Thursday, September 30, 2010

And now for more annoyances.

Over the summer, I had taken a Creative Writing class. I only needed one more english related class left before I was done with college, so figured I'd have fun with it, since I do enjoy writing. The professor was the same one I had journalism with... twice! (basic journalism and advanced journalism). It was also online, so you just had to fulfill the practice writings, participate in message board discussions, and write so many pages of a short story in a week. You submitted on the college website where it would time mark your grade, and auto-close when it was passed the due date. This was rather easy.

When it came for the final assignment (the exam) we had to write 8 pages more than we had in order to get the grade. The exam was of course, 50% of the grade. I had already fulfilled the requirement of page length, but I couldn't get myself to finish the story. I knew what I WANTED to do, but just couldn't reach it. The time deadline was coming up too, I had to send it by 11:55pm. It was 11:52 when I said, 'You know what, I'll just send what I have and if she would rather have a complete late story instead of an incomplete but on-time story, I'll send it to her.'

I rushed to the college website, which of course was taking longer to load than usual. I hurried as fast as I could to get to the assignments section, I see the page halfway loaded with the submit button still eligible, I click it... and it says "THE TIME PERIOD FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT HAS EXPIRED!"

[Insert a rage picture here because I totally don't have one]

So I quickly e-mail my professor, explaining the whole situation, as well as my assignment. I was on the verge of tears thinking I was going to fail this easy class which I did all the work for, but just barely missed the time mark. She responded it was no problem, she would take this explanation in consideration when she grades my final exam. Relief returns.

2 weeks later, I check for my grades. A big... fat... F showed in there. I instantly e-mailed the professor, asking the professor if this was the true grade I got or just because I couldn't submit through the college website, it auto generated that or something. She said she never received my final exam. I told her I e-mailed it with the explanation, but said her inbox for the college gets full very often, which is why she didn't want people submitting assignments to her by e-mail. However, she said she would give me an incomplete for now and send the grade to the college later so I wouldn't have an F. (I resent her the final exam. It was still not finished because every time I went back to the story, I kept getting upset because of the situation surrounding it)

So over the summer, I keep checking the college website for the grade, but it still ends up as incomplete. Finally, earlier this month, the grade came in... And it was still an F. Very upset, I contact the professor once more, asking if this truly reflects my grade or if it was a mistake. She e-mailed me back saying it was a mistake and would handle it.

That was 3 weeks ago. The grade remains an F. I still have to battle this with her and the school. I even asked her if there was anything I could do to help but said she would handle this. I just want to get my real grade in so I can be done with dealing that school. I don't want to have to pay for one more class to get my shitty diploma. I hate having to keep e-mailing her since she really is a nice woman and professor, nor do I wish to sound impatient, but I want this to be settled and done with. >_>

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

General Update

I think I'll be taking a break from the blog once a week regularly, otherwise this place feels more like a chore. And I like to have fun when I make updates and view people's blogs! Now to get back to everything I've mentioned in the last 5 or so days.

With the Amazon thing: I decided to wait a full week before contacting the seller. If they contact me first, it'll be easier for me to respond to them instead of having to fully set up the letter myself. If they do not contact me, then I have a week to get the right wording for the e-mail to them. So if by Friday I hear nothing, I'll bite the bullet and start the what I foresee as a hard road ahead. Not looking forward to an argument and having to prove myself right and the buyer wrong.

With Great-Grandma: She's good. The little 98-year old woman has had struggles before, but she's lived through this one too. I just feel bad for her because she had JUST gotten out of the hospital not long ago, and now she has to stay there for awhile again. I hope they let her listen to her mp3 player of her old-time music, as I heard from my cousin she was in much higher spirits when she heard her music.

The pizza place (lol): Currently on the lookout for another pizza place that makes good hawaiian pizza. Tried one the other day and it was just awful... I know there are a lot of naysayers of pineapple on pizza, but if you can find a place that makes it just right, it really tastes great! There are some places that just use the worst pineapples on their pizza that just ruin the good flavor.

