Sunday, December 5, 2010

A new month means internet problems.

Every first of the month, our router starts to give us internet trouble. It is pretty much an accepted thing; we know it is coming and there is nothing we can do to fix it. I believe it is because it has trouble comprehending the IP renewal or something, but fuck I don't know much about computers. The more obvious thing is the router is old and we probably should get a new one.

We won't get a new one because it still works the rest of the month. Besides, it's mainly the wireless connection that has problems. What this means is my sister and I will have a hard time connecting to the internet since we use our laptops (mostly; she only has her laptop, i still have my old desktop computer). Sometimes this problem effects the desktops, but to a much lesser degree than the laptops have. Usually one simple restart and the desktops are fine. So as such, I have been making a few entries in advanced in case I am unable to update on the fly.

If the wire reached about a foot more, I would probably opt to have that plugged into my laptop instead of my desktop. As of right now, I have a rather comical situation with my computers: My desktop is old, so its computer operations are slow. However, because of it being a wired connection to the internet, its download/upload speed is fast, perhaps too fast for itself. My laptop is more up to date and is mostly fast with its computer applications. However, wireless connections suck (I've ALWAYS hated them, but settled when I got a laptop) and get interrupted signals at times causing lesser speeds of downloads. Even worse, my laptop is extremely likely to overheat if too many resource-heavy applications are on, so movies, clips, and such have to be quickly done.

I once actually pitted my laptop against my desktop in a download race with the same clip on youtube. I laughed when my desktop, despite its slow computer handling, downloaded the whole clip while the laptop was only halfway done. Kind of a shame too, but I suppose it's a fair price for portability. It sucks that I can't play as many games on my laptop either thanks to it overheating and shutting down so much. I blame my crappy laptop cooling unit thing and the brand of laptop.

Replace "ice" with "Acer"
If you ever go laptop shopping, avoid the Acer products. I am glad I have my laptop and all, but it definitely was not a great one. I even googled up the series of my laptop, and many complaint of the upperleft corner of it overheats too often. One of my fans must have broke because of it so it autoshuts down now when it gets to hot. I literally have to feel the corner every now and then to make sure it won't overheat when I play a few games on neopets or watch a clip on youtube. I have designated my desktop as the primary video/sound viewer now, but try to play games on my laptop when I can; desktop is utterly slow and laggy with them.

And for those curious, my laptop is this: Acer Aspire4730Z


  1. My router drops the ball on DHCP occasionally. About time I sprang for a new one anyway. It's easier than working out what's miss-configured on the old box.

  2. im using a new d-link gigabit router... the wireless isn't nothin to shake a stick at, either.

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh the magic of the internet connection its now the public enemy number 1 for all the users

  4. I have a sketchy router too... I totally feel your pain. Might be a good idea to get a new one anyway just to relieve some stress =P

  5. That is strange that it only happens at the start of each month. Are you sure it's not your ISP?

  6. We have a desktop at home that connects wirelessly. Always fails on us. I asked to get our whole work wired and they finally let us do it.

  7. @Classically trained Nub: Yes because the wired computers have no problem after day 1 while wireless ones take forever to fix themselves. A friend of mine recommended resetting each month to help it, though it doesn't work too often.