others. In fact, one interesting one, called NEStalgia bases itself off many different video games to make one awesome story. Unfortunately, I never could get much into it, so I likely won't talk of that. I stoppedp layign BYOND after awhile because so many games became "Subscribers (people who donate money) > Non-Subscribers." Felt like Ragnarok Online private servers all over again.

If anyone has played BYOND games or is googling right now and stumbled across this entry and want to share some insight on games, by all means feel free to comment or send a personal message to me. If we can help the gamers more, I'm all for it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Tis the start of the holidays, and thus, less updates are likely to begin. I have another part to Mr. Autodelete story ready as well, but figured I would give a general idea of where I am first.

Lack of updates have been due to three things: my new neopets obsession, holidays = busytime, and lack of comments. When I don't see many comments, it makes me desire to update less. I don't plan to stop updating due to those reasons, but I will less frequently. Comments help bring motivation to tell about my day or share a story. Some days I don't need the motivation to update, but to keep a steady schedule, it is nice to have. I imagine most of my followers are busy with their own thing this season, and that's understandable. Just expect less-than-frequent updates from me then (as well as checking on your blogs; I'm pretty backlogged as it is).

Now that the nasty business is out of the way, I been meaning to write about my black Friday experiences from when I used to work for Target. I should narrow that down to just, "experience," actually, since I was one of the lucky ones who rarely had to work black friday in the 5 years I worked there. I worked once for the closing shift, which is not much of a story to tell... and one morning shift, where I worked in the Toys section.

The team leader (think specialized managed) of Toys was gathering his crew for the season's biggest sale, and I was asked to help out. He was a cool, lenient guy and after some nights working, I was able to handle Toys pretty efficiently. I learned the names of which Bratz toy was the hot seller, and why we don't have EZ Bake ovens this year, and other fun toy stuff.

It was the first time I EVER worked an opening for Black friday, so I didn't know what to expect. Had to get to work by 6am, and when I did, there was NO parking and a line I couldn't have imagined. I just parked way in the back and walked over to the staff entrance, to which i was already being asked by customers, "hey do you know how many Nintendo Wii's you will have in stock?" and other such things. It felt as if I was a celebrity being barraged with questions by the paparazzi. I squeezed into the employee entrance and clocked in. As I clocked in, they had JUST opened the store, so through the employee door's window, I saw a bunch of people running like mad. I saw an old lady knock over a man which made me laugh my ass off. I grabbed all equipment that I could for the floor (walkie talkie and a scanner to let us know what is in stock/price/location of item), and headed to Toys.

Wading through the crowd was surprisingly easy, as everyone was looking away. I thanked my stars no one was asking me anything, since usually that red shirt makes you a... ...I can't think of a non punny way to say it... target. I managed to get to Toys, where a few shelves were already bare. I looked at my co-workers asking them for any updates on out of stock items, and they already count off a few. This information was helpful 5 minutes later as I got assaulted with questions of where some doll house was, to which I was able to spout off an answer. At one point it felt like I was directing traffic in that 5 people asked me a question at the same time to which I held up my hands and pointed to each person what is their question. That was pretty cool.

Then came a moment I will never forget. I was helping a motherly-looking woman about what deals we still have in stock, checking things on my scanner for the many locations they could be found when a guy about a foot and a half taller than me actually grabbed me, picked me up for about 4 feet, and then said, "WHERE ARE THE MICROWAVES?!"

I meekly pointed a direction and he was off. The woman I was talking to had her phone out, running over to me, "Oh my gosh, I thought he was going to take you with him!" She had apparently started to dial 911 in that instant. That alone made the experience less mortifying; it's nice to see people actually give a shit about one another.

The rest of the day went pretty peaceful, surprisingly. It felt more like a typical busy day, which was nothing to me. Because of how busy it was, we didn't have to put away stray merchandise (fun fact: customers did that job for us in buying them before we could put some products away). The most annoying part was the friggin cabbage patch dolls, since everyone needed that PERFECT doll and we had some up on a high top shelf stacked pretty high, and people would always want the top one.

Yes, I mad.

It sort of makes me glad I didn't work this black friday either, though I'm sure that could have been some nice money to take home since places usually offer a lot of hours for that day alone. There still is Christmas sales to be had though, to which I hope to be working by.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mr. Autodelete, a dream of mine turned story.