Afraid I have more annoying news to update, but I'll save it for either later today or mention it tomorrow. Rather not get into it just now.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happier news

I realized lately, it's been just rather annoying or sadder posts I've had lately, so thought I would show everyone things are not all doom and gloom here. My cousin actually had quite a wonderful thing happen to her a few Sundays ago.

My cousin is a Christian, and is very into her church functions, so she has gotten to know several people at her church. She happens to talk to one family rather often about how she is trying to get into a teaching position and all the troubles and successes she's been having at college. This family's mother is either currently or formerly a teacher, so she gets rather fascinated by this.

One Sunday, this mother approaches my cousin and tells her, "Over the years, I believe my family has been blessed with good fortune. I wish to share my good fortune with you, so here is $5000 towards your education. All I ask is that when you find yourself in good fortune, to pass it onto someone else in need."

My cousin said her jaw dropped and hardly could say anything. She managed to utter, "I... don't know what to say..." The mother replied, "Just say yes."

Seriously, how awesome is that? And over these past weeks. the woman never brought it up again, not even to boast about her generosity or anything! All she does is how my cousin is still doing, and other casual things. No strings attached to the money, just to spread the love when you are able to.

I believe this is just one of those rare people you find that are truly generous.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More annoyances/drama!

First the amazon thing, then my G-grandma being hospitalized and now... a failed pizza delivery!

All right, so this one is much more minor, but it happened. We (my family and I) ordered from one of our favorite pizza places last night. They are the only pizza place near me that can make a GOOD Hawaiian or pineapple pizza. We've ordered from them so many times, they have all our cell phone numbers linked to our address in their computer so they know our address. Dad calls the order in, and he did ask if they had the address, and they read it back perfectly!

About an hour later, we were wondering where they were. Apparently, we had missed a call from them, so dad called them back asking what was up. They had the wrong address SOMEHOW, the delivery person had the wrong address in his GPS. The lady on the phone said, "Your address only came up as [town way farther away from us]." Dad asked if they even deliver there and they said no... why the hell would you even accept the order then if you didn't deliver to this supposed address, you even read BACK the address perfectly, NOT TO MENTION they delivered to us before several times! Dad kept his patience with her for quite awhile (I was impressed, he usually blows up after 2 minutes), trying to show her how those arguments don't even make sense. She just kept to her story, not really caring, and the end result was the food would have to be picked up, they weren't going to deliver it now. Dad said, "You know what, keep your damn food then."

We ended up just making our own food, and ate at friggin 10:30pm... The hotdogs were very delicious though. I sauteed up some broccoli for the appetizer to tide us over too.

I really did like that place, shame they won't be getting any more business from us.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family thing...

My great-grandmother (98 years old) had a nasty fall last night and was taken to the emergency room. My cousin called around, and stated it was a life-or-death situation. My mother, sister and I went down to see her along with my other family members... and my cousin's friend and her pastor. She awoke a few times but couldn't communicate due to a breathing tube down her throat. We stayed a few hours just talking amongst ourselves, and 2 of us at a time could visit her, then left when no updates were coming in (plus mom couldn't stand the heat in the place and was getting sick).

Last night i got a call from my cousin again, and she left a message stating great-grandma was in stable condition now and we could go visit her today. She's staying in intensive care, so she's not out of the woods just yet.

That's all the important things to mention. Now for the silly details of drama and silly situations.

While hanging outside with my mother and cousin-in-law, a woman came up to us asking how long of a line was the ER having with its patients. We told her and then she said the hospital in another county was having a lock-down, only accepting patients and no visitors allowed so she ended up here... however she knows this hopsital is known to take forever compared to the other so just wanted to know. Then she started chatting with us about what the reasons it could be and times she and her friends been in the hospital and their experiences. I made the mistake of adding on to her story so she went right up to me and just kept chattering and chattering. Being the polite guy I am, I didn't want to tell her to stuff it so I had to listen to her life stories (some interesting, some she got so hung up on details it was annoying). Luckily, my cousin-in-law noticed I was trapped, so he sent my cousin to save me by saying she needed me for a moment. :P It wasn't horrible or anything, but after awhile, that lady really should have stopped talking. She apologized for it too as she just realized how much she was talking, so I chalk it up to being nervous and lonely since her girlfriend was in the ER.

