Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why someone doesn't like the holidays.

I know it's rather late, but found this story randomly, and wanted to share it. Kind of sad... other news, Happy New Year? :X In the new year I'm totally going to dump massive pictures of my puppy, so more uplifting post tomorrow haha!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Byond game: Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

Different from my guide for Dragon Warrior: Hero's Destiny/Shadows of Erdrick 2, this is the guide for the first game that is probably more complete then the other Dragon Quest fangames. I'm going to go over the quests in the game with all the general spoilers. I won't go into the classes too much though, maybe just brief mentions.

6/25/2013: I no longer host the game, so I've highlighted the parts only available on my old server, and in some cases, used strikethroughs for features no longer available. Most information available is still correct of the current version, though some changes may have been made that I am not aware of. If anyone would like me to add the new version changes, feel free to provide the information and i'll add them.

If anyone would like to help make accurate descriptions to the spells (rough amount of damage/healing, how much a buff or debuff increases/decreases on a target, MP cost, and so on), you may be rewarded in game for your help! Feel free to make descriptions in the comment section below. Also any errors or missing information reported is also appreciated!


To find what you are looking for, use the table of contents as a reference, and search the page (ctrl+f usually summons this on most browsers) for what you are looking for. Just copy and paste the line from the contents to find it.

Quest help and Maps of areas have been relocated to other pages, so just click on their main page links (denoted with +) or if looking for particular maps, you can just click the area/floor you want

+ Current MAPS
-- Evil World Map
-- Runweld Basement (Floor 1) (Floor 2)
-- Thenton Tower And Basement (Floor 1) (Floor 2) (Floor 3) (Floor 4) (Floor 5+6) (Basement 1) (Basement 2)
-- Smack's Cave (Floor 1) (Floor 2) (Floor 3) (Floor 4) (Floor 5)
-- BEACOM CAVE (Floor 1) (Floor 2) (Floor 3)
-- Agotrop Cave (Floor 1) (Floor 2)
-- Lava Cave (Floor 1) (Floor 2)
-- Hillock Farm
-- Sky Tower (Floor 1) (Floor 2) (Floor 3) (Floor 4) (Floor 5) (Floor 6) (Floor 7) (Floor 8) (Floor 9) (Top Floor)
-- The Dig (First Cave) (Second Cave) (First Area)

- CLASSES (C100)
-- Soldier
-- Pilgrim
-- Wizard
~~~ Wizard Valrog Weapon Exchange
-- Ranger
-- Bard
-- Monk
-- Thief
-- Goof-Off
-- Sage

- PET INFO (D500)