Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mr. Autodelete, a dream of mine turned story.

His name was Mr, Autodelete. I suppose he was the villain in this story, but yet he was a merciful one. He had no problem talking to me or other earthlings when we asked why he wanted to disrupt life on our planet; he simply had to. It was just a matter of survival.

The world had already known about it incoming demise, and so there was chaos. Many people traveled around the world trying to find some sort of salvation. Others accepted their demise and stayed in their homes, waiting for impending doom. My family, instead, was heading to the location where Mr. Autodelete would enter and destroy the rest of the undesired life on our planet.

Before the world knew of its doom, people could sense something wrong still. In the news, people were reported going crazy and then simply dropping dead. What they didn't know was it was part of an alien planet similar to ours absorbing the life out of the humans. Some other life was facing similar struggles, such as all birds, rodents, and bees. Dogs and cats seemed to be fine, and in plant life, trees seemed to be completely unaffected, but flowers were facing mass extinctions. The governments of the world claimed other nations were doing this to them with biological warfare, which is why certain life was fine, yet others were being wiped out. That did not exactly make sense. If a death occurred in public, none around would follow suit.

Before it all started, I was playing with my cousin, Kathleen. We were playing a puzzle game on the computer, when Mr. Autodelete found us. An elegant voice that sounded like it was full of pity greeted us. Kathleen thought we were on some voice chat website, and tried to click off the page, but the voice assured us it was not a human. Of course, why should we believe strange voices heard on the computer? I turned off the computer, a little scared I may have gotten a virus, but relieved it was over. That is until, the voice continued speaking.

"I am here to inform you that your planet will be suffering a mass extinction of its life," The voice spoke with a tinge of sympathy. "I am sorry that you are the first to know this, but I wished to make sure you knew in advanced so you may cope and enjoy the time you have left with your loved ones with you while you can."

Kathleen, clearly frightened, asked who was he. He said we probably could not pronounce his real name, so just call him, "Mr. Autodelete." It seemed fitting enough to him. He probably took the word off the computer and arbitrarily made it his name. I asked him why did he want to kill us all. He had a small laugh, and said he desired not to kill everyone we knew and loved, but simply had too! We wished him to elaborate, but said he had others to alert, and simply to tell our family. He would be back at this same time tomorrow.

Of course, when we told our family and friends, no one believed us. "You probably just got a computer virus!" "You sure the radio wasn't on?" "Maybe you called someone by accident and they were messing with you!" We then told them we could prove it if they come over tomorrow around the same time we heard Mr. Autodelete's message. Our parents and my sister said okay, why not, and a few of our friends said they'd be willing to hear it, but many others said they would be busy. The next day came and we waited by my computer, hoping yet dreading Mr. Autodelete's voice.


  1. Wow this is scary. You should elaborate this into a short story.

  2. I only have nightmares and wet my bed often.

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