His name was Mr, Autodelete. I suppose he was the villain in this story, but yet he was a merciful one. He had no problem talking to me or other earthlings when we asked why he wanted to disrupt life on our planet; he simply had to. It was just a matter of survival.

The world had already known about it incoming demise, and so there was chaos. Many people traveled around the world trying to find some sort of salvation. Others accepted their demise and stayed in their homes, waiting for impending doom. My family, instead, was heading to the location where Mr. Autodelete would enter and destroy the rest of the undesired life on our planet.

Before the world knew of its doom, people could sense something wrong still. In the news, people were reported going crazy and then simply dropping dead. What they didn't know was it was part of an alien planet similar to ours absorbing the life out of the humans. Some other life was facing similar struggles, such as all birds, rodents, and bees. Dogs and cats seemed to be fine, and in plant life, trees seemed to be completely unaffected, but flowers were facing mass extinctions. The governments of the world claimed other nations were doing this to them with biological warfare, which is why certain life was fine, yet others were being wiped out. That did not exactly make sense. If a death occurred in public, none around would follow suit.

Before it all started, I was playing with my cousin, Kathleen. We were playing a puzzle game on the computer, when Mr. Autodelete found us. An elegant voice that sounded like it was full of pity greeted us. Kathleen thought we were on some voice chat website, and tried to click off the page, but the voice assured us it was not a human. Of course, why should we believe strange voices heard on the computer? I turned off the computer, a little scared I may have gotten a virus, but relieved it was over. That is until, the voice continued speaking.

"I am here to inform you that your planet will be suffering a mass extinction of its life," The voice spoke with a tinge of sympathy. "I am sorry that you are the first to know this, but I wished to make sure you knew in advanced so you may cope and enjoy the time you have left with your loved ones with you while you can."

Kathleen, clearly frightened, asked who was he. He said we probably could not pronounce his real name, so just call him, "Mr. Autodelete." It seemed fitting enough to him. He probably took the word off the computer and arbitrarily made it his name. I asked him why did he want to kill us all. He had a small laugh, and said he desired not to kill everyone we knew and loved, but simply had too! We wished him to elaborate, but said he had others to alert, and simply to tell our family. He would be back at this same time tomorrow.

Of course, when we told our family and friends, no one believed us. "You probably just got a computer virus!" "You sure the radio wasn't on?" "Maybe you called someone by accident and they were messing with you!" We then told them we could prove it if they come over tomorrow around the same time we heard Mr. Autodelete's message. Our parents and my sister said okay, why not, and a few of our friends said they'd be willing to hear it, but many others said they would be busy. The next day came and we waited by my computer, hoping yet dreading Mr. Autodelete's voice.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Update and response

First, I'd like to respond to the DJ entry.
-The job I am applying for really doesn't have much relevance to the DJ job, but it probably will help to show I have been active since I left Target.
-When it came to talk, i mostly read shout outs on air, but added my own flavor to it, such as talking about current things in the game. "Oh man, the lag has been SO bad lately!" "God this one person just won't shut up with the Smegas..." When that ran out, I would talk about myself since several people liked to hear about how I was doing.
-While I was DJing on a station devoted to Maple Story, it was NOT official. We kept trying to talk to Nexon about making us officially affiliated in some way but they ignored us. I heard back from my the owner a week ago that they are starting to recognize the station NOW, though, but I don't know much more info on that.
-At first i took requests and mentioned if I didn't have a song, I'd find a way to get it another time. Then, tired of filling up my computer with songs I hated, I said, "No, I will not play songs I hate. If I can stand the song and I have it, i shall play it." I even started making lists of songs that I have, and artists or songs I won't play. I also mentioned I won't play the same song within an hour's time, because that just got on people's nerves. I would sometimes instead play the same artist but a different song of theirs if repeat requests happened. A few people got upset with me about that, but majority either loved that or didn't care.Most people loved that I would take their shout outs almost always.

I been having a problem with Amazon again, but this time with my customer account. I canceled my credit card recently because I simply can't afford to keep it around being a temptation when I am needing money so badly, so I can only pay by e-check/paypal. Whenever I tried to order something from Amazon, however, as soon as I clicked the "process order" part of the website, it would redirect me to select a payment, but no error messages. Tried several times, then tried on two different computers. My laptop with vista and firefox failed first, my desktop computer with windows XP and firefox failed, and my parents' Mac with safari failed, so I knew it wasn't a computer issue. I e-mailed the Amazon support team twice, and TWICE they failed to help me. They both said it must be my internet cache or cookies causing problems...

