Sunday, December 12, 2010

Demo of my mapping

As mentioned here, I plan to scan a few maps i made for some obscure games on BYOND (namely: Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick) in an attempt to make another guide like my Archipelago Remastered Recipe Guide. I recreated one of them in paint (one of the simpler ones) to give an idea of how I map. I wanted some feedback from my followers to see if it is understandable. I don't care it's not the most descriptive, but it should serve as a guide to what a player needs/wants from the area.

This dungeon in particular consisted mainly of tunnels, so the directions were all that were needed. Some areas ended up being rooms with no direction to indicate so i would just box them up and lead the path in. On another map, there were rooms with directional input so I would do a box AND the directions to show the choices to be made.

I haven't done any other paint maps, which means I haven't done the other floors of this dungeon. As it is, the game this map belongs to has been offline for a very long time, and I doubt will be used in a guide, but it seemed like a suitable demo that wouldn't be overcomplicated for me to draw. The rest of the maps are probably just going to be scanned in because of how complicated some get. Trying to recreate a map and keep the locations correct is absolutely maddening for me. I am no artist.

The only other solution would be to keep screen-capping as I play which... I am not doing. That's infuriatingly annoying. Filming won't work either since random battles would get in the way. Plus, I imagine video capturing programs would be likely to resource heavy for my old desktop and overheat my laptop.


  1. never played this one, you done obilivion?

  2. This is how I use to create D&D maps. :)

  3. This reminds me of a game making course, but it was all about "lenses".

  4. Quite hard to generate "nice" dungeons dynamically. Tried it once for a roguelike.
    Anyhow, ASCII is good for mapping.

  5. i use (never winter night 2) for maping