Thursday, October 20, 2011

NEStalgia: Skill Tree builds!

Skill trees for NEStalgia are officially out! Decided to share a few neat builds I have found so far so people may use them or build upon! Feel free to suggest a few of your own as well. I do not claim these to be "perfect" builds, these are just what work for me (or for others in terms of other people's builds).

Last Updated: September 24, 2013. I do not play this game much due to the lack of updates, so do not expect too many updates on these builds. If I get back into the game I will provide more help or if anyone wants to donate their own builds.

I leave you with builds I FOUND on the forums which have no explanation but hopefully can help you build your own unique skill tree. Made by BlackSniper on the forums. Builds located here.

To find a build faster, copy one of the below choices and use ctr+f (or whatever command it is for your browser) to search it.

  •  Cleric Builds
    • Jumier's PVP Red Cleric
    • Jumier's PVP Maximum Healing Build
    • Smite-Cleric
    • Hybrid Cleric
  • Wizard Builds
    • Grind Build 
  • Ranger Builds
    • Paladin Build
    • Heal-Lightning Build
  • Warlock Builds
    • Self-Reliant Build
    • Split Heal Build
  • Merchant Builds
    • Treasure Hunting Build
  • Ninja Builds
    • Dodgy Build
  • Conjurer Builds
    • Healer Conjurer

Cleric Builds:
Jumier's PVP Red Cleric
Credit goes to Jumier
  •  Support Tree
    • Big Heals - 8/8 (Increases base values of heal spells)
    • Holy Gift - 5/5 (Healwave - Takes -32% off of MP costs)
    • Sandman - 5/5 (Dream - +12% chance to all sleep spells)
    • Good Health - 5/5 (Sanity - Good Night - +18% chance to resist sleep and poison)
  • Wrath Tree
    • Black Widow - 1/7 (Poison)
    • Seeing Red - 8/8 (+12% to Strength and Agility)
  • Foundation Tree
    • Storm Enchant - 5/5 (+20% of Storm element added to damage)
Purpose: Maxes physical damage with good chance to sleep with moderate healing capabilities.

Storm enchant chosen because most monsters do not resist it.
9/9 Strength Seeds
57ish basic heals.
69ish HealWave values
One shot everything in Black Sanctum except Gargolyes.

Jumier's PVP Maximum Healing Build
 Credit goes to Jumier
  • Support Tree
    • Big Heals - 8/8 (Increases base values of heal spells)
    • Holy Gift - 5/5 (Healwave - Takes -32% off of MP costs)
    • Cleanse - 3/5 (Healmore - 4% chance for healing spells to wipe debuffs)
    • Second Chance - 3/5 (Healmost - +10% to Redeem's success and heal rate)
    • Great Timing - 3/5 (Speed - +4% chance to go first when healing target with less than 50% max hp)
    • Sandman - 5/5 (Dream - +12% chance to all sleep spells)
    • Good Health - 5/5 (Sanity - Good Night - +18% chance to resist sleep and poison)
  • Wrath Tree
    • Black Widow - 6/7 (Poison - Toxify - +40% to poison damage)
Purpose - Maximum healing potential as PVP CL. Healing second only to Warlocks due to their higher base Int. 20% plus heal with Kris of Blessing Equiped. As of latest patch, it is 10% short of plus heal cap but since Int helps with sleep resist and lowers magical damage this is better geared toward PVP anyways.

9/9 Int Seeds
Heal 78-84
Healwave 89-94

  • Support Tree
    • Big Heals - 8/8 (Increases base values of heal spells)
    • Cleanse - 3/5 (Healmore - 4% chance for healing to clear debuffs on a target)
    • Second Chance - 3/5 (Healmost - +10% to redeem's success rate)
    • Holy Gift - 5/5 (Healwave - Takes -32% off of MP costs)
  • Wrath Tree
    • Divine Power - 7/7 (Smite - 90% of Element Enchant increases smite damage)
    • True Faith - 5/5 (Judgement - +12% to instant kill rate)
    • Zeal - 3/3 (15% of a cleric's mp is restored when instant kill succeeds)
    • Black Widow - 3/7 (Poison - +20% to poison damage)
    • Easy Target - 1/5 (Soften)

Purpose: To get your smite on! You still have your usual heal castings as needed, so you can still support some, but you also have a decent magic attack too! Judgement is not really that great at the moment, but its branch is needed to increase the success rate of Smite from 15% to 27%. Zeal is just a happy bonus to refill your mp. Black Widow & Easy target is more for preference of support moves.