Despite the fact that doesn't make sense since I tried on three separate computers, I attempted to follow their advice. On my laptop I cleared cookies/cache, rebooted, disabled any ad-blocking/script blocking programs and still nothing worked. So instead, I asked my sister to buy them for me on her account and I'd give her a check. Just sucks since my mother's birthday present has been delayed for so long because of them...

I had a vividly fucked up dream last night. Personally, I blame the alcohol I had last night, it almost makes my dreams very vivid and go to the darker corners of my mind. I'd rather not talk of the details, but let me just say it was like Harry Potter meets Law & Order: SVU, and it was uncensored and disturbing. Those two things should never come together.

Speaking of alcohol, I rarely, if ever, drink. Before last night, it had been 2 months since I let myself get light headed. I just enjoy not feeling stressed out so much sometimes, plus banana rum and sierra mist is really yummy. Flip side is that the enjoyment has a price. First, as disgusting as this is, it makes me very gassy, so I'll be belching and breaking wind without wanting to. And it won't even be a relief either, I feel like my throat and ass are on fire. Second, of course, is the hang over. I don't drink to get drunk, but sometimes i go a little too far. I never had to puke my brains out, but I'll feel tired and wobbly later. Luckily, I was able to just sleep it off this time. Finally, it makes it easy to go to sleep, BUT it won't last long. I'll wake up 3 hours in and unable to fall asleep cause my mind keeps drifting and I'm in that middle of hangover and drunk. I also drink alone because one of my friends isn't 21 yet, another I don't see much, and my best friend can't drink since it'll interfere with her medication. And drinking with my family is out because they are assholes when I drink. "HEHEHE, HE SLURRED! HAHAHA!" They are just jerks like that cause I don't drink that often and I am the youngest, I suppose.

I have been up Neopets's ass lately since the games and plot got me so stuck in it. Essentially has taken the role of MMORPG of me, despite it not being one. I recognize the addiction. but it's such a nice thing to just play and not always pay attention. In the future, don't be surprised if I get all happy about awards I get in the game, cause I can sense it coming.

I only need TWO MORE characters to beat Classic mode on intense with no continues on Smash Brothers brawl; Wario and Ganondworf. Thing is, they are probably my worst characters to play as. Seriously, I been trying and trying, but they keep dying early, or getting caught in something I saw coming but they are too slow or caught in an animation they can't get out of it. I will conquer it soon, and then I shall get through everyone on Boss Battles!

And with that, i leave you with a piss off message I got from neopets in a random event.
Fuck you bitch!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What can I say, life keeps me busy these days.

So on Thursday-Friday, I went to see the Midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. It was an excellent representation of the book, save a few things here and there. I won't be spoiling anything in case of people who don't read the series and haven't seen the movie yet, but will be speaking broadly of the things I liked and disliked. If that bothers you, shuffle along. To those who seen this already and know what I am talking about, feel free to comment, but please speak broadly as well.

One of the better things they did was make certain deaths even more meaningful. A first death had been originally quite pointless in the book, but in the movie, it was given much more meaning then just "LOL, oops random death!" The other death that was given more meaning already had meaning, but instead dramatized it more in the movie. That is not too surprising, typical tactic of movie makers, but I was happy it was done.

A not so great thing about the movie is that some parts of the movie may confuse people who did not read the book. They even added a scene that may make the viewer think something is going on when it certainly was not. To those who have not read the book but would like to see the movie sometime, you may be confused as to how they came across certain information, and even unfortunately, have no idea what is going on at one point. It was a bad emission error on the directors' fault.

There are some point in the movie that just don't make much sense as to why they changed it. One guy was supposed to die, but instead was just stunned. I imagine they have a bigger plan for him in Part 2, perhaps give his death more meaning than it did in the book just like the first death I mentioned. They also were supposed to have a small party for Harry's birthday, but omitted that as well. I understand cutting things for time, but I think a small service should have been given to show how much Ron's family is essentially Harry's extended family. Ah well, one touching moment was made up by the meaningful deaths.

Overall, I loved it SOOOOO much better than the last movie. It followed the book nicely, and the changed parts were mostly fitting (except perhaps those mentioned, but it is minor). Book fans should not be disappointed.