My cousin's friend who was with us has been acting as caretaker to my great-grandmother for the last 4 months or so. In some sense, she is close to G-grandma I suppose, but she being a bit too pushy in conversations and for when we did visits. For one thing, any time I was trying to talk to someone, she would interrupt with a story of her own. In fact anytime someone was talking around her she would do that. Then, when it came to visiting G-grandma, she was trying to go for second visits when some people hadn't even gotten one. Mom believes that she is trying to make her way into the family or something just to get something out of G-grandma's will (which is pointless considering she won't be changing it anytime soon) or otherwise trying make her look so important and gather attention. These things were minor compared to what we heard her say, in that when G-grandma had her fall, this girl performed CPR on her because her heart-rate was faint...

I don't know my CPR too well, but isn't that only when the heart stops, or someone stops breathing or whatever? We (mother, sister and I) are starting to think this girl has hero syndrome or just is an attention whore of some sort. Mom said she wouldn't be surprised if we started hearing from our family, "Oh [girl's name here] saved G-grandma's life!"

The only other thing that stood out last night was the pastor. Similar to my cousin's friend, she was a bit pushy as well, making her way into the conversations and all... she acted like she had some sort of authority in the hospital but here's the odder thing... my G-grandma doesn't attend to that church really, my cousin, her sister and mother do. In fact, the pastor was annoying grandma (you know, g-grandma's actual daughter) with all these prayer things since grandma I don't think cares too much about religion, it's more of a habit to go to church. Eh, she waited with us for two hours too, which I thought was a nice thing to do, but mom thinks she just either doesn't have a life, or is expect a big donation in collection plate for Sunday because of this or something.

That's all for now. I'm fine with this really, I'm not super close to my G-grandma like my cousin and her sister are... They were devastated about this. I'm more hoping she won't be in pain is all. She's 98, and has lived a very long (and interesting) life. If she dies... well... I'll be sad but not depressed over it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on Amazon.

Unfortunately, the Amazon support people said I'll simply have to e-mail my buyer about this and ask them if it's a return or not. I haven't e-mailed them yet because I'm afraid I'll be very accusing or rude which won't help my case at all.Thank you though for all your ideas and opinions.

@James - I can give negative buyer feedback, but most sellers don't look at that. I suppose it's better than nothing. It's also going to suck because they are going to probably ruin my perfect 5-star feedback if I don't refund them right. As for law, I double-checked USPS policies and while I am right, I have no proof of the repackaging since I had already opened it up (stupid on my part). Best I can prove is they held onto the book for 9 days before refusing, unless some mail person ACTUALLY remembers a certain package, heh.

Oh and funny enough, I live one town away from the buyer, I could easily drive to them. BUT on google maps, it showed they live in an apartment, so egging their house or something would hardly be productive. When I can find the right words to e-mail the buyer with, I'll give another update about that here.

^^I actually look forward to that movie coming out soon!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unexpected day off, haha!

No update yesterday due to being busy, haha! Time to play catch up with my followers' posts!

As for things going on in my life,  had a lovely problem with Amazon book selling. I sold a spanish textbook on amazon earlier this month, set with confirmation number so it can be tracked. Today I received the package back, as it was apparently refused by the buyer. However, the packaging was opened and resealed with cellophane over my original packaging to disguise the fact it had been opened! What's worse, when took a look at the book, I found it had been written in as well! The stupid buyer had actually wrote in it!

To those that don't know, packages can be refused by recipients when an unwanted package comes to their residence, but it cannot be opened or it is considered delivered. To try to return for free like this, it is considered illegal and subject to fines or possibly even reported to authorities if the post office cares to. Though they should have been more careful to examine the package, as it was OBVIOUSLY opened and repackaged.

I looked up on Amazon support forums for sellers with similar problems and people there actually recommended just refunding them due to a 30-day return guarantee according to amazon.