Equipment should be anythign that increases intelligence well; it's be said that smite's success rate increases with more intelligence. Even if not true, int still increases Smite's damage. And of course, int helps healing out too, so it benefits you both. Seeds should be pretty much all int as well, though maybe some plus heals if you want more healing.

Some substitutions include taking out poison and soften for the Speed buff, or putting those points into Mana; the higher your max mp, the better the return rate (22 w/o putting into Mana, 24 when you do). You probably could take Healmost out too, saving 5 points for element enchant to increase smite damage in divine power, but I'm told it only increases smite damage by 5-10 damage at most. If you wanted to use smite build for bosses, maybe consider putting into Black Widow for increased poison damage could help. 

Hybrid Cleric
  • Support Tree
    • Big Heals - 8/8 (Increases base values of heal spells)
    • Cleanse - 1/5 (HealMore)
    • Holy Gift - 5/5 (Healwave - Takes -32% off of MP costs)
    • Great Timing - 3/5 (Speed - +4% chance to go first when healing target with less than 50% max hp)
    • Sandman - 3/5 (+9 to all sleep rates)
  • Wrath Tree
    • Divine Power - 1/6 (Smite)
    • Black Widow - 3/7 (Poison - +20% to Poison Damage)
    • Easy Target - 1/5 (Soften)
    • Seeing Red - 8/8 (+12% to Strength and Agility)
  • Foundation Tree
    • Stamina - 5/5 (+10% to Max HP)
Purpose: You get a little bit of everything while still being a competent healer.You negate healmost only because it really doesn't need to be used that often, Potion Cs can make pretty good substitutes. The bit to Sandman is a preference, more so; gives sleep 59% chance to work instead of just 50. Smite is nice when you need a little magic damage, and if it manages to instant kill, that's even nicer! Seeing Red is mainly to boost your speed, but the little extra damage to your attacks is always nice. Finally, Stamina to make you much more durable!

General equipment probably should be the Holy Power set from Sanctum if you want good heals, but you could also probably mix and match to get a well rounded cleric. Maybe a Red Dusk Hat to add to your damage with Holy powered armor for some extra heals and defense, and Meteorite Armband for speed (and quick self buffer)! Weapon should most definitely be your Malevolent Crucifix; guaranteed revival of allies is just too good to pass up, and decent stats too. Seeds can go whatever you want out of your cleric. Ideally, though, int and heal seeds would likely be best.

Some substitutions on the skill tree could be taking out sandman's points and putting them into luck so your cleric doesn't fall to status effects. Heck, you could max luck if you also take out 2 points from Divine Power; your heals will be more costly, but you got protection from statuses at least.

Wizard Builds:
Grind Build
  • Elements Tree:
    • Fire Mastery - 8/9 (Fireball - Increase fire spells' power and cost)
    • Flame Body - 6/6 (Burn - Firewall - +8% to Plus Fire and Fire Resistance)
    • Wither - 1/3 (3% chance for fire spells to auto-cast weaken on targets)
    • Ice Mastery - 3/9 (Snowball - Increase ice spells' power and cost)
    • Storm Mastery - 3/9 (Gust - Increase storm spells' power and cost)
  • Power Tree:
    • Willpower - 7/8 (Vitality - Spells cost- 36% less MP)
    • Vigor - 5/5 (Empower - 60% of physical damage is converted and restores mp)
    • Powerful Spread - 5/5 (+25% to multi-target spells' damage)
Purpose: This is a damn good Arctic grinding build for wizards. You kill all ice property monsters with little to no problem (depending your level and gear perhaps, but if you focus on int related gear you should be fine). The non ice property monsters can die next turn. Vitality can help heal you from your damage, leaving you with little need for potions, and the low mp costs will let you go long before having to inn... you could even make your mp back by bonking monsters with your staff!