Also: I have not forgotten about the questions in the DJ post. Feel free to still ask questions upon that, I shall answer them in another post. Please forgive the 2-day absences as of late, trying to get a job and fix my school situation have been quite trying. I'll mention about those another time as well. :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey DJ!

Sorry for lack of posts, but trying to re-read this book again has proven to be trying on me. Not because it is not interesting, but because I've had to handle a few more things to organize my life more as of late.

While filling out applications, I asked for some advice from my family members what sort of references I should put down, and they suggested I should put down the time I was an internet DJ. I haven't been putting it down since I never was exactly paid, I just received a few perks here and there.

A few years back, I was really into Maple Story. Scary into it, to the point of how you hear of WoW obsessions except it did not interfere TOO much into my normal life, just all my spare time and sleep. I usually played music on my computer while I played, but I got tired of my music and needed to hear some new music. I used to listen to anime radio but got tired of it repeating the shame shit over and over, but then saw an advertisement for a radio station in Maple Story. It was unofficial of course, but I checked it out and liked what I heard.

Over a period of time, I noticed a lot of dead-air times for it, so I decided why not volunteer to be a DJ? There wasn't a DJ for my server, I liked to get new music, and I was around enough to dedicate some time to it, so why not? Two days after sending in an application, I was looking through my e-mail and notice no reply. I went through my spam folder since back then I used to check it, and noticed an e-mail from the owner of the station. He requested an interview... which ended up being in 30 minutes from when I read it! I hurried up, installing skype and thinking of what I would say... Long story short, i got the job.

The station averaged around 40-300 listeners a day, depending who was listening and depended if people dead-aired the place or not. I ended up being pretty popular solely on the fact I was the first and only DJ of my server. I gained several friends and a lot of help from strangers. Some gave me in-game money, others provided me with help in quests and such. The in-game money was the better part of it, along with just people to chat with while monotonously training. I also enjoyed delving into new music. A shame things started to get bad along with the good.

The owner decided to expand the radio station by adding two more channels. This was just a bad idea because all it would do (and did) was spread the listeners out, not gain more listeners. In the long run, it wasn't a horrid decision, as it did provide listeners 3 different DJ styles. But then he wished to expand further by adding more (useless) channels. A channel dedicated to asian music? Seriously? I don't know what happened to it since that was around when i started to fade off, but that was just horrible.

At one point, I became a pseudo Human Resources person. Some fights broke out among the many DJs, so i made an effort to find out why and try to solve the problems. In general, all I did was play baby sitter; not only was i one of the few DJs who were over 20 years old, but most the DJs were from 14-17. Yeah... The restricted age was 16, but a few underage people lied about their ages so they could be a DJ. If we found out later and they proved to be competent enough, they stayed though. Some were good DJs but horrible co-workers. Not surprising, seeing as they were in high school, therefor brought in the high school drama. "He said my music sucks!" "She keeps kicking me off when I'm DJing!" Petty squabbles indeed.

I could go on about other petty details I can remember, but I believe I'll then be listing as if it were a history book and not as an interesting tale. I'll leave things open for your guys to ask questions about this and I'll answer them tomorrow in another entry. I ended up leaving the radio station by... no longer DJing and disappearing. I was a "Seasonal DJ" which meant I would DJ when school would allow it, but that didn't last long either. I just stopped caring about Maple Story by then and hated hearing the same music over and over. People asked for the same music all the time it was maddening. Made me hate Dragonforce, Linkin Park, and Breaking Benjamin.

Fun Fact: I did go back to Maple Story for another half-a-year run when the Pirate class first came out, but I did not return to DJing. In fact, i went on a separate server and gained friends whom helped me more than the DJ job did (except I got less free money, but more old equipment and opportunities for legendary runs).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie tradition

Yeah, I don't have much for funny Potter things...
This Thursday night/Friday Morning, I will be joining my two cousins in watching "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1". We have been going to midnight premiers for about 3-4 years (or movies, rather) now as a tradition.

The first 3 movies, I had just watched the movies either on DVD or in theaters on a later date. I had already read the books so my hype for the movies wasn't too strong. I don't remember which movie it was when my cousin told me about how she and her family go to the midnight premiers, and invited me along. I figured it could be kind of cool to see it early, and been craving to go to the movies (and friends being busy) so I said sure. Since then, we had been going to the midnight premiers together... with a few bumps in the road.

