Friday, October 22, 2010

Yesterday was mom's birthday so I had no time to do any blog things. My sister and I scrambled to get things right for mom. Rather, my sister did most of it during the day since I was feeling a bit sick so did things at home. I vacuumed, set up candles (so she can smoke without stinking up the room), put on air condition (because the kitchen was gonna heat up the house something fierce which would in turn, affect her MS), and helped make the dinner with my sister.

We attempted to make Vanilla Mousse since that is our mother's favorite dessert that is hard to find, but we may have ended up just making very tasty cool whip instead. When it was my turn for present giving, I showed her how to download demos of DS games on the Wii and told her I'll buy 2 or 3 of the ones she likes. A small handful of puzzle games were on the demo downloads so it worked out. I also showed her the games suggested here and that I thought of that were available as info videos on the Wii Channel. She actually is interested in Professor Layton somewhat, surprising me. Thanks for the suggestions on puzzle games, guys. She did try/looked at most of them, but only liked 3 so far.

This morning, she left me a note thanking me for putting so much thought into her gifts. My best friend and I had tested some games to see if she would like them or not, which she thought was really nice. It's great to make her happy since she pretty much is the backbone in this family (like most moms, I believe). It's pretty much like this every mother's day and birthday of hers; we all try to make her day the best. I almost feel bad for dad since we hardly do much effort for his days, but he also doesn't care too much as long as he has the TV and a good dinner for him, haha.


Thanks for the comments on the Halloween post, I made a reply. Thanks for all the suggesting, especially Regh on finding the shirt. I still would like to try to find a better fitting one, but may end up getting it. If I do, I will post a picture of myself in the costume (again, blurring out my face cause I'm paranoid like that, haha. Will even be sure it can't be seen through EXIF data).


  1. Awesome, sounds like a good time. I <3 Prof. Layton!

  2. wow nice post man ty for the info!

  3. Happy belated birthday for your mom! Sounds like you guys had a good time. :)

  4. Professor Layton is such a great game. Great job. Happy belated birthday to her. I gift her the 5 internets I won awhile back. :)

  5. Really glad your ma's birthday turned out well :-)