Thursday, October 7, 2010

Horrible dream.

Had a very horrible dream the other night. As some of my earlier followers may know, I have a loose tooth problem and can't do anything about it. So of course, my mind decided to give me a nightmare to further my fear.

I was in the living room talking to my cousin, who was on my computer for some reason. I was telling her about my tooth problem when while talking I heard/felt a crunch in my mouth and pull out not just the offending tooth but several other teeth. I start going nuts while my cousin tries to think of what to do, but can only come up with to tell my parents and hopefully they can shell out the cash for a dentist. I head outside the house to the backyard where I apparently know where they are and tell them the situation. I had another bunch of teeth fall out and can feel the toothlessness in my mouth... Felt like every other tooth. I tell my parents (with no trouble speaking despite several teeth have fallen out), and they mention dentures, where I freak out. Then I woke up.

Upon waking up, I feel for all my teeth, feeling relieved it was just a dream... but also severely pissed off! I'm used to stupid nightmares with scares of monsters, murderers, or disasters in general... But playing off the fear of a disability or something... just fuck off


In other news, I have the house to myself for the next three days, which is nice. Had my best friend over and we watched a bunch of shows and played some smash which is why this entry is later than usual. Still, I look forward to having the house to myself for a few days.


  1. That hurt my mouth just reading that... that sucks man, go to bed on time or something, lol

  2. Dude, my grandmother had a dream like that. She was in a phone booth talking to someone and her teeth were falling out. Weird stuff.

  3. Sounds Horrid.
    MY dream last night was not being able to pick what kinda champagne i wanted. :D

  4. No more bad dreams. That shouldn't be a problem, though, as having the house to yourself will make you happy all day, leading to happy dreams. :-)

    A guaranteed 3 nights of good sleep.

  5. oh FUCK i HATE my dreams where i lose my teeth! those are some of the saddest dreams i ever have.

  6. Have you had any lucid dreams yet?

  7. My tooth hurt reading that :| Your dream was a dick.

    Enjoy having the house to yourself :D From my experience, it is awesome. Though when it is dark and there are noises it tends to creep you out though.

  8. lol! that was some messed up dreams!