Sunday, November 21, 2010

What can I say, life keeps me busy these days.

So on Thursday-Friday, I went to see the Midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. It was an excellent representation of the book, save a few things here and there. I won't be spoiling anything in case of people who don't read the series and haven't seen the movie yet, but will be speaking broadly of the things I liked and disliked. If that bothers you, shuffle along. To those who seen this already and know what I am talking about, feel free to comment, but please speak broadly as well.

One of the better things they did was make certain deaths even more meaningful. A first death had been originally quite pointless in the book, but in the movie, it was given much more meaning then just "LOL, oops random death!" The other death that was given more meaning already had meaning, but instead dramatized it more in the movie. That is not too surprising, typical tactic of movie makers, but I was happy it was done.

A not so great thing about the movie is that some parts of the movie may confuse people who did not read the book. They even added a scene that may make the viewer think something is going on when it certainly was not. To those who have not read the book but would like to see the movie sometime, you may be confused as to how they came across certain information, and even unfortunately, have no idea what is going on at one point. It was a bad emission error on the directors' fault.

There are some point in the movie that just don't make much sense as to why they changed it. One guy was supposed to die, but instead was just stunned. I imagine they have a bigger plan for him in Part 2, perhaps give his death more meaning than it did in the book just like the first death I mentioned. They also were supposed to have a small party for Harry's birthday, but omitted that as well. I understand cutting things for time, but I think a small service should have been given to show how much Ron's family is essentially Harry's extended family. Ah well, one touching moment was made up by the meaningful deaths.

Overall, I loved it SOOOOO much better than the last movie. It followed the book nicely, and the changed parts were mostly fitting (except perhaps those mentioned, but it is minor). Book fans should not be disappointed.

Also: I have not forgotten about the questions in the DJ post. Feel free to still ask questions upon that, I shall answer them in another post. Please forgive the 2-day absences as of late, trying to get a job and fix my school situation have been quite trying. I'll mention about those another time as well. :)


  1. Excuse me while I say the obligatory:


    Ok, now that that's out of my system I'm glad that you liked the movie but I doubt I'll be going to go see it. The Potter series lost its appeal to me after the 4th book. :(

    Even though I did buy and read all of them...

  2. Good post but I really doubt I will see the new movie lol

  3. I'm glad they didn't follow the book too slavishly. The first film made that mistake.

  4. I'm sorry, i didnt read it because I dont want spoilers :o

    glad to see you went to support JK Rowling though. Maybe someday she can buy me a castle!