Monday, October 11, 2010


As mentioned some weeks back, my great grandmother had a nasty fall, but managed to recover. About 15 minutes ago, I just got a call from my younger cousin telling me she passed out and was rushed to the hopsital. I spoke to my family to tell her the news when my cousin called back to tell me great grandma didn't make it. I'm heading over to the hospital now to be with my other family members. I suppose to grieve with them, though I must admit I'm not devastated by this news. Sad, yes, but nothing too far.

Off I go.


  1. to some extent, i know how you feel. still, my condolences man.

  2. aww i'm sorry to hear that hun! it always sucks when you lose a family member, my boyfriends nan passed away a few months ago from breast cancer and i was kinda close to her so it hit me hard :(