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BYOND game: NEStalgia Guide

I decided I will be making a helpful guide for NEStalgia (Note: NOT Nostalgia) as I go through the game. Mainly, the secrets they don't want to be told. They have some general guidelines on their wiki thing, so if you need to know when a spell is learned or what special stat bonuses you can get, that's the place to go. If you wish to gather all the treasure from the secret passages they have, navigate the mazes without trial and error annoyances, and so on, this is where to turn. I did something similar for another BYOND game, Archipelago Remastered by giving away all the recipes you need to know for the game.

This is the original NEStalgia guide! Before the game had a population boom, this was the place to find out where the hidden passages were, or how to solve certain puzzles. While I know a much better site has come along, I still will keep this here in case anyone still wants information. Special thanks to my partymates (seen in some later images) for dealing with my slowness in getting the screen captures. Must have wasted so much of their time, haha.

UPDATE: In progress of making skill tree builds for people. This will be on a separate entry due to constraints with adding more images to this post. Skill tree builds located here.


Secret Passage Maps

This one has false paths thus the dead ends.

VERITY [Wiki Map version]
More dead ends in these two, so I darkened the correct paths.

Color coded for fall spots so you know where to go. Remember to count by squares. Most drop points have something in line with it so you know where to drop off.


YETI CAVE [Wiki Map Version]


Leads to crypt dungeon.

 ^1st Floor^ Mirror Treasure chests hints to Crypt Knight (Boss) room's secret passage. The coffin is a treasure chest.

^2nd Floor^ Made shapes to represent walled areas. it probably is unnecessary since you just need to follow what is in the mirror.

^3rd Floor/Section^ Puzzle solution to the doorway maze and statue assembly in Puzzles section below.


The Main dungeon. Can only access after killing Midgard in the Ice Palace.
The Keep. Only accessible after you defeat and turn in the Occularis quest.


1) To Boss: North, West, West, North, East, North
2) To Secret Shop: North, West, North, North, East

Push it in the following directions:
DOWN, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP. Then prepare for battle.

Note there are multiple ways to finish this quest fast enough, this is just one solution.
Push the slime in the following directions:
Left | Left | Up | Up | Down | Right | Up | Right | Down | Down | Right | Right | Up | Down | Left | Up | Up | Right

Use the metal detector where the red square is. If you can't see the red square, it's where the person in green is, next to brown character. Or just save the image and zoom in with your picture viewer.

This started off as to show you where the drop off points were but then I found the maps on the wiki and edited that instead. If you can't see the red boxes, just aim for the where you see characters. This is a very miserable dungeon, btw.
Once you are in the Ice Maze, Follow the directions mentioned below.
1) To Yeti: West, North, East, North
2) Secret Shop: South, East, North, East, East

This is what you can buy at the Secret Shop in the Ice Cave. All Guild Dyes cost the same which is why I only put in one of them. Guild dyes are for coloring the cape of your guild, since not all colors are available from the get go apparently.
Locations of where to find the spirits are in the maps of Ice Palace.

In order to enter the crypt, you must first do a quest in Arctic collecting from the flower plant monster. After that, you are able to take on a quest that permits you past the guy guarding the entrance (Seen in the Crypt Secret passages). After you get passed him, you'll be in the statue room. If you read each statue, they will hint you on 4 quest objects to get.
-The red diamond in Bandit Cave
-The wine in Balzackia Castle
-The flower in the Woods Maze
-The earrings deep in the Catacombs/Future Balzackia

After you get all four of them, return to the statues and exit the building. Exit the building and take the passages through the trees (see Crypt/Colosseum Secret Passages for picture). You'll see another 4 statues in a row. Talk to each of them and they will take the items from you. After they all have their items, you may now enter the Crypt.