This was updated to a general grind build. You can change your "main" element around, but it's recommended you get 3 of each element so not only can you face malice with little fear, but if enemies that resist your main element pop up, you can use another element to help you out. You also could just go dual elements instead, ideally fire and ice.

It's highly recommended you get at LEAST 76 agility for arctic grinds; with 76 agility, you will USUALLY go before other monsters. I think it's about 70 or 80% of the time with that much. More agility is fine too. The arctic provides some good drops too, so you can make more money by selling them. This agility also works decently for the crypt. For the black sanctum, I think 80s are more ideal. Not that you'll outspeed totems or specters, but for the rest of the normal mobs, you will be fine. (90s can sometimes outspeed totems to give you an idea)

Ranger Builds:
Paladin Build
  • Nature Tree
    • Regrowth - 11/11 (Heal - Detox - Healmore - Base heal power greatly increased)
    • Holy Power - 3/5 (Healwave - Heal spells cost 16% less)
  • Hunter Tree
    • Daring Offense - 8/8 (Soften - Damage increases by 14% when bows/staves equipped)
    • Steady Aim - 1/1 (+1 Crit)
    • Dead Eye - 1/1 (+1 Crit)
    • Solid Defense - 8/8 (Harden - Defense increases by 14% when swords/staves equipped)
    • Moving Target - 1/1 (+1 Dodge)
  • Foundation Tree
    • X Element - 5/5 (+20% of X element added to damage)
Purpose: This is one of your well rounded builds a Ranger can use. This let's you be about as tanky as a merchant without their defensive branches, usually taking 10-20 damage against physical mobs in sanctum. Your heals will be about 50-60s at level 32 if you follow this with the Sanctum Zealous set.

Along with that set, you should definitely try to get a Red Crypt Staff; it's the best weapon you can get to obtain the benefits of Daring Offense and Solid Defense. Alternatively, you could switch between bows and swords if you know the situation ahead of time. It also couldn't hurt to have a blue and blessed crypt staff for other situations that pop up. With the Red Crypt Staff and Zealous equip, plus 3 Medium Strength Seeds, you are guaranteed to one hit majority of sanctum mobs (Gargoyles and Specters excluded). You might fall short on one-hitting Defiled Ones, however.

The crit and dodge chances especially help with the Zealous Set, as you will have 4 crit and 3 dodge on your character. It doesn't seem like much, but being naturally fast makes criticals appear more often. You can substitute these points into speed or health instead, however, giving you more a beefy feel. You also can take points out of Holy Power to put elsewhere; more dodge? speed? Even into Sagacious branch would not be too bad either for a little more heal power or defense against magic.

Heal-Lightning Build
  • Nature Tree
    • Regrowth - 11/11 (Heal - Detox - Healmore - Base heal power greatly increased)
    • Holy Power - 3/5 (Healwave - Healing spells cost 16% less)
    • Nature's Fury - 6/6 (Base power of lightning spells greatly increased)
    • Tempest - 3/6 (Electro - Lightning spells cost 10% less)
    • Cloud Burst - 5/5 (Lightning - +20% to storm spell's multi target damage)
    • Sagacious - 6/6 (+12 Intelligence)
    • Staff Mastery - 4/4 (+8 to Plus Healing and Plus Storm when Staves equipped)

Purpose: A very simplistic but effective build. You'll be able to be a solid attacker and healer in battle. Your spells will cost a little more however, being unable to max the cost-saving branches. You'll obviously want a staff for this. Yellow Crypt Staff or Blessed Crypt Staff work well as a medium, but if you want to focus on damage, a Staff of Sanctum will be your ideal item. The "Cunning" set, one of ranger's ebon equipment, works well for this, increasing your lightning damage rather well while keeping heal at a decent level, but for maximum damage, a combination of the Staff of Sanctum and Pendant of Storms would probably be best.

