Monday, December 6, 2010

Law and Order

First want to mention I am still working on my "obscure gaming" tips and guides, but probably will sit in my drafts for awhile. I attempted to recreate my drawn maps in paint, and said, "fuck it" after awhile. Besides the fact my drawn maps are not to scale and just are directional, it takes FOREVER to recreate it by hand. I'll likely just scan the maps themselves. To give you guys an idea of how they are done, I'll post up a simpler map recreated in paint (one that won't make me want to kill babies) in a future post.

Anyway, the point i really wanted to talk about was of the testing facilities I am apart of. When I was younger, my parents had me join a testing place where they wanted kids imput and I would get paid money for my time. Unfortunately, i was not a typical kid, so I suppose they lost interest in me. I remember they were trying to make a new cartoon series and were asking us of our opinion on the characters. Most the boys hated this robot character but liked this guy with an eyepatch. At the time, i found the robot to be fucking awesome and the eyepatch guy to be a bit creepy cause he lost his eye. That's all I can remember about it now, but there was more to it. I remember some years later the cartoon was on TV at an obscure time too, but it was so crappily done. I do not remember the name, btw, but it was similar to an oldschool anime made in USA with a little hint of Hannah Barbara cartoons.

Getting off track of what I wanted to talk of...

Fastforward many years later, my friends tell me of testing places looking for people and helped me get signed up. I signed up to this one place by their recommendations and I found another nearby thanks to one of the forums I frequent mentioning them. I had some cool offers that I unfortunately was not eligible for thanks to my odd interests, but I have been eligible to do some surveys (which gives you points to exchange for amazon giftcards; a small but okay award). I had a recent one I was qualified for and found so interesting, I wished to share it. I am kicking myself for not saving the story as you can't go back to it after completing.

It was of a court case malpractice thing. A woman had been having trouble conceiving with her husband but finally managed to! Unfortunately some weeks later she miscarried, so went to her doctor to find out ways to improve their chances. The doctor found a problem in her vaginal area and went in to take care of it. While in there, they had made a small incision somewhere by accident or otherwise unintended. In bold print, this survey mentioned both parties agreed this was not negligent as it was one of those things bound to happen in this sort of surgery.

Some time after the surgery when she was let home, she started experiencing some really bad pains. She called the doctor, who said to take some more motrin, as this pain was normal. Hour later the pain was still there, she called again. He kept telling her there was no need to come in, what she was experiencing was normal, and just to take more painkillers. The next day she was in excruciating pain and had some other bad symptoms showing up (can't remember them all), so she went right to the emergency room and they found that the small unintentional incision from the previous surgery had cause the problem and one area was leaking out into other areas and other such messes. They operated and were able to have her recover, but because of all that, she was told that she would not be able to conceive in the normal fashion, and other pregnancy methods would have to be used to just give her a CHANCE at having kids. (Summation: No sex for babies, unlikely chance other methods will work, but they might) It mentioned the couple had planned to have 4 kids.

The survey then went on to say that both parties agreed this qualified for negligence lawsuit, not because of the incision thing, but because the doctor would not take her in to look at her (or so I surmised). The questions they wanted me to ask was based only on this information, how much compensation should this woman get for this, excluding economical reasons (which I took as medical bills excluded), so the value would be based on pain and suffering, mental anguish and so forth. They gave choices with the lowest option at 5-25k and highest option being over a million dollars.

I chose a middleground of 200-500k, with in mind of it being a LOW 200k range (like 210 or so). I gathered that first comes the physical pain she had to go through which was already 100k in my book, then mental anguish of the possibility of not being able to give birth to a child which lopped another 50k or so based on 4 kids planned plus the general idea of not able to have kids. Then thought of the whole doctor not taking her in when she called a second time, on principle, and figured in around 60k. There might have been a few other factors I can't remember but those were my thoughts. I generally keep a middle road because I know sometimes people ask for way too much or companies try to lowball them with way too little.

After that question, it asked if I had found out they managed to conceive one child thanks to invitro, would I change my amount awarded to her? I said yes but very little, and chose the minus 5-25k option, with intent of making the amount 190k-201k range. They planned for more kids, which they might not be able to get they way they intended. At least they have adoption if they choose to, which i think the doctor should have to pay at least partially for (though something tells me they rather have their "own" kids. Selfish somewhat, but better then giving an orphan an unwelcome home to live in again I suppose... maybe...).

Survey then asked if people are to litigous in today's society (I agreed), and then asked if I was for this law trying to be passed to restrict or limit people's ability to sew others, which I said no. A law like that just would cause as many problems as there is now. If it just was a law to limit but not restrict, I might partially agree... but there are bad doctors and businesses out there, they need to have something to fear. Maybe restriction based on how much the company makes in profits and salaries?

Feel free to share your opinions on this and how I responded. I am curious of what others think. My sister, for instance, said she should get 250k and all medical bills related to this issue paid (she didn't believe economical reasons meant what I thought it meant. If it didn't mean excluding bills, then i agree with her on that part).


  1. don't let stuff sit in drafts, throw it out there, let it be good or let it stink, but air it out and let the world decide.

  2. I don't think new solutions are necessary, if we can get the ones already in place working. Supposidly, if someone with a medical license (or any license, really) has too many complaints, they lose said license and can no longer work in that field. However, due to loopholes in the system, this doesn't work.

  3. I think something in the range you describe is okay. It is very hard to practise medicine over the phone and you yourself are ultimately responsible for seeking emergency care