Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weird dream

Some nights ago, I had yet another odd dream. It could bring up a story scenario I suppose, but not as elaborate a one like my Mr. Autodelete story.

I was at an arcade with an ex-friend of mine. She and I used to go to the arcades together till a falling out, so I guess that's how this dream formed. The arcade itself looked like someone's attic with one ddr machine and a few fighting games in the background. Some people from my old ddr days were around but not really interacting. My ex-friend mentioned something about the ddr machine not having a line on it so we should hurry over to it. i got on the stage, and then woke up.

However... I did not truly wake up. Instead, it was like a dream within a dream, and I had woken up into my main dream. I was even in my bed with everything in the right place except not a single light was on. Normally, i have my computer playing a show or movie on the whole time so it provides a light source, but it was nearly pitch black in my room. I had just heard my creaky ass door open and close, which I assume "woke" me up. it was a girl that I auto-assumed to be my older sister's friend. She jumped as I made some noise.

"Oh sorry, i didn't realize someone was in here!" I tried to communicate, but it was like I was out of breath for some reason. I managed to struggle a whisper, asking who was she and told her I can't talk too well for some reason. She said her name was Deanna, I think... Some sort of name with a D mixed with another girl name. I remember it sounding slightly odd. I choked out another whisper that I think my right side was still asleep, cause i could not feel anything. She scrambled over and rubbed my side, trying to help. After a short while, I started to regain normalcy, and could talk and get myself up.

I asked what she was doing here as we left my room, and I noticed in the living room, both my mother and sister had fallen asleep in the living room. it was late night/early morning, so this was quite odd to happen. My father was in his room, still asleep. She said she had come over and saw them like this, and then gave some sort of reason for why she was frightened. At first, I thought a gas leak or something had happened, but they made little noises to indicate they were okay. My dad suddenly woke up and asked who the hell was this person, and why did she just leave my room (Lol he thought I had a girl stay overnight; I'd never hear the end of it if I actually did). She apologized first and I kept trying to ask why the hell she was coming over so late at night in the first place, but something in the dream would always interrupt my train of thought, as if I was not supposed to know.

After that awkward moment with my father, for some reason we started walking outside and suddenly walked to "my old house." Except it really wasn't, but apparently in the dream world, it was.We had some meaningless conversation, and suddenly it was morning. I ended up waking up around here, wondering if I was still sleeping.

The inability to speak and move was probably me actually speaking out loud and laying on my side. I've woken myself up before trying to force myself to talk in a dream... usually when trying to get someone's attention or telling someone off that I apparently am not supposed to. Also woken myself up because a body part had fallen asleep. Just felt weird to have such a realistic re-dream...


  1. The worst is knowing you're dreaming, and being in an unpleasant one, and being unable to keep your eyes open long enough to escape the dream.

  2. Weird stuff. Hope your doing well after that.