Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some kudos!

Special thanks to David for introducing me to this web-comic:

Absolutely the best reads/watches I have had since I used to watch Bonus Stage/Highscore. The writing style is perfect, though sometimes a bit nonsensical (but that's what makes it great!). The many perspectives taken, the wording, adventure and references just wrap up an absolutely brilliant web series.

The first i was directed to (and so thoroughly enjoyed, I have some T-Shirts of it coming to me) was Problem Sleuth, a hard boiled detective that starts off wanting to be the best detective, but can't get out of his office, to such an adventure of a huge cast of characters with video game and scientific references that get so inanely complicated it just works. And for parts that didn't make sense, a recap would be given to explain what the fuck just happened.

The newer and current series is currently what causes me to stare at my computer screen for long periods of time this past week is Homestuck. It brings retains the same (il)logical type humor and large cast, as well as complete moments of absurdity but also is packing more drama, more FUCKING AWESOME animations, and of course many scientific theories being broken. Revolves around a game and real life... and if I said more i would spoil it. :X The main characters feel very much alive though, which I commend the author. There are times where you are allowed to do the interactions as well, which spices things up (though sometimes unnecessary).

I will admit, however, that because I liked the main characters so much, I get a bit annoyed when the perspective changes radically, almost to the point of losing interest, but as soon as the scope pans back to the heroes, the side venue is usually explained and shoved up your ass without a condom for why it was so important to know. That's the thing about the author's style: almost everything connects and is important. That reference made in the beginning will come back again in a smarter way.

Also concerning Homestuck, there was a key moment where I didn't like how the story was done (paradoxes are fine sometimes, but this certain one made me go, "Aww really? Come on!"). If you stick around to read into it more, you should enjoy it. A gamer should especially like it. A science person might enjoy it too, or find it so improbably impossible, it becomes frustrating.

In any case, I highly recommend checking both Problem Sleuth (finished) and Homestuck (in progress) if you are looking for a web comic series to keep you occupied. They are essentially graphic novels with some interaction. I know I would absolutely love it if Homestuck became an actual video game (not fan game, but the whole story picked up by a decent company).Too bad it's as likely to happen it is for the author to have a comic that does not contain the word, "abscond."


  1. wow where did you found this homestuck and all

  2. I'm definitely going to have to check these out. Bookmarked, Thanks.

  3. "Know what I'm saying, Bro-Yo Ma?"

    GameBro magazine is a fascinating read.