Seeds will be all in what you want out of your ranger. Int is probably the safest seed set to take, since it helps both healing and damage, but if you want more damage, a little bit of pierce seeds will be needed, especially if you don't have the Pendant or Sanctum Staff. A middle ground could be 2 pierce, 2 healing, 2 PlusStorm, and 3 Int seeds, I suppose.

Only substitutions I see for this build is if you want a little less power in one side, take from the other. You want sizzle? Take away from the Holy Power Branch to put into Tempest. Want cheaper heals? Gotta take away from Nature's Fury. If you want something like, extra health, better off taking from both and swap out Staff Mastery and one Sagacious for it.

Warlock Builds:
Self-Reliant Build
  •  Agony Tree: 
    • Flame Pledge - 1/4 (Fire Tap)
    • Ice Pledge - 1/4 (Ice Tap)
    • Storm Pledge - 1/4 (Storm Tap)
    • Dark Gift - 5/6 (+5% Agility and Intelligence)
    • Parasite - 5/6 (Leech - Damage +20%)
  •  Occultist Tree:
    • Tolerance - 6/6 (Defense, Fire, Ice, and Storm Resistance +5% - Vivify)
    • Energy Burn - 4/4 (Absorb - Take 18% of target's mp/credit)
  • Foundation Tree
    • Stamina - 5/5 (+10% HP)
    • Darkness - 5/5 (-25% HP Costs)
    • Luck - 5/5 (15% chance to resist random effects)
Purpose: Great, well rounded build for a warlock! Gives you some extra defenses with Tolerance, Luck, and stamina for more survivability (and easier skill use). Darkness helps that along further! Dark Gift gives you a little more speed (should you have speed equipment, it can be great help) and more int for slightly more damage. The three pledges let you be rather useful for Malice and good for when you are solo and need a little extra damage. Leech is a bit of a given; almost no Warlock build should be without leech, especially since it also can curse multiple targets in battle. Energy Burn is good if you are on a pvp server, or you have trouble with revive/healing monsters. Vivify is just a happy incidental support move you get.

This uses all 38 possible skill points. Some parts of this build you should not feel obligated to get is luck and energy burn (9 skill points); They aren't completely needed to be maxed. Luck is more of a preference for me, and energy burn seemed most useful out of what was left. Some decent alternates can be painful rebound should you like to use reflect or some in ruination to get to purposefully curse (and extending rounds). I wouldn't put into shifty unless you want to sacrifice more from other parts of the build.

Seed choices, You have a pretty wide choice. More int COULD help, but I'm not sure by how much. Resistance is a good choice should you consider participating in tournaments or are on a pvp server (also if resistance starts applying in PvE). Stay Away from str, of course. Agility... you COULD but generally is wasted on a Warlock.

Split Heal Build
  •  Agony Tree
    • Parasite - 5/6 (Leech - Damage +20%)
  • Occultist Tree
    • Shifty - 7/7 (+21% to Shift-skills' healing power)
    • Refund - 5/5 (Shiftwave - 8% chance Shift-skills' HP costs will be refunded on use in battle)
    • Curse Breaker - 4/4 (Shiftmore - -25% of curse's heal penalty ignore on allies)
    • Tolerance - 6/6 (Defense, Fire, Ice, and Storm Resistance +5% - Vivify)
    • Energy Burn - 1/4 (Absorb
  • Foundation Tree
    • Stamina - 5/5 (+10% HP)
    • Luck - 5/5 (15% chance to resist random effects)
Purpose - A heal-version of my Self Reliant build. Keeps the same idea of staying defensive while able to heal. All those shift skills keeps you a decent healer in a pinch, but probably cannot be relied on as a main healer. Curse breaker is especially helpful on bosses like shade and occularis who curse your team constantly. Leech to give you some extra damage moments. The energy burn may or may not be wasted, I just figured it can be handy to absorb sometimes. The HP can be negotiated too, I just like a lot of hp for my warlock builds. Tolerance gives you some extra defense as well.