I contacted amazon's support e-mail place instead and asked them what my options were, instead. I have a feeling the best response they'll give me is to refund with a stocking fee... I don't think I should have to refund them at all! They didn't request a return during the proper time, they used the book, and they sent it back illegally! However, thanks to amazon having a way too friendly customer return policy, I can't just refuse to give them their refund back, or I risk putting my account in bad standing, possibly even closed (and amazon could make me repay it in full since they have bank account numbers).

I'll mention what happens when I get an e-mail back from Amazon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is going on here?!

This time, I'd like my followers to describe what the hell happened here? A fair amount of you likely have seen this image or part of it, but I really wonder how this happened so perfectly with those poses and a camera on someone... Post what you think happened!

My only conclusions are photoshop or just really lucky. :P

Monday, September 20, 2010

Story time!

As I said in my last entry, I have pulled a "whale as an answer" thing in college once. Not exactly a whale though, just smart ass comments.

Because my major has nothing to do with math really, I was eligible to take Freshmen Mathematics to fill my math requirement; a mostly easy math class. I had an awesome professor who would teach the class in a fun way. He wasn't supposed to teach that class but the lady who was supposed to teach it abandoned the college at the last minute (became a running joke but that's besides the point). Anyway, he always had a good sense of humor, always made some jokes, and even brought in an ice tea bottle filled with Jack, which he always mentioned. "Most important drink of the day!"

I had gotten all As on the exams, even with some excessive absences (I already knew most of the content)... Though because of my absences (some were actually sick, some were cause I was a lazy slob) I missed the entire last chapter, and of course it was the one chapter I didn't understand. It's the one time I wished a final exam actually was cumulative, since I probably would have a shot on this...

As I looked through the exam, I started freaking out. Thought I was going to fail the course, but then I started counting up my grades. As I added and averaged it out, I figured out that even a 0 on this test would leave me with an A-. But I couldn't just hand in a blank test. So I got creative!

One question was a geometry thing. Basically had to find the value of x type question. So I said, "X's value is lower than Y's because X dropped out of high school and leeched off his parents till he was 30. Y's value was only higher because she became a hooker, where X spent most of the money his parents gave him." After writing that, I decided I should preface this for the prof, and wrote on the first page of the exam booklet:

Hello Professor M! Because of being out, I was not able to study for this test! Instead, have some humorous answers and this smiley face! :)

I had fun writing the most creative answers I could think of, and even pulled the famous "find x on a diagram," where I circled x and had an arrow pointing at it saying, "It's right here!" Then I actually found a question I could answer right so said, "Hey professor! No creative answer here because I think I actually KNOW this question!" And then solved it.

At the end, I wrote a small story about how fun the math class was, and that i didn't expect a good grade, just a funny time. When I got my final grades in, I had an even better laugh. A+ in the class, A on final exam. That awesome prof gave me an A for the funny comments! :D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Demotivator special!

Concerning my last post, if you wanted to see the second comic, you HAD to save it to your computer and zoom in on it manually to read it. Knowing people on blogger, you probably didn't want to go through that just to read it. So, i'll see about splitting the comic up so it won't re-size weirdly and can be read with ease!

And now, I bring you some demotivaters!

Yeah, don't try that when breaking up with someone.

Another drawing for a response! I actually did something similar to this in college when i had not studied for the final at all but still would get an A even if I failed. :P I'll write about that tomorrow!

I ran out of drawing-related motivators, so I went with diagram. :P

Saturday, September 18, 2010

And now, sadder comics.

Not everything can be happy comics huh? Some of these are sad for the sake of sad (or cruelly funny to some people, heh), but others are touching or just "WHOA!" So brace yourselves for these next few.

For instance this one. Some people rather live in their virtual world.

There is no doubt you HAVE to click this one to see it. You might even want to save it to see it better as I'm not sure how/if it was re-sized weirdly. This one is the one that makes you go, "WHOA!"

And I figured if these are a bit too sad, I'd leave you off with a pathetic-sad but funny comic.

Friday, September 17, 2010


I need to stop being so lazy. Was up earlier just watching a bunch of youtube videos. Actually, I rarely watch television nowadays since I can watch pretty much everything online. Hell, right now as I am typing this, i am watching a youtube video on my other computer, haha.