//The chances for each different loot table. 1000 = 1%
var/tmp/normal_stat_loot = 900
var/tmp/usable_item_loot = 1900
var/tmp/random_stat_loot = 700
var/tmp/subscriber_loot = 150
var/tmp/unique_loot = 100

//P is the player. plus_item is the +Item % stat
var/tmp/item_bonus = P.plus_item
item_bonus = (item_bonus*0.01)+1
//plus_item is a whole number, so this changes it into a percentage
//30 plus_item would now be stored in item_bonus as 1.30

normal_stat_loot = round(normal_stat_loot*item_bonus,1)
usable_item_loot = round(usable_item_loot*item_bonus,1)
random_stat_loot = round(random_stat_loot*item_bonus,1)
subscriber_loot = round(subscriber_loot*item_bonus,1)
unique_loot = round(unique_loot*item_bonus,1)

var/tmp/usable_item_min = normal_stat_loot+usable_item_loot
var/tmp/random_stat_min = usable_item_min+random_stat_loot
var/tmp/subscriber_min = random_stat_min+subscriber_loot
var/tmp/unique_min = subscriber_min+unique_loot

var/tmp/random_chance = rand(1,100000)

if(random_chance <= unique_min) //A chest has dropped //Checks each loot table to see if number falls within that range. if(random_chance <= normal_stat_loot) //A basic normal item has dropped, so randomly pick one of the normal items from that loot table. var/Z = src.normal_stat_loot_list[rand(1,src.normal_stat_loot_list.len)] O = new Z //NORMAL STAT LOOT - WEAPONS & ARMOR SOLD IN SHOPS //Now the next loot table... if(random_chance > normal_stat_loot && random_chance <= usable_item_min && src.usable_item_loot_list && src.usable_item_loot_list.len) var/Z = src.usable_item_loot_list[rand(1,src.usable_item_loot_list.len)] O = new Z //USABLE ITEM LOOT - ITEMS SOLD IN SHOPS //And so on and so forth. Checks random_stat_min, subscriber_min && unique_min the same way.


UPDATE 7/31/11: Added in the drop rate formula as revealed by Silk on the forums. I figure if I can spot any other formulas they reveal, I'll put it here. Of course, there's always a chance the formula may be tweaked here and there.
UPDATE 6/8/11: Haven't played the game too seriously lately. However, I decided I'll make it a bit easier to find the map or quest help that you want by adding a table of contents so you can simply ctrl+f search to the thing you want. Also included were the wiki map version links for where either my map doesn't give enough detail for you, or mine is too messy to see. With exception of one, only my maps show secret passages and quest solutions.
UPDATE 4/7/2011: Finally included Black Sanctum maps and Updated the wiki link to the new one. I did not originally do the mapping, someone posted it on the forums a bare skeleton of it. I just added to it and made the letters/numbers of paths more readable (They were tiny as hell). Also included where the many different specters spawn on the map for the daily specter quest. Creator of the basic Black Sanctum maps design in comments, originally located here.

