Friday, December 10, 2010

The weekly general update.

Time for another update involving what's been currently going on.

I FINALLY beat Classic mode with every character on Intense without continues on Super Smash Brothers Brawl as well as Boss Battles. All that is left is 2 fucking stickers I can't seem to get to complete the sticker collection and All Star Mode... which I'm not trying as hard to get through. Ideally I want to get through All-Star Mode with no continues, but I get stuck towards the end after the Star Fox crew. Furthest I got was the pokemon team playing as Zelda. It's kind of funny that she is about the easiest to do this without needing to heal too often since she can keep her distance the most. next best I found was Peach since she can heal herself each time she gets the smash ball. But I likely will drop trying to beat All Star mode without continues when i finally get those damn 2 stickers.

Funny enough, Rob was the last one to beat Boss battles on Intense (Wario for Classic)

I been getting some mad high scores on Neopets lately. All luck based games of course, but I never did get trophies like this before. My luck on there is going pretty nice, and it feeds my gambling needs since I have l i t t l e m o n e y for real-money gamblin'.

My mother's christmas present caused some frustration because it involved getting my laptop NOT to overheat, and all the other computers in the house couldn't read the files cause no one likes to update (and my personal desktop was to old to handle them). Sister ended up giving me an x-mas present early, so I now have a better laptop cooler. She actually got me two different ones; a newer version of my old colling unit and one that uses no power source since it uses crystals to self cool. I don't recommend it for laptops like mine that overheat and shut down. For the record, it's called, "HeatShift."

Resetting the router fixed the wireless internet problems. If we try that too early, it won't help at all which is why we didn't do it in the first place.

On blogtv, two of my favorite cartoon streams were banned because fox complained about copyright issues. More popped up, but aren't as organized or high in quality. Still, at least I have them to fall asleep to... I need something to listen to as i fall asleep because silence tends to make me think so much I can't get to sleep. And I'm too bashful to call up Comcast to fix the cable box in my room... :X I hate talking to operators!

Got a splinter for the first time in so many years a few days ago. Annoying thing. I got it while reaching through the wooden desk near my router to get a wire. Couldn't get the damn thing out of my skin so letting my body take care of it, which means I get to feel something like a paper cut for several days. Bah!

Been trying to get back into working out, but I haven't been able to get to sleep at a reasonable time. As it is for today, I been up since 5:30am and had originally fallen asleep at 2am. Trying to get my sleep schedule back so I can exercise and feel better about myself. BTW, EA Sports: More Workouts for the wii has the nice ab work out that just kicks my ass (or abs in this case) the right way. Can't wait to move on to the more difficult versions.

Submitted a few more applications, namely one for a convenience store. Ugh... I'm not looking forward to possibly working there; never worked at one. I likely would be given a night which makes me nervous of robbers. I hear about people holding up convenience stores all the time... not very motivating. But I shouldn't be left alone there overnight, so I at least would have company... But still...

But I need money, so if I get that job, I'm doing it. Hopefully one of the places give me a call back for an interview at least; that way I can have some humorous interview stories, or devastatingly terrible ones. Win-win for readers, haha!


  1. Good luck on getting a job :D Money is needed to do stuff, so you gotta plow through it to get it :/

    Hope things go better for you. Looking forward to the humorous/devastating interview stories.

  2. Feeling fabulous!

  3. I'm looking too, waiting for more phone interviews, moving out of state in about 3 weeks. Stress levels approaching lethality.

  4. I look forward to reading those stories. :) One of my friends worked overnight at a gas station and never got held up, so your chances seem decent of nothing happening.

  5. I need to start looking soon. Don't know if i'll be able to pay back my school loans at this rate.

  6. brawl is so awesome gets that finish my friend

  7. Job interviews, yeack.

    Interviewer: So candidate #21987523, what's your biggest weakness?

    Interviewee: I care too much.

  8. I hate job hunting. I wish you the best of luck.

  9. We all need the money dude, keep it up, wish you luck :)