One of the times we went, there was this real bitch of a lady telling off some teenagers for saving seats. "I paid just as much money as you did for these seats, if your friends aren't here yet, that's their problem!" The guy was holding 4 seats by himself. I'm not sure if his friends were there and in the bathroom or hadn't gotten to the theater yet, but this lady made a huge stink about it. I can understand seat savers can be a little annoying, but people want to sit with their friends. Granted this lady was also pregnant, but that doesn't give you an excuse to bitch out somebody for trying to hold seats for their friends. She was with two other fellas, and I have no doubt about it in my mind she would try to save seats for them as well. The guy backed down and found other seats in the end, but throughout the movie, I kept thinking what a cunt she was.

Another time, my younger cousin and aunt were on vacation during the premier of the new movie, so we all didn't see it together. Instead, My aunt and younger cousin went to the theater near their vacation spot for the midnight premier while my older cousin and I went together to our local one. It was not such a big deal to be separate, just it sucked since it slightly broke the tradition of us going together. Last movie, however, the tradition was broken further.

My car wasn't working too well, so my older cousin had to pick me up from my house, which was rather out of the way from where she was coming from. We were running really late, so she started zooming there. My aunt and younger cousin were already there, calling us to let me know the tickets were almost sold out. They bought theirs in advanced, so only I was without one. I did ask them to stand in line to get me a ticket and I'd pay them back. About halfway to the movie theater, they called back, letting me know the tickets had sold out. Pretty pissed and dejected, my older cousin rushed me home before rushing back to the theater so she could still see it. In the end, my older sister went with me to see the movie another day. Funny enough, that movie was kind shitty anyway. Least favorite of them all.

They deleted a scene to ADD a scene that had no impact on the story whatsoever. I don't remember what scene they deleted, but they added a house burning for NO REAL REASON! My cousin suggested it could be to emphasis a rivalry between two certain characters, but there was no such extra rivalry needed in the book, and it certainly didn't need it for the movie. I even asked my sister what she made of that scene (she never read the series), and she figured it was just some random burning. Disappointing.

I almost thought this movie would end up trashed like the last, but when I heard they split it up into two parts, my faith in the movie series returned. I have no doubt there will be some piss-off points in this movie, but at least the split will make it less likely for the directors to cut some of the more awesome scenes in the book.

I likely will be re-reading the last book for a fourth time now so I can refresh my memories for the movie. It's what I did for all other movies since I been going with my cousin's family (yes another tradition). I originally read the last book within the first 24 hours I had it, so I know I have enough time to read it before the premier.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

An interesting dream

I was on an island running away from an unknown assailant along with 3 or 4 other people (only 3 were important). We managed to find a ladder down into this surprisingly well-lit tunnel, which was both sandy, yet water filled. We considered how were could get home safely. One suggestion was to write a note in a bottle and let it run down the watery part of the tunnel to hopefully someone down the way. However, down one bend of the tunnel we could plainly see the water hadn't a strong current. Two guys, one I'll name Brian who was a strong swimmer, and some wannabe punk kid I'll name Wayne decided to explore down further of the tunnel while this other guy (Let's call him Bob) adamantly said we should stay here near the ladder in case the water rises. I stayed with Bob, which proved to be boring. It made me think of one of those choose-your-own-adventure books, how some of them let you take a boring route and then make fun of you for taking such a boring path.

We heard some yelling from the distance, and a drenched Brian came to let us know Wayne found a way out. Bob put up some hissy fit saying the water might rise any second, so we should stay there, but when I went with Brian, he ended up following along (and maybe some unknown person our group that I seem to recall being there). We had to swim a portion of the way, but we made it out in a forest near some train tracks 

The place was almost jungle-like. There was an old rusty fence on the other side of the tracks and some vines hanging below it. We started walking along side the tracks, but Bob started complaining about if a train were to come by, some rocks near the tracks could shoot out and kill us. He also complained he was tired and wanted to go back to the tunnel. We also suddenly got a bunch of other nameless people apart of our group who echoed Bob's sentiments. For some reason, I had the idea of using the vines hanging near the rusted fence as a ways to hurry our movement forward. I ran up to the fence, climbed up it (which I recall hurting my hands because of some jagged ends), and then did some super cool awesome vine swinging. Within seconds I was more the 100 feet from the group. I yelled back at them to suck it up and try it. Then, for no reason. a bunch of army recruits came jogging by, as if this was a training course of some sort and I woke up.

