Sunday, November 14, 2010

An interesting dream

I was on an island running away from an unknown assailant along with 3 or 4 other people (only 3 were important). We managed to find a ladder down into this surprisingly well-lit tunnel, which was both sandy, yet water filled. We considered how were could get home safely. One suggestion was to write a note in a bottle and let it run down the watery part of the tunnel to hopefully someone down the way. However, down one bend of the tunnel we could plainly see the water hadn't a strong current. Two guys, one I'll name Brian who was a strong swimmer, and some wannabe punk kid I'll name Wayne decided to explore down further of the tunnel while this other guy (Let's call him Bob) adamantly said we should stay here near the ladder in case the water rises. I stayed with Bob, which proved to be boring. It made me think of one of those choose-your-own-adventure books, how some of them let you take a boring route and then make fun of you for taking such a boring path.

We heard some yelling from the distance, and a drenched Brian came to let us know Wayne found a way out. Bob put up some hissy fit saying the water might rise any second, so we should stay there, but when I went with Brian, he ended up following along (and maybe some unknown person our group that I seem to recall being there). We had to swim a portion of the way, but we made it out in a forest near some train tracks 

The place was almost jungle-like. There was an old rusty fence on the other side of the tracks and some vines hanging below it. We started walking along side the tracks, but Bob started complaining about if a train were to come by, some rocks near the tracks could shoot out and kill us. He also complained he was tired and wanted to go back to the tunnel. We also suddenly got a bunch of other nameless people apart of our group who echoed Bob's sentiments. For some reason, I had the idea of using the vines hanging near the rusted fence as a ways to hurry our movement forward. I ran up to the fence, climbed up it (which I recall hurting my hands because of some jagged ends), and then did some super cool awesome vine swinging. Within seconds I was more the 100 feet from the group. I yelled back at them to suck it up and try it. Then, for no reason. a bunch of army recruits came jogging by, as if this was a training course of some sort and I woke up.

I found the beginning of the dream interesting enough to write about, but as always, my mind makes a lot of nonsense happen or interrupts the process with me waking up. Where would we go next? What the hell happened to the person(s) chasing us? I think it could make an interesting scene of a story.


  1. I can't write about my dreams, they make no sense.

  2. that was pretty epic, would love to hear how the rest would go :)

  3. my dreams come to me in swag form

  4. Still makes more sense than most of my dreams. Half time time I'm jumping off buildings unharmed.