Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time (w/ some Neopets images cause I'm a dork)

In case I am not on for Christmas Eve or Day, Merry Christmas to everyone! If you don't celebrate it, well, happy whatever-the-fuck-holiday-you-celebrate-or-don't-celebrate.

I had been working on ideas to write about Christmas time in general... mainly the things that sicken me, heh. But I started feeling that would not be in true Christmas spirit, and tried to think of something else. Then I just said to hell with it and started typing up shit and hoped it made sense.

During the holiday season, there is a lot of shit you have to put up with. Shopping usually is one of the bigger piss offs since there are so many factors involved with it. First you have to travel to the store, which depending your mode of transport, causes hellfuck problems. If you walk or bike it, you will likely be freezing and also have a hard time bringing some presents home. If you drive, you get the holiday rush of traffic with so many idiots, it takes forever to get to the store of your choice you are already put in a bad mood.

I mad.

Then there's the parking. Oh god, the parking! Finding a spot is almost always a hassle, and then there are jerks who snipe your spot like an auction. Not to mention, if you are leaving and managed to have gotten a somewhat decent parking spot, people will fight over your spot, trapping you.

I getting madder
I usually settle on the first parking spot I see and deal with a long walk if a parking lot looks like a battlezone. I've had assholes box me in because they both wanted my spot as I was leaving, however. Eventually they backed off, and I tried to make it so the car I saw behind me first would get the spot (by blocking the other guy as I got out).

Ok, so you endured the travel and parking, now the fun part: shopping! Maybe you have a list or maybe you still don't know what you want to get someone. Either choice is a handful. The store could have it sold out so making you go to more stores, recycling some other past piss-offs. Or the store could have it but as you are about to get it, someone grabs the last one JUST before you get to it. I've seen worse, though. People will play tug of war with the items, steal from your cart if you look away for one second, assault you outside the store for a particular item, and more.


What's that? You can avoid most of this with just, SHOPPING ONLINE?! Great idea! Just that a lot more people have thought of that, so you can just as easily get sniped, online places could still sell out, or worse, orders could be screwed up delaying or terminating your items, and eventually have to go to the store ANYWAY with the frustration built up from unsuccessful online shopping. But you also might luck out and everything goes for you, and you just relax and sit your fat ass on the couch.

Besides shopping, there also is social things such as an office or friend's party, dealing with your family/families, and so on. There's usually at least that one unpleasant relative you can't stand to be around, if not many family members.

For me, it's mainly the aunts that are a problems. 2 of them aren't really bad, just can be loud mouthed so I can usually deal, but another two are incredibly bad. First there is my "holier-than-thou" aunt who needs to be heard of all the things going on in her life and how things are so GOOD FOR HER! And then she will criticize on you or your family's shortcomings. She also likes to bring up the fact that just because she goes to church SOMETIMES (lol, yes, sometimes) she is much more spiritual and in tune with the lord and whatever. My family isn't religious really... I believe my mother believes in different paths to god and doesn't need to show up in a place or actively be apart of rituals to be apart of a faith, father is probably the same to a lesser degree... And my sister and I are essentially some sort of agnostic-variation that I don't feel like getting into (I've already made a Religion related post in the past and not ready to make another). And on this side of the family, we are the only ones that don't have someone going to church, therefore get criticized for it every now and then.

The other aunt I have less problems with than "Miss Holy" since her daughters (my cousins) are close with me and are good friends, she just likes to pick fights with her siblings, causing general problems. I should really describe my two families in detail sometime, and maybe I shall.

I think this entry is long enough and continue more about christmas tomorrow.


  1. I know what you mean! Christmas time shopping is the worst =(
    Merry Christmas though!

  2. i sed fuck it this year, no presents for anyone but my kids :) great stress reliever

  3. sometimes i wonder why we waste money buying gifts that aren't appreciated...

  4. My aunts are both a continent away - in opposite directions so not a worry.

  5. I stick to the online shopping, I'd just as soon not deal with the unwashed masses at the stores. I always get stuff cheaper that way, too.