Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie tradition

Yeah, I don't have much for funny Potter things...
This Thursday night/Friday Morning, I will be joining my two cousins in watching "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1". We have been going to midnight premiers for about 3-4 years (or movies, rather) now as a tradition.

The first 3 movies, I had just watched the movies either on DVD or in theaters on a later date. I had already read the books so my hype for the movies wasn't too strong. I don't remember which movie it was when my cousin told me about how she and her family go to the midnight premiers, and invited me along. I figured it could be kind of cool to see it early, and been craving to go to the movies (and friends being busy) so I said sure. Since then, we had been going to the midnight premiers together... with a few bumps in the road.

One of the times we went, there was this real bitch of a lady telling off some teenagers for saving seats. "I paid just as much money as you did for these seats, if your friends aren't here yet, that's their problem!" The guy was holding 4 seats by himself. I'm not sure if his friends were there and in the bathroom or hadn't gotten to the theater yet, but this lady made a huge stink about it. I can understand seat savers can be a little annoying, but people want to sit with their friends. Granted this lady was also pregnant, but that doesn't give you an excuse to bitch out somebody for trying to hold seats for their friends. She was with two other fellas, and I have no doubt about it in my mind she would try to save seats for them as well. The guy backed down and found other seats in the end, but throughout the movie, I kept thinking what a cunt she was.

Another time, my younger cousin and aunt were on vacation during the premier of the new movie, so we all didn't see it together. Instead, My aunt and younger cousin went to the theater near their vacation spot for the midnight premier while my older cousin and I went together to our local one. It was not such a big deal to be separate, just it sucked since it slightly broke the tradition of us going together. Last movie, however, the tradition was broken further.

My car wasn't working too well, so my older cousin had to pick me up from my house, which was rather out of the way from where she was coming from. We were running really late, so she started zooming there. My aunt and younger cousin were already there, calling us to let me know the tickets were almost sold out. They bought theirs in advanced, so only I was without one. I did ask them to stand in line to get me a ticket and I'd pay them back. About halfway to the movie theater, they called back, letting me know the tickets had sold out. Pretty pissed and dejected, my older cousin rushed me home before rushing back to the theater so she could still see it. In the end, my older sister went with me to see the movie another day. Funny enough, that movie was kind shitty anyway. Least favorite of them all.

They deleted a scene to ADD a scene that had no impact on the story whatsoever. I don't remember what scene they deleted, but they added a house burning for NO REAL REASON! My cousin suggested it could be to emphasis a rivalry between two certain characters, but there was no such extra rivalry needed in the book, and it certainly didn't need it for the movie. I even asked my sister what she made of that scene (she never read the series), and she figured it was just some random burning. Disappointing.

I almost thought this movie would end up trashed like the last, but when I heard they split it up into two parts, my faith in the movie series returned. I have no doubt there will be some piss-off points in this movie, but at least the split will make it less likely for the directors to cut some of the more awesome scenes in the book.

I likely will be re-reading the last book for a fourth time now so I can refresh my memories for the movie. It's what I did for all other movies since I been going with my cousin's family (yes another tradition). I originally read the last book within the first 24 hours I had it, so I know I have enough time to read it before the premier.


  1. Holy crap. I havent even read the last book yet and you read it 4 times?!
    I think I only saw HP 1 and 6 in theaters. Last year I went to HP6 only because my cousin wanted to go real bad. It was okay, but changing the books so much was quite annoying. Also, the 4th one is my favorite solely because of Fleur Delacour. Hottie

  2. Lol, nice pictures!! Everyone I know thats seeing the midnight premeire likes to watch all the previous movies before they go see the brand new one... Me, I can never watch a movie all the way through that many times!!

  3. Great post. waiting for more updates

  4. I wasn't on board with the Harry Potter movies at first, but as they kept creeping nearer towards the end, where the series gets a bit darker, I felt the movie adaptations got slightly better. I never felt they were awesome movies, though. It may just be because I loved the books so much, it's hard for the movies to live up to it.

  5. I've actually never seen the Harry Potter movies. I don't know why. Probably because it looks like a bunch of young kids that do magic and fly on brooms. I should give it a chance though.

  6. I'll be out there as well with my cousin and possibly a ton of friends. We never have plans until the night of.

    And yea, I hate going with a ton of people for the reason of having to save seats when they are in line for food or whatever.

  7. I thought the same thing about the Trix Rabbit when I was a kid!