I found the beginning of the dream interesting enough to write about, but as always, my mind makes a lot of nonsense happen or interrupts the process with me waking up. Where would we go next? What the hell happened to the person(s) chasing us? I think it could make an interesting scene of a story.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time for another general update

Some time back, I talked of an annoying Amazon sale I had with my book selling. I have had no contact with the customer since they refused the book and according to Amazon policies (as well as how their rating systems go) she can not be refunded nor lower my rating. Looks like I won that battle, and got some free cash out of it. Unfortunately, I haven't sold any books in quite some time now, people just ain't buying. I probably have to lower some prices again.

Concerning about my Creative Writing grade, the professor has continued to ignore me. I need to get my ass up and find out what are my options for taking this up with the school. Unfortunately, every time I think of it, i go in a panic. Hell, writing this has me shaking again. Ugh.

My youngest cousin with whom I'm in contact with has her birthday coming up, which actually is on the night of the new Harry Potter film. Apparently, her mother decided to celebrate her birthday with the family tomorrow, which (as always) is completely sudden. We only found out on Wednesday. My other aunt and uncle are away on vacation, my parents will be coming back from a vacation and unlikely going to feel up to going. My sister had already made plans that day, so it very likely may be just me and the oldest cousin with her husband there. Not to mention I doubt my family had time to get a present for her yet. It's just so annoying yet whenever an event is planned on this side of the family, we always get TOLD with little room for discussion. I'll be doing what I always do for her, and making her a mix CD, she enjoys the different music I can find for her. I just feel bad for her since its her 18th birthday and hardly anyone will likely be there.

Haven't been reading much lately. Need to do that.

Gaming news is active, of course! I finally beat Dragon Quest Swords, which I had been meaning to for awhile. Not bad! Was a lot of fun! The bonus material afterwords is quite challenging, though. I probably won't get around finishing that any time soon... Took 20 minutes to put 25% damage on this one boss's lifebar, I just gave up.

I been playing WAAAAAAAAAAY too much Neopets. I get so addicted to earning points on there; just something so satisfying for some reason. I also got caught up in the plot they have going too. Yes, I realize how kiddy (not to mention evil) Neopets is, but for the time being, it's quite fun!

Haters gonna hate.

Caught up on all my DLC quests for Dragon Quest 9, but seriously need to make more headway into my grotto hunting. Haven't even found a monster that'll provide the best experience so I can grind a little easier, which is another thing I need to get on. Legacy Boss battles have proven to be going well though.

I had some really bad allergies or some form of small cold on Wednesday. It pretty much wiped me out the next two days, making me feel exhausted. Friday I was feeling a lot better and did my DDR thing plus hung with my best friend. Was a much needed thing.

Now to go find some songs for my cousin for a CD, hopefully songs she hasn't heard. No, I'm not asking for suggestions.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Inspired by loneislander.

When I turned 17, my Uncle gave me his old 1990 Ford Escort. This car had been in my family for a very long time, nearly everyone had driven at one time (either just one time, or for a semi-permanent period). I was the last one to drive it.

Blackened part was my college's parking pass. :X

This car had over 150k miles on it, and lots of problems with it. The main problem I had with it (towards the end of its life) was with the starter and alternator. Always at the worst time, of course. The plus side to this car, however, was that its brakes were EXCELLENT! I felt safe when I was in this car, since I knew I would be able to stop short. Sure, it was slow, ugly looking (I hate red), and had problems, but for a first car, it felt great to be so safe. The steering was a lot better than my current car too... But thanks to all the problems I had with the car, I actually learned a fair amount of car things. One big thing was how to change a car battery.

I never was really into cars like other guys. As long as it drives and I feel safe in it, I was fine. I don't know names of other cars when people start name dropping them, so I could care less if someone had a Miata or thundercougarfalconbird. Needless to say, I hardly knew anythign about the intimate parts of the car either, so when problems came up, I turned to my dad for help. My dad isn't a mechanic, but knows enough to find what the problems of a car are at least. Thanks to my alternator problems, my battery apparently wasn't charging while the car was driving. We got a second battery, and so, far a temporary solution until I had money, I would charge one battery in the house while another would be placed in the car. About every two days I would have to go into the car and change my battery. I believe I became a bit of a pro at it after a week of doing this. I recall a time that this process ended up completely failing, however.