I figured I'd share some of my favorite things I like to watch online instead of TV.
The link may seem odd, but it is actually a stream of Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, American Dad and a few select other shows. Usually is 24/7, I used to watch it all the time... till I realized I pretty much watched everything! It shows some new episodes (as they come out anyway) such as futurama's newer episodes, but last I experienced, they play newer episodes at the most random times. I think you can request certain shows they have sometimes, but I never done it personally. I usually watch these shows when I'm about to go to sleep and need something noisy on.
This one is similar to Ladygagapeen but I think isn't as good a quality in some of its shows. It features the cleveland show a bit more often than LGP does, and is good as a back up when the other stream is down or not playing a show you care about.
These guys used to be the kings of stream, having the highest quality of the shows playing 24/7 until BlogTV got complaints from fox or something. This channel now streams classic old cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gummi Bears, Darkwing Duck and others. It's a nice nostalgia stream but some of the old shows really got on my nerves so I stopped watching for the most part. It all depends your tastes though.

There of course is Hulu and TV Channel's official websites where you can watch other shows, but besides that those have commercials and tend to be laggy on my older computer, they don't do well to play one after another. Usually, after a show ends, you have to find another on the site before being able to just sit back and relax to watch it. This is why I prefer the streams above, or...

Youtube playlists! If you really like certain youtube users' videos, you can just set up a playlist and watch it all at once! Sometimes TV shows are on there, though its been awhile since I searched for a tv show on there. Usually, I watch videos of "Let's Play"s, which are people playing games and recording it for an audience. Some people might find those boring, but it depends on who's narrating. I recently found a new person to watch so I have been watching his videos a lot lately. I'm not gonna mention my favorites since each person has different tastes, so just search around for Let's Play's of a game you like, and find one that suits you.

One thing I don't like about youtube playlists is that if you try to watch someone's playlist on there channel, you cannot have it stream in fullscreen mode. You can put the current video you want to watch on fullscreen but as soon as that video is done and switches to next, it takes you back to the channel and is back to smallscreen. I end up havign to search for the person's playlist in the search bar so I can watch it off their channel JUST so I can continue to watch it in fullscreen without having to get up. It's rather annoying.

Well, enough about that, time to do my errands for the day!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Got my car back!

Happy about that! Now I just need to get it inspected then I can widen my job hunting range!

And so for my happy, I share with you a funny pokemon comic!

And this one I stole from James.

And not a comic, just a funny image:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cooking: The results

Woke up a little later than I wanted to today... delayed this post a bit but ah well, I have the results of trying the peanutbutter cookies.

First, I have to say it was fun to be trying to bake something like this. Even though my friend ended up doing the mixing (which she ached about since the mixture was so thick, but she wanted to do that instead of the general prepwork), I think it was fun for us since all we do normally is watch tv or play video games.

As for how they came out... well... I think it either needed to cook longer or be broken down a bit smaller. The recipe said it could make 12 good size cookies, but when we made it exactly like 12, it ended up like large rounds of peanutbutter, haha. When they were done, my friend said it just tasted like hot peanutbutter, but I think the bottoms where it was most crisp tasted sort of like a cookie. It makes an okay "peanutbutter craving" snack but not the peanutbutter cookie I was hoping for. I probably should have suspected that based on the ingredients, but still wanted to try it since the ingredients were so basic, plus wanted to get rid of that jar of peanutbutter lying around. (No one really ate from it and we have 3 different other kinds of peanutbutter lying around).

Now for the pics of what they ended up like, haha!
I do want to thank chasity for the recipe again, even if it didn't come out like I wanted. It was fun to try with such an easy recipe. The hard part is getting it eaten now since my dad hates peanutbutter, sister is on a diet, and mom looked at them and laughed. I made my friend take home half of them though, haha.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm cooking today!

Thanks to Chasityxo and this entry, my friend and I will be attempting to make peanutbutter cookies today using her recipe on the bottom of the entry. My friend was coming over today anyway, and when I mentioned the recipe, she said we should try making it! I'll post about the results sometime today or tomorrow, maybe with some pictures.

