Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween is coming up!

With Halloween not too far away, I suppose I could use a costume for "just in case." What I did last year was dress up as Ness from Earthbound, but took on the Super Smash Brothers Brawl color change of green instead.

Problem was, I didn't have the yellow-and-orange-striped shirt. I had the hat, shorts, shoes, and a yoyo. My family helped look for places that could have the shirt, and no avail. What I ended up doing is finding an orange shirt and using yellow tape to make the stripes. It wasn't the best looking but did okay I suppose. I also forgot a bat (but felt it wasn't necessary to lug it around everywhere) and couldn't find the backpack. What I'd really like is to find the shirt. My family, friends and I have been searching since then and still haven't found one. So if anyone does find the shirt online somewhere, I'd be grateful for it.If someone can find the shirt, I might post a picture of the ensemble (assuming I can get it in time). I'd prolly blur my face though, haha.

Also, because of Halloween coming up, it's time to look for scary movies to watch! I believe Savage Nugget already gave me one movie, Trick R Treat, but I could use some more suggestions.

Thanks for any help in advanced!

Saw this episode earlier today, had to mention it! Plus you could say they are costumes which relate to the halloween theme haha!


  1. I wish I knew some better scary movie suggestions. I'd go with the classics: The Omen, the first Halloween, etc.

    Good call on the Ness costume, btw :-)

  2. Play a scary game instead. I recommend Silent Hill 2.

  3. Ok, this is scary because my best friend went as Ness last year and had the same problem. You sure you're not him and just lying to me about not blogging >.>

  4. AMC is showing horror movies up until the 31st so, get on it.


    Close as I can get for a Orange and Yellow Striped shirt. You can work with it though.

    As for Horror Movies...Watch the horror movies Mystery science theater 3000 covered.

  6. YESH! Trick 'R Treat is an excellent Halloween theme movie, along with "Halloween" and "ET"???...:D

  7. Haha did anyone even recognize you as Ness?

  8. That's actually a really awesome costume suggestion

  9. @Ankiseth - I saw the remake of the omen already, and never cared for the Halloween series really.

    @David - I plan to get those games, but probably not JUST for halloween.

    @Lone - I doubt it, cause I don't have any friends into DnD, haha. I live in New Jersey if that helps.

    @Derp - hmm, thanks for letting me know, I may check that out.

    @Regh - Wow! Thanks for finding that! I'm going to have a few friends check it out to see if it would work with the rest of the clothes (they have a better eye for it than I). As for the MST3000 movies, not a fan of old time scary movies. Reminds me of Angry Beavers with their horrible scary movie to the point where I'd get bored of them.

    @Savage Nugget - Not a fan of Halloween series... never heard of ET though, unless you actually mean E.T. extra terrestrial, in which I don't really find it scary. :X

    @Dan - Just my close friends that I brawl with and know I always play as green Ness. Others had no clue.