Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blast from the past

Time for a blast in my past. If looking for something more current, well

This takes place when I was in high school. I was either a Junior or Senior, sometime when I either didn't have a car or my car was in the shop at the time.

I was walking out and this girl in my grade asked if she could use my cell for a sec. I said sure and she talked for about 5 minutes and then asked me if I wanted a ride home. I figure it beats walking so I jump in. She asks me if I mind taking a shortcut. I was a little wary, thought about just asking her to take me to the library since it half the trip, but decided to trust her.

She drove all the way to the other high school, left her car and said,"Sorry, I'll be back in five minutes". She goes to a guy who I imagine is her boyfriend's car, and then they proceed to fuck each other while I look away disgusted. 

After maybe ten minutes of them fucking, I tried calling and/or texting people to perhaps give me a ride home from here. Finally got someone to respond, but forgot he did not live near me anymore. By that time the bitch was done fucking and finally took me home. She apologized for taking so long and offered me a blow job for the wait. I declined. This girl was not attractive, nor did I wish to get any diseases she might have.

That was one of the more disturbing things that happened to me in high school. I don't know why this girl did not just take me home first since I hardly was far away and she could have had more privacy... unless she or her boyfriend liked people to watch or something.

After that occurrence, the bitch kept asking if I wanted a ride home, to which I politely declined each time. I made up excuses like I could use the walk, or I had to meet someone nearby and could take awhile. When I finally got my car (either back or first got) I didn't have to make up excuses anymore, so things were good. I have no idea what happened to her, and frankly I do not care.


  1. O_O


    Well, I'm kind of speechless.


    Wish my high school years were as "colorful" as that and at the same time, I'm glad they weren't.

  2. o.o that story. Good thing turning her blowjob down. Who knows how many other penises she sucked off that day alone D:

  3. Lol, that wasn't her "boyfriend."

    Sounds like you got a ride from a hooker, brah.

  4. ...Umm...that'

    I had a lot of interesting times in high school, and some that rival this, but nothing in this particular vein. I'm sorry you had to see that >_<

  5. Wow.....just, wow... Did not expect a story like that from the first pic. Looking forward to more though. :)