We did decide that if the cookies end up not coming out so good, we'll just buy some Chips Ahoy peanut butter cookies and pig out on those, haha.

Thanks again for the idea, chasity!

Pokemon Comics: Logic problems.

It might not always be a good idea to have your pokemon evolve right away. Otherwise...

Course the game never would explain how your small pokemon just evolved into such a large thing without crushing everyone around... But then again, the logic in pokemon never did seem to make sense...

Am I right?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another way to make money.

I've been making a little bit of cash by selling my old college books on Amazon, and figured I'd recommend it to people who have some old college books or any books or electronics that they no longer care to have. It's a little bit of work but worth it. I save money by wrapping the book into a brown grocery bag (like a present), pay the cheapest postage possible, and depending the book, can make a small to medium profit. Of course, I base this off the USPS mailing system, so it might not be as worth it for those who don't have it... or might be even more worth it.

My father was kind enough to donate some of his fantasy books to me to sell and keep for myself, so I make a small amount of cash. My cousin also asked me to sell some of her college books and I cold get a a cut from the proceeds, and her books go for pretty high! Thanks to selling these books, I've been able to... well... pay some minimum bills and keep myself afloat until I can find a job. Worth checking out. if any question on it, I'd be willing to answer what I know.

More comics!

I was debating between posting another slam on Twilight, re-posting a comic from one of my followers, or a raging comic. After some thought, i decided on... THIS

It's just so easy to make fun of twilight! :D

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Winnie the Pooh in Dungeons and Dragons (may need to click to see)

Or maybe Christopher Robin when he grows up and is still a loser w/o any human friends. I heard they reinvented the series and took out Christopher Robin for a female character because they didn't want people thinking Christopher Robin was gay. :P

Saturday, September 11, 2010


 Lately, it feels religion talk has become popular among my friends to talk about. Almost all of them are atheist, but take on the asshole stereotype of atheist, and like to bash all forms of religion for no reason. (This applies to my real life friends, not anyone on blog, so trust me, I am not posting this to target you) So I figured I'd write about my beliefs, not really to argue but just to put my thoughts out for myself.

When it comes to religion, I identify myself as Agnostic. I'm not sure I qualify as the definition of Agnostic, but it is the closest I can find to my beliefs. I believe some sort of superior being had to have created the existence we know as the universe, MAYBE even some of the earth life, but that is far as it goes. The rest is how science tells us; evolution brought humans and the animals we see to the world.

I do not believe this same superior being is watching over us lovingly on some clouds, waiting for us to get to the next plane of existence. I don't think I logically believe in heaven or hell, but truly wish them to exist (at least heaven anyway) for the sake of my sanity in coping with death. I can understand how foolish it seems to believe in such things, but when my mind tries to wrap around the idea of just not existing anymore, it scares me to a point close to a panic attack (writing that gave me the shivers a bit actually).

All this said, I do believe in spirits of sorts that can be watching over me. I believe my old family members may be watching over me in some sort of plane of energy that I cannot explain, and if I had to debate it, I would lose. Hell, I feel silly trying to explain my reasoning on this too, because my mind thinks it's rather illogical, yet I refuse to let myself stay on that thought pattern. Based on dreams I have, where I see my dead family members, I feel there is some sort of contact. Yeah, I'm guessing whoever is reading this might be snickering now. It IS stupid to think that, thus I'm not going to try convince you I'm right, because I can't say I am. It's one of those instincts in my head to not dismiss the idea.

Enough about that though, I am pretty sure I made myself look foolish enough. Even though I am agnostic, I do respect just about all forms of religion and atheists (except scientology, that is just blatantly a scam). each person should be allowed to have their own beliefs, just not to try and push it on another. There is a place for religion, I believe, and that's to learn your morals.

Maybe not in all cases, but I know I was raised protestant (I hope that's the spelling), and for the brief time I was going to church, I did learn some of my morals. As I grew older and learned more things in science, I started to question some of the more radical teachings from my church, and eventually that grew to atheism for a very brief time (it was not true atheism anyway, I was in high school and it was the cool thing not to believe), but then led me to being agnostic. My morals stayed with me throughout my life, and I hope they have led me to be at least a decent person.

