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NEStalgia: Holiday Events

Decided to make this a new page for a NEStalgia Mini guide. I'll be putting all holiday-related event guides for NEStalgia on here. It's going to start out small, but as more events go on, we'll have more and more to add. Just like my other guides, this will be image heavy.

CONTENT: If this post gets too long or you are impatient, you should be able to simply use ctrl+f (or whatever function your browser uses to search a page) the title of the content you are looking for to find it.
  • Easter Event
    • Choco Bunnies
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Ether Bunny
    • Easter Prizes
  • Steamonia
    • Green Light Monsters
    • QUEST: Infringement
    • QUEST: Green Lights
    • Steamonia Tower Map
    • QUEST: A Battle For Recognition

Choco Bunnies insert themselves into the many different monster battles all over the world. They act like Metal Slimes do in the Black Sanctum; that is, they have 5 health, high defense, and can run away. A normal hit from magic or physical attacks will usually result in just 1 damage. While they get into every battle, it seems they are more prominent in over-world battles rather than dungeon related battles, and some areas have them pop up more than most.

The easiest way to kill a Choco Bunny is using instant death attacks, such as Coin Flip or Smite. Other methods include using damage over times skills such as Leech, Simmer/Shiver/Sizzle, Poison, bleed, or relying on multi-hitting skills like a double hit from a ninja. Some even sleep it so if they are fast enough, they can essentially get two free turns (the wake up phase and the possible run away phase).

When you manage to kill a Choco Bunny, you get an Ether Holiday Mystery Prize which can be various different items.

The quest is located in front of Ardan castle. Talk to the guy in the jester hat (the one my character is facing)
in order to receive the quest. There are a total of 12 egg locations that I know of at this time, but you only need 9 to turn in the quest.

Locations are depicted in the image above where my wizard or merchant is (center of screen), and described below. If you need to see the image better, click it.

  1. Town of Verity in the center of the mazey forest.
  2. Town of Nanuk in Arctic; skate down and into the skater.
  3. Town of Ardan, Near the Ear chain quest and towards the front of the town
  4. Pirate Cove of Piatta; Underneath the ship of the sneak quest
  5. Town of Bedoe, left cave entrance's secret passage.
  6. Town of Balzackia, inside the Balzackian prison, top-center cell.
  7. Colleseum-Crypt secret entrance behind the inn, the tunnel's secret passageway.
  8. Rehgor's Cave in Ennar; inside Rehgor's room
  9. Town of Ennar, south west of town near west secret chest.
  10. Town of Piatta; the center of town's rock formation.
  11. Piatta-Bedoe Cave; located in beginning near the first secret passage way (After opening the magic door, go left near the little cave lake)
  12. Wood Maze of Balzackia; secret shop. (Directions to it are: North, West, North, North, East)
For turning in the Easter Egg Hunt quest, you get 750 experience, and a Holiday Mystery Prize.

After you collected all the eggs and hand in the Egg Hunting quest, you get a quest to defeat the Ether Bunny. The bunny is a rather tough fight. It summons eggs to help it out in battle, and when 4 or more eggs are present, a barrier comes up to protect the Ether Bunny. The barrier wipes out any status effects or DoT spells you had on it before, with exception to the sleep spell. 

I took liberty in labeling the picture so when I refer to each egg, you know which I mean.

Stats on them all are as followed:
  • Ether Bunny - 1800HP | Normal Element | 25 resist on all elements
  • Blue Egg - 225 HP | Storm element | 80 resist on storm, 10 resist on Fire and Ice
  • Striped Egg - 225 HP | Ice element | 80 resist on ice, 10 resist on Fire and Storm
  • Yellow Egg - 225 HP | Fire element | 80 resist on fire, 10 resist on Ice and Storm
The rabbit can stun everyone, physically hit all, or magically hurt everyone with a spell (unknown elemental property), as well as single hit attack a person.

The eggs can single target attack someone, cast a single target spell on them (unknown element), and if they reach around 80 hp left, kamikaze.

When you complete this quest, you receive 1500 experience and a Holiday Mystery Prize.

So all of the quests and features seem to give out these Holiday Mystery Prizes. When opened, you can get various easter dyes (guild and character), gold, mediums seeds, and even a Choco Bunny Egg for a monster companion! Here's the list of prizes I've found/know of so far.

  • Ether Bunny Dyes 1-4
  • Ether Bunny Guild Cape Dyes 1-4
  • Bunny Ears Mask
  • 816, 840, 854, 959, 1180, 1194 Gold
  • Choco Bunny Egg
  • Strength Seed (Medium)
  • Agility Seed (Medium)
Steamonia is more likely a one time event to promote NEStalgia to make the move over to Steam.. It involves a tower that has monsters featured from various Steam games, such as Team Fortress, Half Life, and features a Portal-like puzzle to scaled the tower. Once at the top after completing a quest or two, you need to face King Gabe, who is based off real life co-founder of Valve, Gabe Logan Newell.
The monsters in the tower scale to your level, so anyone can participate in the event. Instant death spells seem to work really well against them in general, especially the skill, "Darker Tears" if it has a boosted chance to work. Defiled One and Dark Specter companions have these skills.

Green Light Monsters
Similar to Choco Bunnies in the Easter event, there are Green Light monsters that will be injected into battles at random all around the world. They have attributes similar to Metal Slimes, where they have about 5 health, can't take more damage than 1 with skills and attacks, and can run away from battle. Defeating one of them will net you a Steamonia Mystery Prize!

QUEST: Infringement
Quest objective is to kill 15 Noggin Crabs, located in the tower. A very simple quest, one can do it right next to the 10-gold healer nearby. Noggin Crabs can pinch away your will/rage/mp, gnaw and confuse you, or just attack. Noggin Crabs are a reference to the Headcrabs from halflife.
Other monsters include Smooker, a zombie based on Smoker from Left 4 Dead, and Spy, from Team Fortress. There's also a monster from portal based on the Companion Cube from Portal, Heavy Chest, located in some chests in the tower.

For Completing this quest, you get a Steamonia Mystery Prize, which holds various different prizes such as medium seeds, special event dyes and masks, gold, and more!

QUEST: Green Lights

Quest objective is to go around the tower, lighting all the torches along the way. Once you complete this quest, you receive a Steamonia Mystery Prize and open up the next quest. 
I made a map to help you navigate the tower a little easier. It doesn't give you the solutions, but should make things a little easier to plan your route. You may want to click or open the image up in a new window for better detail.

The ghosts on fifth floor can send you back to the bottom, canceling any open portals you have, if you get caught by them. Use your portals wisely to get passed them.

Steamonia Tower Map

QUEST: A Battle For Recognition
After lighting all the torches, this quest unlocks. You must scale the tower up to the fifth floor and go upstairs to face King Gabe himself! Gabe attacks twice each turn, but is rather slow. Can cast Half-Life, which halves the health of the entire party, he can hit the entire party wildly with a crowbar (light-medium physical damage), shoot a gun that does high magical damage to a single target (my cleric at 32 got 85 damage, zombie pet at 32 hit with 125 for example), as well as normally attack.

If you beat him, one may receive a Heavy Chest item as a drop. For completing the quest, you receive a chocolate cake that you can't use in the tower, and disappears once you exit it. It's a little gag on the phrase "The Cake is a Lie." The real reward seems to be getting the Heavy Chest as a companion.

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