Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow day.

We had quite the blizzard these past two days. Sunday was so bad, it was not worth shoveling. My sister and I tried to shovel as much as we could just so the morning shoveling would not be as bad, but it was a losing battle. Now we live in a 2 family house, which means there are 6 people in our house, but out of these 6 people, the only ones who shovel most often are my sister and I. Dad usually works during snow duty, mom loses her energy too much thank to her MS, and only the guy of the upstairs people SOMETIMES shovels and it is pitiful on how much it is (since the lady who is high functional can't be bothered to do shit).

The next day, thanks to wind shift, plows, and other misfortunes, there was pretty much 2 feet of snow across all of our cars. Fun. We got all bundled up and ready to take on the icy hell when some highschool kids came by asking if we would pay them to shovel us out. That felt like a miracle in itself. Mom said if they would dig out all three of our cars, she'd pay them 50 bucks, which they accepted. Gotta love that, haha. I had almost felt disappointed we would not be shoveling. ALMOST! Too bad things didn't end up so nice later...

They needed use each to move our cars some so they could get under and around it. My sister and I are parked on the street while mom has the driveway (and dad was out working, so no spot for him). I went to start my car, which was a bit of a struggle thanks to it being so old and being awhile since I started it. Finally got it started without any problems though and went to hit the unlock button so I wouldn't have to go through the passenger door all the time. Well... I learned a valuable lesson: Never try to use tiny automatic locks with gloved hands. I accidentally hit the lock button and closed the door locking my keys inside. With the car running. Doesn't sound too awful, just go get the spares, right?

Wrong; dad had the spares on his keyring and was at work. So we tried to call him all day, asking maybe we could meet him halfway, but he never answered for about 2 hours. Mom was getting all upset because he is supposed to have his phone with him all day, to which my sister and I had to calm down. It's not a rare thing for dad to miss a call or forget his cellphones (work and personal).

Sometime around then, my sister got ahold of our cousin-in-law who suggested breaking into my car via the wire-hanger method. He came to our house and tried very hard to unlock the door like that. Was pretty close too, got a grip on the handle and everything! Unfortunately, the force required was too much for the hanger and it bent off loose. My sister finally got ahold of my dad via his work phone, but he hung up on her despite her saying it was a bit of an emergency. He eventually called back, and told us he was in the middle of so many disabled vehicles, there was no way either he or we could meet up. His recommendatings were to just let the car run out of gas.

By now, our cousin-in-law gave up, said sorry, and advised us to either call a cop or a towing agency. We can't call a cop cause my car has an out-of-date inspection, so mom paid for a tow guy to get into my car. Cost 125 bucks for 3 minutes of labor.

Yeah. All of this could have been avoided had we shoveled ourselves (or I had not attempted to unlocks the doors with my gloves on). I ended up causing my parents to fight (mom didn't like that he hung up on my sister and basically ignored us for 2 hours), wasted a fair amount of gas, and cost my mother 175 bucks today (or 155, I chipped in 20 bucks). Needless to say, I did not feel spectacular about that.


  1. Ow, shit sucks. >:

    My area got lucky this year, it hasn't snowed that hard. And our household of 5 actually has 5 people who can shovel if needed.

  2. you should have call taxi there unlock your car in 3 sec

  3. Get AAA or Roadside coverage thru your insurance. I just did a 2cd year with Allstate for $89, and last year, my wife 1)locked her keys in the car 2) killed her battery, and I 3)got towed to a garage after my starter died at the 7-11. Paid seperately, these would have been $400+, but the $89 yearly fee got us all 3 free.

  4. Unablogger has a pretty good idea. I'd go with his ideas.

    Sounds bad though :( And if you hit the lock button, wouldn't you either be inside and pushed it or had a little device you used to lock it? Either way, wouldn't you be able to unlock it back?

  5. Snow is a beautiful thing but when you have a big house and a car it becomes the most troublesome event of the year, with all the shoveling

  6. i love snow but that sure sucked for you.

  7. Unablogger is right, AAA is a life saver. Not to be confused with AA, which is also a life saver, but will not help you when your keys are locked in your car.

  8. Lazy ass kids by us don't even shovel their own driveways/sidewalks. Everytime there is snow I wish for them to come by, but it never happens.

  9. I often wonder how different it is down here in the south where the snow gets to barely 3 inches max in a season. Erectile dysfunction winter, I swear.

  10. @mind: Wouldn't that cost just as much, if not more? o.o Plus, I don't believe and taxis are in the area.

    @Unablogger: I don't really pay for my car insurance right now, since I am unemployed and all, so it is up to my parents if they find it worthwhile. I'll talk to them about it.

    @James: i was hitting the door-side electric lock, and thought I hit unlock while wearing a glove. Needed to start it to warm it up for a bit since the kids shoveling needed it moved to shovel my spot out. When I went back after it warmed up for a bit, found it was locked and started to curse.