Overall, it's a great build for back-up healing. Feel free to take a point from hp, luck, or energy burn to get sacrifice from the martyr branch; it can give you an almost full supportive-like build doing that. In fact, that might be the only thing keeping this from a full heal build.

Seed choices, best may be heal seeds. Int can help with your tapping should you so choose, but does NOT help with healing. Agility is still probably a waste unless particularly want get speed-related gear. Resistance seeds if you have the emblems to spare and think you will pvp often, but healing warlock aren't usually a norm in pvp (Not that they are necessarily bad for it, just uncommon).

Merchant Builds:
Note: Merchants gain credit back by half of the damage they dish out or receive plus whatever you have put into Interest/Bigger Returns. (Formula: Damage/2 + Interest/Bigger Returns value) Keep this in mind when setting up your skill tree.
Treasure Hunting Build
  • Enforcer Tree
    • Credit Check - 6/6 (+2.4% per 100 credit saved) 
    • Interest - 1/4 (+7 credit added per attack)
  • Commerce Tree
    • Capital Decay - 6/6 (-30% of all damage taken from group attacks)
    • Reserve Ratio - 5/5 (Dividends - +4% defense per 100 credit saved)
    • Bigger Returns - 4/7 (+20 credits given each time you are damaged)
    • Treasure Hunter - 5/5 (Vault - +20 to "Plus Item" and "Plus Gold")
  • Foundation Tree
    • Savings - 3/5 (+120 to credit)
    • Luck - 3/5 (9% chance to resist random effects)
    • X Enchant - 5/5 (+20% of X element added to damage)
Purpose: A solid build for getting extra money and items coming your way while being a decent fighter. Credit check maxed out to help your attack along. Capital decay and reserve ratio to pump up your defense. Dividends is there to offer you some healing option should you be soloing or group with people that cannot heal you (such as wizards for gold grind parties). Bigger returns is just to unlock Treasure Hunter, but it comes in handy to keep giving you some credit. Treasure Hunter is the meat and potatoes of this build; gives you a lot of gold and item upped to help your group find more gold and get you a little item bonus to your self.  You can choose your preferred enchant here, but I highly suggest maxing it; that damage it adds is just wonderful for physical attackers, and even in this build, it's no exception. Vault is just a bonus skill, but certainly not too awful to have should you be finding lots of items.

The interest and luck were things I just threw on out of preference; it's nice to resist poison or sleep sometimes, and the interest helps you after you dividended. You could move those around, probably throw more into savings for better defense, attack and healing from dividends. In battle, you mainly shall be attacking as the strong hitter of the party.

Your seed choices here should definetly include Gold seeds from the casino. Item seeds can be thrown in as an extra but I don't recommend going crazy with item seeds. Yes, it CAN help, but you'd probably be better putting small seeds of strength or agility instead. Item % only adds to the drop rate's chance. Say you want to find an item that has 1% drop. you have 50% item stat. That chance to find the item is now only 1.5%

I believe this to be a great build for PvE servers, and one I use when I'm only PvEing. PvP-wise, you still have your good attack and defenses as help, but you would be very predictable.