I suppose one could argue because I was tainted with church teaching at first and then science, I became the hybrid, heh. But still I just wish people to be able to respect each others religions, stop knocking mine into atheist category, and stop the stupid insults (though I will throw in scientology being more of a cult really).

And after reading all this, I see my ADHD totally took over when I was in one train of thought. I think I said all I wanted though.

Mario Kingdom phone insults.

He'll get over it after he kidnaps Peach another time.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Another "more real" entry.

Having no insurance blows. I REALLY need to see the dentist, but cannot because I'm unemployed (and looking) and have no insurance. I've only been uninsured for 6 months now, but it's taken its toll. I was going to a dentist all until my father's medical insurance stopped covering me for no longer being a full time student, and my dentist kept putting off filling in my root-canal tooth until one day, my insurance stopped covering me. Now that same said tooth is loose as hell, I think even ready to break in two, and there's shit I can do. It bothers the crap out of me to lose a tooth permanently... I have been eating on the other side of my mouth to keep the pain/uncomfortable feeling off of it. I'm mad at myself as well as the dentist, since I could have been more demanding for him to fix the tooth, but he wanted to give me other fillings first.

 At least the tooth is a molar so it's less noticeable, but still, bothers me so much to actually lose a tooth. :( And now a comic that suits me mood, but isn't the reason why I feel sad.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Have another comic-like thing!

Since you guys seem to have liked the twilight one, have another! You might have to click it to see it better.

I always love Twilight hate, even if I don't necessarily HATE Twilight. I just hate the hype. And the romance. And the concept. And 80% of the story. Ok 85%. 90%. .......well I did like the idea of all the cool powers they developed! Except Jacob being a wolf... that just really raised its cheese factor. And it was painfully obvious.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And now, something random

How very true.

Note: I actually did read the Twilight Saga. I have to admit, I liked the fantasy elements, but the romance was sickening. Probably not a series I should have read if I wanted fantasy, but I had to see what the hype was about.

Help a fellow Blogger out

Because I do not know the person too well, to describe the story, I link you to David Davidson's blog, Herping Derp for THE STORY

If you have money you can spare, please try to donate to Nugs. Short story is his mother is having eye trouble with little money to spare. They could use some help. If you cannot spare the money, then perhaps spread the word to help him out.

We all could use help sometimes.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Warning: a rather pathetic lifely post.

 So have this picture of a really creepy bank teller toy I found in Target one day

I have a hard time getting myself to be productive. I think I am starting to become a sort of OCD-type person; if I want to do something, I first must do a series of other things first.

Small Example: I'm hungry. However I must have a glass of juice first thing in the day, and I do not drink juice with food either. So if I have not had my first glass of juice of the day, I will not eat until after I do, and I wait about 20 minutes after drinking said juice. This happened because I want to get some of my daily fruit requirement, but also read that fruit should not be had with other food, else it will end up as waste, or mostly waste. Sometimes I forget to drink juice for hours, or forget to make food while waiting 20 minutes so I'll end up starving myself till lunch time without realizing it. I sometimes break this particular routine out of laziness or I am REALLY hungry and need to eat RIGHT NOW. Still, it's not a good thing :X

Another problem is I HATE having to talk to strangers on the phone. I end up talking too much or giving more info than required because of how nervous I get, and therefore, I haven't called up my mechanic to fix my car... which I need in order to get a real job (I currently sell my old books on Amazon, lol). I keep trying to psyche myself up to do it, and get really close, but then somethign else draws my attention and I refuse to do it afterwards. =/

Now excuse me, I need to drink some juice, it's an hour before lunchtime.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A very good game controller


Mario Party!

Lately, I've been on a Mario Party kick, and trying to unlock everything in all of the ones I owned. I recently got a good deal on Mario Party 5, the ONLY one of the series I had been missing from my collection for years, so I started playing it yesterday with my older sister and a friend. Some of its concepts are pretty interesting, such as being allowed to change a space into whatever capsule item you have, and paying for items if you choose to use them yourself, but not sure if that is enough. Doing that takes a bit away from the boards themselves, in my opinion.

