Friday, October 1, 2010

Random things.

Been awhile since I threw a comic on here. So here!

Great Grandma was placed in a regular room yesterday, and is on the road to recovery. She'll be able to go home.. ...eventually anyway. It might be awhile, but it's a positive thing, I suppose.

Tonight is my usual DDR night (Dance Dance Revolution), so to speak. Actually, it's more like, ITG night(In The Groove, a more customizable and difficult version of DDR). I like to play it at least once a week to get myself some exercise. Since a friend of mine usually can get me free games, it's a source of free entertainment and exercise. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but it's better than sitting to play video games, and a bit more fun than normal exercise. Good cardio work-out, haha.

Got a bit of a headache and my left eye has been twitchy at times. I wonder if it's because of how much I am in front of the computer, heh. It happens occasionally, usually in spring, so I'm going to make a guess it is due to allergies with all the rain and weird heat we been having.

I entered a Dragon Quest 9 "Fashion Show" on a Dragon Quest fansite for a chance to win DQ9 action figures about a week or two ago. Out of the 4 characters I submitted, only one made it to the finals. A shame it ended up in 5th place... 2 more votes could have gotten it to 3rd, enough for an action figure.

 These are the four I entered: The Poor Hero, Untitled (Two above, left to right),  The Pimp, and Vivi-alike (Two below). Only the Pimp made it to the final round.

I don't think I really mentioned this often, but I actually am quite the avid Dragon Warrior/Quest fan. Played the game series since I was 5 or 6, one of the first video games I played. Even played two of the versions that didn't make it to the USA in full Japanese using a walkthrough as a guideline. Though now one of those two have made it to the USA on the DS, and rumor of the other coming soon.

I been playing Dragon Quest 9 since it came out until recently, where I started getting back into fire emblem games (Let's Play's of them made me want to try challenge/specialty runs, such as killing all story related characters, excluding main character). I suppose it is to be expected after playing the game so much that I'd want to play something else.

Speaking of other games, I was playing Archipelago Remastered on BYOND, but got bored of it quickly. I got my revenge on people that were assholes to me when I was new, and pretty much got nothing much else to do now, haha.

Yeah this update was all over. Just had a lot of different things to say without any real reason. :P


  1. dude, you should have posted here and asked for help! it might be possible to reach the 1st place.

  2. I should try and start up dragon quest myself.

  3. @Naj: The way the contest was run, anonymous people couldn't vote, only people that have been to the forum for awhile was allowed to vote. :X But I'll keep that in mind for any other future contests, haha.

  4. Well done DQ characters you have there. I'm still waiting to get around to Dragon Quest 1 for NES. It might be quite some time, but eventually, I've promised myself I'll play through that game. Another buddy of mine swears it's one of his favorite games ever.

    "Sleep heals all." :-)

  5. those characters are awesome

  6. Ha Nasty Plot :D The forum sucks too. The Pimp should've won hands down. :(

  7. whenever i hear DQ i think dairy queen. played dragon warrior on my 8-bit NES many moons ago...

  8. Twitchy eye and headache?

    That just means you need to get more sleep. :P