Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, Part 2

So my last entry was about the pains of Christmas, but there are some great joys to be had around the time too. Seeing your family and friends faces when they get a gift they want, the wonderful decorations and lights... ... ...And of course getting things! I don't mean that last part selfishly,  but it certainly is nice.

My mother complains people aren't in the Christmas spirit as much this year... It makes me think, what really is the Christmas spirit? Everyone has their own take on what Christmas means to them. Some find it to be a time to get free stuff, some just wish to make someone's day brighter with a gift, others it is a religious time, and some just see it as another day. There is no one answer to what Christmas is, despite anyone's beliefs. For a history lesson, check this out.

There have been some really nice Christmas times for me as well as more depressing ones too. One that sticks out that makes me laugh when I think about it was when I was really young. I was the typical, "I hate clothes as presents," kid. We were opening presents and I kept getting clothes in a row. I threw a hissy fit, and said I won't open the last one cause it looked like another clothing box. Dad mentioned to mom, "well we do need a gift for them to open in front of my grandparents, we'll just have him open it over there!" My great grandparents (father's side) didn't really buy gifts for us because I believe they were not exactly well off in money. My sister had to re-open a gift she had opened already for in front of them. When I opened the gift I was SO sure to be clothes, it was DOMINO RALLY!

My parents laughed at my shock, and I think that made my great grands thrilled with my reaction, haha! 

On the flipside, there was a Christmas where my "big gift" was something I did not want and my mom really thought I would want so much. It was a deluxe keyboard with a stand and little minibench to sit as you play. When I was a lot younger, I wanted one but as I grew older I stopped caring to have one, and I hadn't asked for this in years. I felt really bad I didn't have any desire for it. I might have played it twice or so but really didn't play it much at all. I much later told mom how sorry I am but I really didn't have my heart on this and that disappointment I saw killed me. It would have been a lot worse had I told her after I just opened it but I let her down over time. In the end, the minibench came in handy as I use it all the time in my room to hold things and such.

This morning, my family and I exchanged gifts. My sister got a purple shirt and some purple pants, and mom said they could go together. My sister told mom if she wore this out to the mall, she would be dubbed the crazy purple lady, which just set us all off in laughter. I got a lot of shirts this year since my style pants seems to always sell out or get discontinued... One shirt my mom got me looked like a special ed child's shirt. I don't think i could wear it ironically either.

I'm happy to have gotten Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye for wii now! I'll be playing them like mad for awhile, haha. :)


  1. Special Ed shirts are the height of fashion.

  2. I don't really know what the Christmas Spirit is either :( I do know that I haven't really felt it in years. Some years are better than others like you said. It all depends I guess.

    Dat Special Ed shirt. Just put it towards the back of the closet and only wear it on occasion when you're just sitting around the house doing nothing. That way your mom sees you wearing it on occasion and wouldn't get upset.

    I haven't played Goldeneye but Donkey Kong Country Returns is a barrel of fun :D I bet you'll enjoy playing it :D

  3. Gr8 story :) Merry X-mas mate!

  4. christmas spirit is all about how jesus died for us remember?

  5. Merry belated Christmas :3

    >When I opened the gift I was SO sure to be clothes, it was DOMINO RALLY!

    Aww yeah. That must have been a pleasant surprise!

    Enjoy GoldenEye and the KONG.

  6. Awesome dominoes, I played the shit out of dominoes when I was a kid.

  7. @James: Nah, mom was okay with taking this one back. She is fine when it comes to these small guesses on being wrong. She only had 2 bad out of many more which were not bad.

    @Invangrantly: Technically this was a pagan holiday before it was celebrated about jesus. However, I am not here to debate that. I WOULD argue though, that ALL holidays are what you make of them, therefore the meaning of Christmas is what you make of it. I respect your view on it, but disagree that it is the only acceptable meaning of Christmas.

    @Chiyo: You have no idea. :D