Saturday, July 28, 2012

Working Out: Week 3

Week 1   Week 2

Still working out. Weight lost has been rather small, but I am not expecting anything too big yet. I'm still using Wii Fit Plus and EA Sports Active: More Workouts on the Nintendo Wii. Sometimes, I do other exercises, such as walking the dog, or playing some Dance Dance Revolution/In The Groove at the arcade. A few years ago, using all this, I was able to lose 15 lbs. Now that my BMI is considered overweight, I need to lose about 20lbs, so I'm at it again!

Most of this takes place in my basement unless otherwise stated. However, because my basement has a very low ceiling, I can't do stand-up Yoga poses down there so I do those on my own in my room. The rest are done on Wii Fit Plus with its Yoga routines.

Video links are randomly found on youtube and not my own.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Working Out: Week 2

Week 1

Still trying to keep working out every day to some degree using Wii Fit Plus and EA Active More Workouts for the Nintendo Wii. I'll keep a log of my progress on this blog and update every Monday until I either meet my goal or... fail.

The way I organize my work out days is one day I do strength exercises with EA Active More Workouts, next day do aerobics with Wii Fit Plus, and third day as my day off. However, everyday, I do a minimal amount of Yoga.

Most of this takes palce in my basement unless otherwise stated. However, because my basement has a very low ceiling I can't do stand-up Yoga poses down there so I do on my own in my room. The rest are done on Wii Fit Plus with its Yoga routines.

Video links are randomly found on youtube and not my own.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Faith post once again

This entry will be very image heavy with a lot of Faith related images, and some of the dogs around the neighborhood.

Faith is now 9 months old, has been spayed, and gone through several problems sadly...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Working out post: Week 1

After realizing I was overweight (according to Wii Fit Plus's BMI count, I'm 7 lbs over an "okay" weight for my stature), I decided to start working out again. Using Wii Fit Plus as my scale & yoga exercises, and EA Active More Workouts for my strength training, my goal is to drop my weight back into the normal scale. Currently I am 5'10.5 with a weight of 177~lbs. According to Nintendo Wii Fit Plus, a more normal weight for someone my height is 153~ lbs. With some luck, I'll reach my goal of 150slbs, possible even get some abs!

I did this a some years ago when I felt chubby from being inactive. Back then I used a combination of Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution/In The Groove at my local arcade. Unfortunately, my local arcade has closed down, and the nearest arcade isn't TOO far, but just far enough that I don't want to travel there often. Also, most home pads suck so not going to do it at home. When I accomplished this goal last time, I hactually has some definition showing in my stomach compared to the boney ribs I used to have when younger, and no longer had a belly that pinched me when I leaned sideways or forwards. Sadly, it's back now!

If I can stay on task, I'll make an update once a week on my progress of working out. So far, my plan is strength work outs one day (with yoga stretching before it), aerobics day (still some yoga), and my off day where all I do is yoga stretches.

NOTE: Any links to videos I may give for exercises are NOT done by me, just found on Youtube.

Here is what I have done so far.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Dragon Warrior 4 NES comic

This comic was made by my online friend and I. While I wrote 90% of the script, she did 99% of the imaging (I helped find images for her to use).

If you don't get it too well, I'll write an explanation at the end.

EXPLANATION - For those whom do not know, Taloon is a merchant character that sometimes goofs off in battle. His goofs can be great-such a summoning a merchant army to attack the enemy 3 times or so, or he throws his weapon for a critical hit-and they can be bad, such as staring blanky into space, or trying to calm down the enemy so it runs away. This example was his terrible pun ability. It really CAN work on Necrosaro, but it can happen at inopportune times.

Necrosaro cannot ACTUALLY fall on you, btw, but seemed fitting. Originally, I planned to have Necrosaro just get pissed and wipe the two out with just the hero glaring at Taloon or have a look of "WHY TALOON, WHY!" but when I found out his pun actually could work... this happened.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Overdue update.

I keep putting off posting! While I haven't been posting anything new, I HAVE been updating my guides. Mainly Dragon Quest Shadows of Erdrick 2 but a little in the NEStalgia guides.

I still have no job, though did some small jobs such as working as a poll worker on election day and participating in a group study for testing places.

Also turns out I gained some weight; found out yesterday according to a BMI rating on the Wii Fit Plus, I am 7lbs overweight for my height and age. Pushed me enough to start working out finally, after delaying it so much. Only started yesterday, but it's a start.

Faith has been going through lots of crazy shit, I plan to go on about that in another massive Faith picture post.

I'm going to try making work out entries once a week from now on, though.

And lastly, won a Dragon Quest contest by making a little comic. I wrote the script and helped fetch some images while my friend helped tweak the script and make things look dead sexy. I'll post that on the weekend or tomorrow.

So that's a Faith post, Work out post, and a Dragon Quest comic post. Let's see if I can stay on task!