Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My mother's birthday is in two days and no one in my family knows what to get her. My dad, sister and I keep asking for ideas and she hasn't a clue. Normally, we get her jewelery, candy,  and things to help her MS, but we have plenty of candy around the house and she has plenty of jewelery. The only things I know that she wants is something we can't get; a dog.

Our landlord let us have a dog before, but only because of me. He felt that "every boy needs a dog" so he let us get one. My dog passed away some years ago, and that was the end of our allowed pets. Mom really could use a dog, and technically could get one medically, but first off, we rather not play that card on our landlord as he's been good to us over the years... and secondly, my dad apparently had an agreement with mom they wouldn't get a dog until we/they moved to another house. I don't understand the logic behind that really, but we just can't get a dog.

I started thinking of alternatives to a dog, such as maybe a rabbit or ferret or something, but unfortunately, those pets require a lot of room to roam, including inside the house, and our house is not safe for either. Plus mom doesn't really care about ferrets, and claims not to like rabbits, but I imagine she could warm up to one easily. Fish would be a simple solution, but they don't help as much as a creature you can handle. A cat is considered like a dog to our landlord, so they aren't allowed either, plus mom and dad don't care to have a cat.

All this leaves us back to we have no idea what to get her for her birthday. So far, we have taking her out to dinner with all of us present. Cake too, of course. But after that, no clue. I'll take some nice GENERAL suggestions from you all. I thought about maybe visiting grandpa's grave with her, but then thought that really should be a present, but more of something I should WANT to do. Cleaning the house some helps, but I can only get so far before mom or my sister's crap gets in the way that I cannot move. I'm done doing little love coupons as well. trying to avoid giftcards as well.

She does love puzzle games for her DS however. She has brain Age 1&2, suduko and maj jong for ds so far.


  1. If she likes DS puzzle games, I HIGHLY recommend Picross or Picross 3D. It's insanely addictive, and along the same sort of lines as Sudoku.

    Another interesting one to look into would be Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords or Puzzle Quest 2. They're DS games that are basically RPGs, only instead of battling, you play Bejeweled. It's hard to describe. It's worth looking up a video, though, just to see if either Puzzle Quest or Picross would be up her alley. Let us know what you decide on in the end, and good luck :-)

  2. never heard/played this game before :D
    anyway happy birthday mama lol

  3. I'm terrible with birthday gift choices. D:

  4. ^ same here! especially for family members. i usually just buy cakes when a family member has their birthdays.

  5. ha ha, bitch got what she deserved.

  6. She likes DS games + Puzzle games and you haven't got her Professor Layton yet? Tal, I'm very disappointed in you. :(

  7. As an aside, get her Electroplankton! It's an amazing abstract music maker.

  8. @Ankiseth - I looked at picross as a demo, and believe she probably would get frustrated with that. I might try it if I can return it still, though. From the demo I played, it was like a reverse minesweeper. And mom doesn't like bejeweled as far as I know.

    @LoneIslander - That would just cause trouble and we'd probably have to return the dog in the end, causing more pain than help. :(

    @David - I took a look at it, and though the puzzles in the game may interest her, the storyline she'd probably find really stupid and annoying...

    @Primarch - I heard of it thanks to brawl, but mom doesn't care for music making really.

    Thanks for all the suggestions,what I might end up doing is on her birthday, have her check out videos of games she MIGHT like and say I'll buy whichever one she might like. I know it spoils the surprise some, but figure better safe than sorry.