Ninja Builds:
Dodgy Build
  • Assailant Tree
    • Spirit Fingers - 7/7 (+14% chance for ninja gloves proc to activate)
    • Pierce - 1/5 (5-Point)
    • Double Punch - (2% chance to hit again with a half-damaging blow when attacking)
    • Extra Powder - 3/3 (+30 to maximum amount Kamikaze can inflct)
  • Elusion Tree
    • Lightning Fast - 4/7 (+8% to agility)
    • Retaliate - 4/4 (100% chance to counter with a half-damaging blow when dodging an attack)
    • Deft - 1/2 (+1 to Dodge)
    • Cunning - 8/8 (+8% to Defense and Intelligence)
    • Eschew - 4/4 (SmokeBomb - Dodge chance increase by 18% with SmokeBomb/Vanish)
  • Foundation Tree
    • X Enchant - 5/5 (+20% of X element added to damage)
Purpose: Let's you attack while dodging! Spirit fingers are nice on the ninja gloves. If you can get a red dusk ritual glove with sleep on it, you're set! 5-point can be good in a fight to set a time limit on your opponent if pvp, or get some extra, guaranteed damage in 5 turns on a boss. In some ways, leaves you free to herb or pot a partymate. The Double punch is more of a "whatever" thing; even at maxed, it doesn't activate often, so I figured having that small chance would be nice enough. The extra Kamikaze damage is also a bit of preference; at 1 hp remaining, it does 155 damage to all (this was done with no health increase so it is unknown if that helps damage or not). Retaliate is the meat of the build, giving you extra hits as you help your party dodge with smokebomb or use vanish on a target... or even when your natural dodge kicks in! Deft and Eschew just adds to it!

Seed wise, I think str seeds are a standard, but resilience seeds for pvp could also be beneficial. If you think you'll be facing other ninjas, maybe more agility could help you edge them out, but it doesn't seem needed that much. Equipment is pretty much the same, though if there is any gear that has extra dodge chance, such as Shadowy Chaos Fighter Tunic, or the sanctum Deft set for ninjas.

An obvious substitution is getting rid of Double Punch; that one point probably isn't worth it, and better used on more into the Deft branch. Extra Powder and 5 point aren't necessary for the build either, but are useful stand alones. If they aren't your thing, you could add more into hp for lasting longer, luck to avoid statuses, or even more into lightning fast for more speed if that's your thing.

Conjurer Builds:
 Healer Conjurer
  • Mage Tree
    • War Mage - 6/7 (+6% added to Intelligence and Agility)
    • Mind Control - 2/6 (Sleep - Chance to sleep +3%)
  • Healer Tree
    • Expert Healer - 8/8 (Base power of all renew spells greatly increased)
    • Blessing - 3/5 (RenewMore - 4% chance for renew spells to give a random buff to a target)
    • Lasting Recovery 5/5 (RenewMost - 100% chance for renew to last an extra round)
    • Amend - 5/5 (RenewWave - All renew spells costs 32% less)
    • Shepherd - 7/7 (Dream - +6% to Plus Healing and Defense)
    • Sound Mind - 2/3 (+10% resistance to Sleep and Confuse)
  Purpose: Clerics are not the only heal-savvy class! This one actually can main heal in PvE very well! (Haven't tested PvP). War Mage helps your heal power and speed some. Sleep is highly recommended as it helps when your party can't finish off some monsters in a round, or if things go wrong in a battle. Then of course, you get your healing skills of renew. Dream can be nice if you are teamed with a wizard whom has a malevolent staff; it recovers the mp of the wizard and then puts it to sleep. It's like a powerfully cheap Healwave. However, it is highly situational! That branch is more for the plus heal and defense anyway. Sound Mind is more a preference; healers shouldn't be falling asleep or being confused in battle!

Angelic set from Conjurer's Sanctum set is absolutely perfect with this build, and add a malevolent orb for one guaranteed revive, not to mention its int, and you are set. Seeds should be about 4 heal seeds to get your Plus healing to 29 (with angelic set) and rest into int. If you are going to pvp with this build, resistance seeds could be considered.

Some substitutions can be getting rid of Sound Mind and two point of war mage for either luck or health in foundation tree; 4 in luck has more resistance to sleep and confuse than 2 in luck. Health lets you last a little longer in battle. You also could take away from sleep and put all these points into an attack spell to let you do a little single target damage.


  1. Needs to be revised for recent talent tree updates.

  2. When will you add a Soldier build? And are you still playing this game! Thanks for having this site handy! It really helps!

    1. Unfortunately, I have dawdled on my soldier, so a build for it has not come to me yet. I still play, but less frequently. I'll try to ask for nay recommended builds as well, and people who visit are welcome to share their builds here, just not many do.