Saturday, September 11, 2010


 Lately, it feels religion talk has become popular among my friends to talk about. Almost all of them are atheist, but take on the asshole stereotype of atheist, and like to bash all forms of religion for no reason. (This applies to my real life friends, not anyone on blog, so trust me, I am not posting this to target you) So I figured I'd write about my beliefs, not really to argue but just to put my thoughts out for myself.

When it comes to religion, I identify myself as Agnostic. I'm not sure I qualify as the definition of Agnostic, but it is the closest I can find to my beliefs. I believe some sort of superior being had to have created the existence we know as the universe, MAYBE even some of the earth life, but that is far as it goes. The rest is how science tells us; evolution brought humans and the animals we see to the world.

I do not believe this same superior being is watching over us lovingly on some clouds, waiting for us to get to the next plane of existence. I don't think I logically believe in heaven or hell, but truly wish them to exist (at least heaven anyway) for the sake of my sanity in coping with death. I can understand how foolish it seems to believe in such things, but when my mind tries to wrap around the idea of just not existing anymore, it scares me to a point close to a panic attack (writing that gave me the shivers a bit actually).

All this said, I do believe in spirits of sorts that can be watching over me. I believe my old family members may be watching over me in some sort of plane of energy that I cannot explain, and if I had to debate it, I would lose. Hell, I feel silly trying to explain my reasoning on this too, because my mind thinks it's rather illogical, yet I refuse to let myself stay on that thought pattern. Based on dreams I have, where I see my dead family members, I feel there is some sort of contact. Yeah, I'm guessing whoever is reading this might be snickering now. It IS stupid to think that, thus I'm not going to try convince you I'm right, because I can't say I am. It's one of those instincts in my head to not dismiss the idea.

Enough about that though, I am pretty sure I made myself look foolish enough. Even though I am agnostic, I do respect just about all forms of religion and atheists (except scientology, that is just blatantly a scam). each person should be allowed to have their own beliefs, just not to try and push it on another. There is a place for religion, I believe, and that's to learn your morals.

Maybe not in all cases, but I know I was raised protestant (I hope that's the spelling), and for the brief time I was going to church, I did learn some of my morals. As I grew older and learned more things in science, I started to question some of the more radical teachings from my church, and eventually that grew to atheism for a very brief time (it was not true atheism anyway, I was in high school and it was the cool thing not to believe), but then led me to being agnostic. My morals stayed with me throughout my life, and I hope they have led me to be at least a decent person.

I suppose one could argue because I was tainted with church teaching at first and then science, I became the hybrid, heh. But still I just wish people to be able to respect each others religions, stop knocking mine into atheist category, and stop the stupid insults (though I will throw in scientology being more of a cult really).

And after reading all this, I see my ADHD totally took over when I was in one train of thought. I think I said all I wanted though.


  1. i totally agree, i dont understand why other people care that others want to have a different religion, its their life, so what if everybody isnt a christian bible thumper!? its not hurting anyone lol everyone should be able to worship whoever and whatever they want freely but since the catholic church thinks its the cats ass, they want everyone to believe what they believe...i was baptized roman catholic but never went to church or anything, i dont even care and am currently converting anyways

  2. unfortunately, this is the most intelligent/coherent thing i've read from an agnostic or atheist in a long time. it does seem most of the time that "it was the cool thing not to believe"

    keep up the good work, and thanks for checking out my crap blog


  3. ok that last comment might be taken the wrong way, now that i've had a chance to reread it.

    i say "unfortunately" because there seem to be an inordinate number of atheists and agnostics shooting off their mouths ignorantly and w/o regard to logic a/o reason. you are *not* one of these guys, and for that i am grateful. it's unfortunate that you're in the minority, as i wish others were able to succinctly detail their thoughts like you are.

    that should about cover it.

  4. You've got an extremely level head on your shoulders, Tal. The world could be a better place if more people shared that kind of attitude.
    I more or less came to the same conclusion you have about things in life, regarding religion. My path to realization was a little different, but I'd guess I'm more or less agnostic. I -might- describe myself as Asatru, but that's a different story altogether.

  5. Atheism definitely can't be categorized as religion were anyone can just have the most minor understanding of science and can claim he's an atheist and go around just bashing religion. You actually need studies, or else you are just an idiot who doesn't believe in god. I actually have a lot of friends just like you that can't handle the whole loving and caring god but can't fully embrace the thought of no spirituality AT ALL, specially when it comes to dead relatives.

  6. There should be more people like you.

    I'm protestant myself, but I couldn't give a damn if what other people believe is different than what I do. I actually find the concept of religion fascinating, and I really enjoy studying other religions and exploring their beliefs. I think it's completely ignorant for one person or religion to belittle any other religion, because nobody really knows for sure what's right and what's wrong.

    I spent my first year of college (unwillingly) hanging out with this girl who was, I suppose, sort of a bible-thumper. She'd talk about all these people from her past, and how "they weren't good enough" because they weren't Christian and didn't share her beliefs. I was just... astounded. She was so certain that her morals were the best, and anyone that didn't share them with her was somehow sub-par.

    I just don't understand why it's so hard for people to be more tolerant. :x

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  8. Fanatic Atheists are just as bad as fanatic Theists and both should be shunned for their stupidity.

    Everyone in between however is fine. Agnostic Atheist here.

  9. Thank you everyone for the comments, I'm glad I have mature, intelligent followers as you all! Even where we might disagree, I'm glad those disagreements are handled maturely.

    @chasity: Exactly! I think those churches are the ones that give the religious types a bad name.

    @KG: No worries, I knew what you meant in your first comment. And I know what you mean, there are bad sectors in all types of religion/non-religion, and atheists & agnostics usually APPEAR to be some of the worst.

    @William: Thank you for your kind words. I had to look up what Asatru was, and from what I gathered, appears similar to the greek or norse god type of worship. If I am wrong, my apologies, but still it sounds rather interesting.

    @Nigma: Thanks for sharing that. I guess it comes down to the idiots in each sector of (non)religion. Just because one believes in god doesn't mean they are an idiot, nor because they are atheist and believe in science mean they are smart. BTW, even if I may disagree at times, I still love to read your blog.

    @Barcelona: That girl is one of the types that give Christians a bad name. Oddly enough, my best friend is... I think Christian or some sort of episcopalian type, and she accepts others' religion choices as long as they can accept hers. I sometimes ask her about her beliefs and she asks mine, but we won't say that either of us are wrong, just agree to disagree.

    @David: Exactly! If you see this message and don't mind btw, I'd love to hear your view of religion being atheist-agnostic. By which I mean is it simply you don't believe in some guy watching but think there may be a superior being, or just undecided of the two? Curious is all, and a bit fascinated.

  10. My ADD took over during my last comment. It was a truckload long and rambling thing...had no idea I had typed so much.

    I generally don't care about other people's beliefs. In fact, I care so little I really don't want to hear them. I don't even want to hear that you don't have any cuz that's how little I care that sosad?


  11. surpised this hasn't triggered a crap storm, I personally am athiest and live by basically a live and let live mindset, just don't preach to me :~)

  12. Yeah, every atheist I know in person is a huge fuckbag about it. Awesome post homie.

  13. yeah, I don't like it when people preach to me