Monday, November 22, 2010

Update and response

First, I'd like to respond to the DJ entry.
-The job I am applying for really doesn't have much relevance to the DJ job, but it probably will help to show I have been active since I left Target.
-When it came to talk, i mostly read shout outs on air, but added my own flavor to it, such as talking about current things in the game. "Oh man, the lag has been SO bad lately!" "God this one person just won't shut up with the Smegas..." When that ran out, I would talk about myself since several people liked to hear about how I was doing.
-While I was DJing on a station devoted to Maple Story, it was NOT official. We kept trying to talk to Nexon about making us officially affiliated in some way but they ignored us. I heard back from my the owner a week ago that they are starting to recognize the station NOW, though, but I don't know much more info on that.
-At first i took requests and mentioned if I didn't have a song, I'd find a way to get it another time. Then, tired of filling up my computer with songs I hated, I said, "No, I will not play songs I hate. If I can stand the song and I have it, i shall play it." I even started making lists of songs that I have, and artists or songs I won't play. I also mentioned I won't play the same song within an hour's time, because that just got on people's nerves. I would sometimes instead play the same artist but a different song of theirs if repeat requests happened. A few people got upset with me about that, but majority either loved that or didn't care.Most people loved that I would take their shout outs almost always.

I been having a problem with Amazon again, but this time with my customer account. I canceled my credit card recently because I simply can't afford to keep it around being a temptation when I am needing money so badly, so I can only pay by e-check/paypal. Whenever I tried to order something from Amazon, however, as soon as I clicked the "process order" part of the website, it would redirect me to select a payment, but no error messages. Tried several times, then tried on two different computers. My laptop with vista and firefox failed first, my desktop computer with windows XP and firefox failed, and my parents' Mac with safari failed, so I knew it wasn't a computer issue. I e-mailed the Amazon support team twice, and TWICE they failed to help me. They both said it must be my internet cache or cookies causing problems...

Despite the fact that doesn't make sense since I tried on three separate computers, I attempted to follow their advice. On my laptop I cleared cookies/cache, rebooted, disabled any ad-blocking/script blocking programs and still nothing worked. So instead, I asked my sister to buy them for me on her account and I'd give her a check. Just sucks since my mother's birthday present has been delayed for so long because of them...

I had a vividly fucked up dream last night. Personally, I blame the alcohol I had last night, it almost makes my dreams very vivid and go to the darker corners of my mind. I'd rather not talk of the details, but let me just say it was like Harry Potter meets Law & Order: SVU, and it was uncensored and disturbing. Those two things should never come together.

Speaking of alcohol, I rarely, if ever, drink. Before last night, it had been 2 months since I let myself get light headed. I just enjoy not feeling stressed out so much sometimes, plus banana rum and sierra mist is really yummy. Flip side is that the enjoyment has a price. First, as disgusting as this is, it makes me very gassy, so I'll be belching and breaking wind without wanting to. And it won't even be a relief either, I feel like my throat and ass are on fire. Second, of course, is the hang over. I don't drink to get drunk, but sometimes i go a little too far. I never had to puke my brains out, but I'll feel tired and wobbly later. Luckily, I was able to just sleep it off this time. Finally, it makes it easy to go to sleep, BUT it won't last long. I'll wake up 3 hours in and unable to fall asleep cause my mind keeps drifting and I'm in that middle of hangover and drunk. I also drink alone because one of my friends isn't 21 yet, another I don't see much, and my best friend can't drink since it'll interfere with her medication. And drinking with my family is out because they are assholes when I drink. "HEHEHE, HE SLURRED! HAHAHA!" They are just jerks like that cause I don't drink that often and I am the youngest, I suppose.

I have been up Neopets's ass lately since the games and plot got me so stuck in it. Essentially has taken the role of MMORPG of me, despite it not being one. I recognize the addiction. but it's such a nice thing to just play and not always pay attention. In the future, don't be surprised if I get all happy about awards I get in the game, cause I can sense it coming.

I only need TWO MORE characters to beat Classic mode on intense with no continues on Smash Brothers brawl; Wario and Ganondworf. Thing is, they are probably my worst characters to play as. Seriously, I been trying and trying, but they keep dying early, or getting caught in something I saw coming but they are too slow or caught in an animation they can't get out of it. I will conquer it soon, and then I shall get through everyone on Boss Battles!

And with that, i leave you with a piss off message I got from neopets in a random event.
Fuck you bitch!


  1. We can be Neofriends or something! :D

    Really though, I'm just doing this so accompany my girlfriend until she gets bored. I'm trying to save up and turn my Shoyru into a turtle or something. :P

  2. "banana rum and sierra mist" - you deserve your hangover.

  3. Wow, I just got back into Neopets to because I missed some of the games on there, lol. I miss Brawl too. I traded it in awhile ago and have regretted it ever since. :( Good luck with those characters.