Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm thinking of including more updates related to the odd games that have no real website for help. These mainly pertain to BYOND games because most of those games don't have help pages at all, or won't go in depth because of spoilage. I don't mind spoiling games so much since some things you can have no clue how to find unless someone tells you or stumble upon it by accident.

This came to me when I realized how much my Archipelago Remastered entry has been googled for help. That game has been going up and down for quite some time now, some with changes, some without. In fact, one changed BECAUSE of my guide telling people everything, haha. So if you see an entry out of the blue for a game you never heard of, don't mind me.

My next target is Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick. It has been getting repopulated lately, and I'm sure some people wouldn't mind some guide help. When I used to play, I actually drew up maps by hand to help direct myself. I figured I could scan some on here and let people use them as they see fit. If I was better at computer imaging, I would probably make a nice fancy image from it, but alas, I do not possess the programs or the skills. I might go into paint and draw up the paths since the maps were really simple (Seriously, just a bunch of lines and symbols to say what is a dead-end and what isn't). Couldn't hurt to do this to attract a few more people here, even just for gaming help.

I was thinking of including Neopets for help, but a lot of people got it covered in much better detail than I do, so there's no reason to intervene there.

For people who don't know, BYOND is a gaming engine that supports many people's fangames of other games, anime, books, and more. I have mentioned these in passing among different entries. I've played and seen Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Warrior (of course), and many others. In fact, one interesting one, called NEStalgia bases itself off many different video games to make one awesome story. Unfortunately, I never could get much into it, so I likely won't talk of that. I stoppedp layign BYOND after awhile because so many games became "Subscribers (people who donate money) > Non-Subscribers." Felt like Ragnarok Online private servers all over again.

If anyone has played BYOND games or is googling right now and stumbled across this entry and want to share some insight on games, by all means feel free to comment or send a personal message to me. If we can help the gamers more, I'm all for it.


  1. Never heard of it before, but that NEStalgia one has me interested. Trying to find it now.

  2. Never encountered them but 10/10 for public service. (-:

  3. Never heard of that before, Should check it out when I get the chance.

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