Not going to do a whole review of the game considering its rather aged and plus I haven't played more than 3 boards (nor unlocked all the minigames, I just feel so far, it could be better.

On the plus side, I beat my sister and friend yesterday, twice, but then lost to a computer character on the third board. My sister got all pissy, claiming it's rude to steal from people and all that, but my friend and I were like, "That's the point of the GAME!" As a general rule, we always attack the computer first and then attack each other as needed. Doesn't mean we won't attack each other to win, but usually the computer player brings enough trouble that we can fight it enough. I also play a mercy rule with my sister since she usually is behind and isn't as good at minigames as my friend or I; I don't make her a target unless I have to, or happenstance occurs.

We'll see how the rest of the matches of Mario Party occur as we play more, haha.

EDIT: And now... Nazi Luigi shall kill Obama.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An old one, but worth mentioning.

Now that Hurricane Earl pretty much died out, I have no worries of dying into a savage weather storm phenomenon. At least not till the next one comes along.

Hardly felt the effects of it as it passed where I live either; just really bad humidity and wireless internet messing up some.

Anytime a hurricane or tornado watch is posted, I get all fascinated about what it is and the destruction it can cause. I'm not saying I wish people ill or anything, I just find the forces of nature the Earth musters to be so amazing.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hello Kitty nightlights: For adult use only!

Cause Hello Kitty totally is too mature for kids.

There will be brawl!

If you like super smash brothers and don't mind fan-based storylines, you should try watching, "There will be brawl." It's completed video series with a dark storyline based off of super smash brothers, but involves all of the nintendo world. There are some adult themes but no real nudity. The series is also completed (as of february or march from this year) so you could watch it to its end if you wish.

There will be brawl home page

In the beginning, I found it to be a bit slow, and the jokes were rather small, but as I watched more episodes I found myself getting into it. There are a few bad episodes here and there, but I felt the finale really did a great job bringing it all together. More interestingly, Luigi was pretty much the main character throughout the series, which I loved since Luigi is my favorite nintendo character, haha. I suppose Mario would also be a main character but this time he was secondary.

Even if you don't really play the smash brothers game series, if you like nintendo characters, it coudl prove interesting. Just note, it still is a dark story. A fair amount of murder occurs so if that sort of thing would bother you, it might not be for you.

Friday, September 3, 2010

For my fellow Archipelago Remastered players: Recipes for the game

Some organized, some not. To non-players of the game, why not try the game out? Here's its website on BYOND.
Just note servers are not always 24/7.
UPDATE December 29, 2011: I know people STILL use this guide for the game! If you have a version with different recipes or newer items, feel free to share in the comments about it.

And now, some photos of fireworks.

How to make what I call: Ghetto Garlic Bread

Sometimes I just want a quick tasty snack that isn't too plain or time consuming, so I came up with my Ghetto Garlic Bread idea. It pretty much is the normal fast way to make garlic bread except it uses a toaster, and I'm sure it's not THAT original, but wanted to share it.

All you need is:
-A toaster
-Parmesean Grated Cheese
-garlic bread sprinkle powder (the key ingredient next to bread)

Toast the bread and apply the butter evenly across it. It's being used as a base for the rest of the ingredients.
Next, apply the garlic bread sprinkle evenly, maybe a little thick depending how you like it.
After that, sprinkle the parmesean grated cheese evenly but not thick.
Last, sprinkle the paprika LIGHTLY over the toast. Boom. Ghetto garlic bread.

Experiment with the portions and see what works for you. Some breads this might not be too good on, but i tried this with potatoe, white, and wheat bread, so far they all work pretty well.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random video game image time

When I used to play Animal Crossing: City Folk, my neighbor said this. So lame, I found it mildly amusing.

BYOND gaming

Ever wish there were online games of your favorite anime? Want to play an interactive Harry Potter game, where you attend classes and and learn spells as if you were actually at Hogwarts? Wish to play final fantasy for free, using its old school mechanics? BYOND is for you!