I also was criticized that my maps are messy and whatnot, to which I absolutely agree! They ARE messy. I'm not an expert at imaging in any way, and don't care to redo most of the maps. In the future, I might just take existing maps from the wiki and just edit in the secret passages. But I don't see any demand for anything so I don't see the point to change it. Be aware I am still up for suggestions.
UPDATE 3/11/2011: Added in a map of Ice Maze so you know when to start using the directions, as well as a small map of the Ice Shop area itself and the items sold at it.
UPDATE 3/9/2011: Finally killed Crypt Knight, and got access to secret room. The coffin in secret room acts like a chest, possibly three chests based on the mirror room that reflected three chests. Check out each section to be sure. The center of coffin is your quest item for defeating CK. That might be the last secret passage to get, but who knows... It is possible other secrets are out there! Be sure to let me know if you find anything on your travels that is pretty secret. A new section called the black sanctum is coming out shortly as well, so i figure we have another load of secrets to come at us.
UPDATE 3/6/2011: Reorganized update list so most recent is at top. Thanks to Nicolas, a few new secret passage ways revealed in Ardan Bank and Ice Palace. Thanks to finding the Ice Palace secret passage, a new quest was found, another annoying treasure hunter one. I have updated all Ice Palace maps to include the locations of the spirits you must locate, as well as added the alternate path to get into the palace. Also included are a third path to the Crypt doors puzzle and the Piatta-Verity tunnel secret passage.
UPDATE 3/5/2011: Added MAPS of Crypt included with Secret passages. Puzzle solutions included too, but at the bottom in case you wish to figure it out yourself. Rearranged Colosseum/Crypt info below arctic as Crypt is like a bonus dungeon after Arctic.
UPDATE 3/1/11: Added solution to how to get into crypt in puzzles section along with secret passage maps, an extra secret passage in Future Balzakia (though the treasure is technically inaccessible until a third key comes out). Currently working on getting Crypt secret passages.
UPDATE 2/24/11: Added in the longest and most anguishing part of the game, Ice Palace. Because they are large imaged, you may be better off saving the images on your computer to see better. Added a solution to slime training quest. I also have been getting a lot of traffic lately, I suppose because the game went public. I hope you all enjoy this guide, and feel free to make comments and suggestions for quest solutions (on bottom). Just need an open id account. :)
UPDATE 2/12/11: Added links to the maps on the wiki (where available) to help with finding the area the secret passages are in. Also edited the lighthouse map so you know where to fall.


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  2. yawn, i cant stomach it. I like HD games with 7.1 surround sound

  3. I love how easy it is to make an online game on BYOND. Other than that...most of the games I've tried on that system are really...bleh. I might give this a shot though. There are definitely a few gems hidden in that website.

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  5. thanks for this dude. what server do you play on? I'd like to ask you a few ??s :P

  6. there's a shop in the yeti cave that lets you increase your seed max. 25k each
    it also sells you an infinite detox scroll for 50k(reusable item)

  7. @Brad: You are welcome. I originated from the main server (Shrenwold) but since then mostly migrated to Norwood. Just don't wsay-ask me questions and I'm good haha. You can also just ask me questions on here if you like, and I can try to answer as best I can.

    @Broylyn: Yes, I have the path to yeti cave's secret shop listed in the puzzles section. Would you like me to add info from the secret shops along with the solutions? I could do that some time if it is wanted.

  8. I found some secret passages not listed, 1 in the Ardan Bank left to the balzackian soldier, 1 In the cave between Piatta and Verity and 1 to the left of the 11 stair (the one in the first floor) in Ice Palace.

  9. Have you killed the Crypt knight yet? because there is a secret behind him with the quest item in a coffin, this coffin is three squares long, just like the mirror teaser, maybe that teaser is a hint or something pointing out to this?

  10. @Nicolas: Thanks for the Ardan Bank and Ice Palace secret passage. I had actually already found the Piatta-verity passage but was waiting to get more passages before updating the next batch.

    @Bakanio: I JUST killed CK and have updated with the secret passage in there. I was told that yes, the mirror room was supposed to help you understand to open the coffin.

  11. Great info man, I'm wondering if you could post some more info on the ice cave secret shop, though. I've been searching for the past hour...tried following your path to no avail, does it begin from the entrance room?

  12. @Gill: I double checked the directions and they are correct. They work on the START of the ice maze, not the ice cave, just so you know. I am including pictures of what the ice maze is and what the ice shop looks like, as well as what is in the ice shop (in game called Slime Shop)

  13. Ahh, awesome! Thanks so much!

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  16. haha, if you're going to use my maps, at least credit me for them.


  17. @Red: If you are going to comment on my blog, at least read it first. :P

    Was in the update: "I did not originally do the mapping, someone posted it on the forums a bare skeleton of it. I just added to it and made the letters/numbers of paths more readable (They were tiny as hell). Also included where the many different specters spawn on the map for the daily specter quest."

    In more seriousness, if you want more direct credit, I'll edit that in then. :P

  18. I saw the "someone" I would prefer direct credit. That way everyone knows who to b**** to if its wrong :D

    in my defense, letters were small yes - but I'm playing on 37" screen, so I didn't notice -.-