Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TV Shows

Each television season, my family and I have certain shows that are always to be recorded on the DVR. Of course, my mother is the "master of the DVR" as it is her shows that always have priority. This TV season, I only have a few shows I really can't wait to watch.

Medium - I know this show gets a lot of criticism, which I guess because of how much of a feel-good show it is about death and the living. I have loved it ever since my mother got us all into it. This season has not disappointed me so far either. It's a hell of a lot more balanced than how the Ghost Whisperer tried a ghost related show. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Ghost Whisperer enough to watch it, but they threw way too many ideas about the afterlife that it got ridiculously juvenile. Medium keeps it mostly a mystery, besides dropping a few hints, which I think is how it is meant to be. I like the balance this show gives about family things, mysterious ghost related things, and even some crime/law themes as well. Not to mention, an assortment of different "powers." This season so far, there's been: a possessed hand, body switching, and a matchmaking ability. (All I can recall)

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - Every episode this season has been great! Fascinating to see the depravity of criminals and the poor victims that suffer through them (along with a faulty law system). Although they say the episodes never depict any true events, they certainly are sometimes BASED off true events. The viewer can usually tell it loosely bases it of existing scandals, such as an episode about a wealthy man who would donate time and money to children, and even have sleep-overs with them (based off the machael jackson children molestation scandals). There was even one episode's story my best friend said her cousin was involved in... negatively. It was one about a teenage boy getting money and gifts from adult men online as he did promiscuous webshows. he eventually got kidnapped or decided to move in with one of his viewers who raped him (or in the show, about to rape him, but that could have been again). My best friend said her cousin (who she was not close with anyway, it was only through distant marriage) was the one that had kidnapped the teenage boy in real life. He's in jail now for a long time.

House - Even though the episodes generally follow the same type of story arc (Patient with weird problems comes in, house makes snide comments, does something outrageous, it works somewhat, it looks like all hope is lost until something someone said in a conversation sparks the answer in house's head and the day is saved), I think I enjoy the show just to see how the characters develop, as well as see the weird symptoms of diseases. This season has Cutty and House in a relationship, which gets the viewer in a nice "dawwww" mood.

 Criminal Minds - This show surprised me at how much I liked it. Really got into the minds of murderers and scam artists, as well as got in your face about the violent acts. I remember one episode had shown a child get beaten on by an adult, put in a box, and thrown in a furnace, which greatly bothered me. The show also pulls at your heartstrings, such as a wife saying her last words to her husband on the phone as she gets killed before hanging up. The cast is remarkable too, a wide range of different people, my favorite being the gothic-style computer nerd, Garcia!

These are my must-watch shows of the season. I have another handful of shows that are... not MUST watch, but I watch as filler, but I'll mention those tomorrow. What are some of your "must watch" shows?


  1. Lol @ criminal minds. The computer nerd is always a goth, just like on NCIS rofl.

  2. Stargate Universe, that is all. :)

  3. I'll back House 'til the end of time.

  4. I've started watching Big Bang Theory and I must say I'm enjoying it.

  5. Some of my favorite shows there

  6. Community, South Park, and It's Always Sunny are three that I'll never miss. There are other shows I'll go back and watch at a later time like Breaking Bad, Dexter, House, etc., but usually I'm too busy. I'll ALWAYS make time for the first 3 shows, though.