Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey DJ!

Sorry for lack of posts, but trying to re-read this book again has proven to be trying on me. Not because it is not interesting, but because I've had to handle a few more things to organize my life more as of late.

While filling out applications, I asked for some advice from my family members what sort of references I should put down, and they suggested I should put down the time I was an internet DJ. I haven't been putting it down since I never was exactly paid, I just received a few perks here and there.

A few years back, I was really into Maple Story. Scary into it, to the point of how you hear of WoW obsessions except it did not interfere TOO much into my normal life, just all my spare time and sleep. I usually played music on my computer while I played, but I got tired of my music and needed to hear some new music. I used to listen to anime radio but got tired of it repeating the shame shit over and over, but then saw an advertisement for a radio station in Maple Story. It was unofficial of course, but I checked it out and liked what I heard.

Over a period of time, I noticed a lot of dead-air times for it, so I decided why not volunteer to be a DJ? There wasn't a DJ for my server, I liked to get new music, and I was around enough to dedicate some time to it, so why not? Two days after sending in an application, I was looking through my e-mail and notice no reply. I went through my spam folder since back then I used to check it, and noticed an e-mail from the owner of the station. He requested an interview... which ended up being in 30 minutes from when I read it! I hurried up, installing skype and thinking of what I would say... Long story short, i got the job.

The station averaged around 40-300 listeners a day, depending who was listening and depended if people dead-aired the place or not. I ended up being pretty popular solely on the fact I was the first and only DJ of my server. I gained several friends and a lot of help from strangers. Some gave me in-game money, others provided me with help in quests and such. The in-game money was the better part of it, along with just people to chat with while monotonously training. I also enjoyed delving into new music. A shame things started to get bad along with the good.

The owner decided to expand the radio station by adding two more channels. This was just a bad idea because all it would do (and did) was spread the listeners out, not gain more listeners. In the long run, it wasn't a horrid decision, as it did provide listeners 3 different DJ styles. But then he wished to expand further by adding more (useless) channels. A channel dedicated to asian music? Seriously? I don't know what happened to it since that was around when i started to fade off, but that was just horrible.

At one point, I became a pseudo Human Resources person. Some fights broke out among the many DJs, so i made an effort to find out why and try to solve the problems. In general, all I did was play baby sitter; not only was i one of the few DJs who were over 20 years old, but most the DJs were from 14-17. Yeah... The restricted age was 16, but a few underage people lied about their ages so they could be a DJ. If we found out later and they proved to be competent enough, they stayed though. Some were good DJs but horrible co-workers. Not surprising, seeing as they were in high school, therefor brought in the high school drama. "He said my music sucks!" "She keeps kicking me off when I'm DJing!" Petty squabbles indeed.

I could go on about other petty details I can remember, but I believe I'll then be listing as if it were a history book and not as an interesting tale. I'll leave things open for your guys to ask questions about this and I'll answer them tomorrow in another entry. I ended up leaving the radio station by... no longer DJing and disappearing. I was a "Seasonal DJ" which meant I would DJ when school would allow it, but that didn't last long either. I just stopped caring about Maple Story by then and hated hearing the same music over and over. People asked for the same music all the time it was maddening. Made me hate Dragonforce, Linkin Park, and Breaking Benjamin.

Fun Fact: I did go back to Maple Story for another half-a-year run when the Pirate class first came out, but I did not return to DJing. In fact, i went on a separate server and gained friends whom helped me more than the DJ job did (except I got less free money, but more old equipment and opportunities for legendary runs).


  1. If it is relevant to the job, I would put that down. I've always wanted to have an internet radio show, but no idea what I would do it on. My interests jump around too much.

  2. Hmm I never played maple story. Kind of neat that they had DJs in game. One thing that got lame about WoW after playing it so long was that the music became quite redundant, and I started to just run iTunes in the background.

    Sorry, I have no questions, but that was a neat story and I'm glad people repaid you for your efforts. I used to be super generous in wow because I was quite rich :) Paid a kid 7k gold for like 4 hours of help once XD

  3. I played maple story once but never really liked it.

  4. Oh man Maplestory. Sometimes I have the urge to go back and play again. And then I remember how much of my time it sucked up and how repetitive it was.

    That being said, I'm still looking for other MMOs to try.

  5. Never knew the world of DJing was so popular.

  6. This was actually the most interesting thing I read on blog spot in awhile. Who knew that DJing for Maple Story could be such a task! I would defiantly put that down on resumes because it shows that even though you did not get any money, you were dedicated to the job. I can understand hating some of the music people were requesting too.

    Did you only do requests or did you actually have times where you just said "Screw the fans, I wanna hear this."?