Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some of my presents this year.

I felt I would share with you some of the crazy shirts and pants and whatnot that i got for Christmas, perhaps including the "special ed" shirt. Note: It is not Special Ed from "Crank Yankers," but a shirt that reminds me as the clothing of someone in special education would wear.

I should also mention I tend to dress in what I believe is considered the punk style, and if that is incorrect wording, then let's just say not usual clothes. At least when it comes to pants anyways, i wear Tripp, parachute (very little) and UFOs. Just what I prefer. Now prepare for a nice image heavy post!

From "Problem Sleuth," I had to get these shirts!
Besides the fact the graphic is highly detailed, that's such a good phrase, haha
I just like that blood stain in the middle of the shirt.

Love it so much! Great reference to the whole stupid Twilight, "Team Edward/Team Jacob" shirts.
Gotta love classic Donkey Kong
Nice Mario group shot. Lol @ Wario being slightly off color
White tripp pants. I like the style.

^-Group shots of the spoils.  Not seen here: The blood-shot shirt. Also you see some of a pokemon poster in the image below's background! The striped pants are similar to the TrippPants, I just didn't feel like doing a separate shot of it.
I also took pictures of shirts I will be returning. Namely to show off the shirt that made me think of a special ed person.
Yeah, mom thought this fit me for when I lounge around the house, but I have plenty of pajama-designated shirts, I don't need another one.
The special ed shirt. Seriously, that color and smiley face? Screams for special people to wear. Bright colors and smiles.

I also had yet another shirt from my "holier than thou" aunt which was actually pretty good, but is currently in the wash. Yes, I actually wash new clothes before wearing them. :p The shirt depicted an artistically edited picture of an urban area that was pretty cool.

I had other clothes, but they were just pajamas and such which I don't care about the looks so no pictures. But yeah, I got so many shirts, I don't have an even amount of pants for them! I either have to start ridding some older shirts or get more pants haha. Another entry on that later though.


  1. Magnificent designs.

    >Yes, I actually wash new clothes before wearing them. :p

    I've never thought of doing that before!

  2. I always wash my new clothes before wearing them too... because I shop at Goodwill. Talk about special ed.

  3. I got that Donkey Kong shirt :D It's epic.

    Mario group shot needs more Princess Peach. My only complaint about it.

    The Smurf shirt isn't too bad. A little derpy but dealable. That smiley shirt, however, is retarded. Reminds me of something them hipsters would wear because it looks retarded and looking retarded is hipster now or something. I really don't know. It looks really derpy.

    Overall looks like you got some nice clothes for Christmas :D

  4. Haha I never wash clothes before wearing either...just never occurred to me =P

  5. i'm a special person, i should wear that shirt! seriously, it's a wicked shirt

  6. That smiley face t-short in cool, no i'm not a tard :P

  7. I like the last one. Guess I'm special.

  8. @James: Agreed, needs more Peach.

    @Das Auto: Haha, rock it on hard then!

    @Smile: Different strokes for different folks. :X

    @Sucio: Yes, you are special. But it's okay!