An old friend of mine invited me up to his place one night to hang out. He lives way upstate from me, and since my family doesn't like me having friends over at the house, i decided to go to him. I freshly changed the battery in the car and went up. After hanging out till like 12am, I started to head back. On the highway, the headlights started to dim. I quickly turned off my music and the heater to conserve battery power, but it was no use. Soon the lights went off, so I put on my emergency lights so people could still see me (surprised they worked still) and quickly called home. In the end, my mother and sister had to drive out with the spare battery from the house so I could get the car home. Finally made it home at 3am.

During the time of my car's failings, I had an opportunity to buy another car in excellent condition for a very good price. it is my car still today, but has its own problems (of course). My grandfather (may he rest in peace) knew of my great grandmother's neighbor who had a car she was not using for a very long time, and could use some cash. Long story short, I bought a 95 Dodge Spirit that had only 40k miles on it for 1000 bucks. The car was in excellent condition for its age, 6 cylinder (scary fast compared to my red car), and... AUTOMATIC WINDOWS & LOCKS! :D It was such a huge upgrade in comparison! Since my old car was actually doing okay at the time, however, I only ended up using the car sparingly. Then, my dad's van ended up breaking down, so I let him use it instead until he could get another car. This ended up being for a long period of time, too. A problem occurred with this arrangement at one point, forcing me to use my cousin's car for a few months though.

My cousin who I am closest to had two cars at the time just like me; her first car which she painted mushrooms, peace signs, and other hippie-like things, and great-grandma's car which was ANCIENT. She had to alternate between the two cars to keep them going (since great grandma didn't want to get rid of her car even though she couldn't drive it, plus either one of the cars could die at any time... best to have a back up just in case). My red car was starting to have constant problems again, and dad really needed my just-bought car for work, so I worked out an arrangement with my cousin and one of her cars until I could scrape the funds for the red car once more. I ended up driving the hippie car

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of it. This car was sort the opposite of the red car with the breaks, but had better acceleration. It also had vent problems, so carbon monoxide came into the car if you turned on the heat. It also had manual steering, which took some getting used to, but I later found out the tires were causing it to be more difficult than necessary... Some air in the tires made manual steering feel better than power steering! I got a lot of strange looks while driving, and with me having long hair too made me look like a hippy I think (even though I dressed raver-like/punk). One time I was sitting at a light and someone from the other direction was passing by and honked their horn, and yelled, "YEAH! PEACE MAN!" Despite its flaws, I enjoyed the short time I had with it.

The hippie mobile was returned to my cousin when the semester was over, and during the break from college, mom got a new car so dad got her old car, and I got my newer car back. Though the red car was doing okay at that time (yeah, it had those good periods and bad periods), I decided I was done with it, and ended up donating it to a charity. I wouldn't want to try selling that car to anyone, too many problems to make much money off it. Finally having a car with speed and looking at least semi modern was great! Even better was that it was green, my favorite color! Unfortunately, I had my first accident in this car, which really shook me up for a period of time.

I don't have a picture of it other than the accident photo.

What happened was this guy was coming from the other direction and made a left (right from my point of view) a bit too hastily in front of me and another car (two lanes). The guy even told the police officer, "I cleared the first car fine..." which just ruined his argument for it being my fault. Besides the whole accident thing, the guy and his wife were kind enough to me socially. we both knew we had to exchange information and call an officer to make a ruling, so we didn't argue or anything. We both just said what we felt once and then waited for the officer. I called my father since I was scared shitless. In the end, they had to pay me for damages, to which their insurance said my car was totaled and gave me 1000 bucks for repairs. Awesome enough, I only needed less than $500 to repair the car, so I ended up making money off the thing.  Of course, my luck doesn't hold out like that... someone rear-ended my car WHILE IT WAS PARKED a year later and and ran off, leaving me with a steeper bill than my accident.

Right now, my (green) car is doing OKAY. Just got the brakes done a few months ago so it's drivable, but it hasn't had inspection for 3 years now... not just because it would fail, but the rearview mirror fell off and hasn't been wanting to stay on... and I think its illegal to drive without it (I still do though). It has all sorts of other problems but until I can get myself a job, I can't get the rest finished. :X