Thursday, October 28, 2010

General Update+

Been reading more Kurt Vonnegut thanks to influence from Dan. In the past I had only read Welcome to the Monkey House and the short story Big Trip Up Yonder (which i found out I had already read... after rereading it). Some days ago, I read for the first time Slaughterhouse-Five which I must admit wasn't the greatest, but good enough to keep my interest. I am currently reading Hocus Pocus which is hard to keep focused on, I must admit.

Playing both Dragon Quest 9 and Dragon Quest Swords as of late. Hadn't had the motivation to keep playing Mario Party 5's story mode, so I only play it when a friend wants to. With DQSwords, I never beat the game since I kept wanting to level up. Somewhere along the lines, I got bored of leveling up but didn't want to fight the final boss and then years go on until I decided to revisit it now. DQ9 I play to level up my team as well as finish the DLC quests (which I'm backed up on currently). Lately just been doing Legacy Boss runs which involve trying to get certain drops and leveling the bosses up.

With all the costume options in DQ9, you can end up seeing things like this!

I actually stopped playing Animal Crossing: City Folk for a similar reason to why I stopped playing Dragon Quest Swords some years back: it felt like work. if I wanted to keep all my neighbors, perfect town status, flowers, and so on, I would have to play every day. Watering flowers was a nuisance, though. My best friend helped me with it sometimes (and I helped her) but we both were getting annoyed and exhausted with the work involved. Soon, I started to miss a day or two here and there, so I would time travel back to date last played and try to make up for days, which felt like make-up homework for school. While I still enjoyed the game, my perfectionism ruined the fun for me. I am unable to let the smaller things go like my flowers or certain neighbors. I believe if city folk was on DS, I'd be able to keep playing it. DS is easy like that. Not interested in Wild World anymore since I started a huge photo collection on my friends town, and I do not feel like trying to start all that over.

One of the rooms I designed in AC:City Folk

For the Halloween season, I started watching more horror movies. My friend and I saw Night of the Living Dead (1990), which was not so great, but a good start up. the movie had a lot of plotholes and bad parts to it, but made the movie more entertaining that way. The grabby-screamy farm girl annoyed me as much as made me laugh because of how she was. Thanks to Halloween movie recommendations from Savage Nugget, I gathered select Halloween movies either on demand from cable, or floating around online. Candyman, Dawn of the Dead, Phantasm, and Trick R Treat are ready to be watched. I was supposed to watch more today with my friend but she suddenly didn't feel well. Bummer.

Speaking of Halloween, I still need the yellow and orange striped shirt for my Ness costume. Regh, the one you linked me to was sold out. I don't count on getting to a shirt like that before Halloween, but I still would love to get my hands on it. Please keep your eyes open for it, everyone.


  1. I can completely relate to the perfectionism quirk that you have. With flash games from Kongregate with the badges, if I realize that it's going to take too long or be too hard to get all the badges, I just stop. :P

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed Slaughter-house five :D

    I used to love animal crossing, but playing every day almost became a chore once I had 'done' pretty much everything there was to do :/

  3. Most online games end up feeling like work to me too. I get tired of them at that point and generally move to offline games.

    PS I love Vonnegut, glad to see others reading his work too.

  4. I'll call my buddy tomorrow and see where he got his, I'll leave another comment if he knows.

  5. That's why I stopped playing a lot of video games in general -- I started to get this ruthless perfectionism and completionism that my busy schedule wouldn't allow me to live up to.

    An Xbox Live profile full of half-completed achievements lists later, and I had moved on from gaming altogether.

  6. I'm not really a huge Vonnegut fan. I read Slaughterhouse Five and just didn't really enjoy it. I understood what he was trying to do with it, but I don't really like his writing.

    I understand the perfectionism. I can't NOT try to ace a game. That's why online games are no fun for me anymore. That, and like you said, it starts to feel too much like another job.

  7. Yeah, online games take a lot of work and commitment

  8. instead of reading slaughterhouse, you should listen to slaughterhouse ;] (joe budden's group)