Sunday, October 24, 2010

Video share time!

I have been sitting on these videos for awhile. I'm sure many of you have seen at LEAST one of them, and if not... well I'm glad I was the first to show you them!

First one I am certain many of you have at least HEARD of. This was a news report of a very... what I will call negative stereotype of a black man talking about a rapist in the neighborhood. Someone decided to autotune his words into a song, which then had MANY people cover it, including a few professional singers (covers not seen in this video).

On with other auto-tuned new reports, this one is of a rather excitable woman recounting what happened during a robbery in a convenience store. This one I like a lot actually.

And now, unrelated to the previous videos, we have a Saturday Night Live skit of a guy who sings about the day. I love how random this one is.


I know not everyone either has time to view videos, or cares to see all videos, but I ask my followers to at least watch one of them. You should not be disappointed!


  1. i'm backin up backin up backin up backin up... COZ MY DADDY TAUGHT ME GOOD.

  2. Seen the first one, the second one makes me bow my head in second-hand embarrassment.

    Loved the last one, especially when you watch as his head slowly becomes more white. XD

  3. Seen a few of these before, they are good :)

  4. the first one about the raep... i first heard it on the radio. it was pretty funny, but the vid made it even funnier

  5. I love that first one. I remember seeing that recently and quoting the "You're so dumb" part about 1000 times XD

  6. Digital Shorts are always win!~ :D

  7. Ankiseth is right, the First one is the bomb and that part gets stuck in my head all the time.