Friday, October 29, 2010

Jury Duty Story

This is an entry I took from my livejournal, dated July earlier this year. Because its long, I'll cut after the first paragraph of it.
I was supposed to serve in April but they postponed me until now. I took the train to the courthouse just because it's easier than driving or needing a ride there. The beginning was boring, I texted a bunch of people to keep me entertained (mainly J, S, and B). Then after the lunch break, I saw a guy who fucking looked like PETER GRIFFIN from Family Guy!

After reporting my findings to the main three people I was texting, 2/3 of them suggested to take a pic. I had fun thinking up ways to get the shot since the guy went in a corner where it would be terribly obvious if I tried snapping a picture. So after looking a little stupid moving from different seats, I eventually sat across from him and was trying to get the cam to point at him, but he started looking at me so i quickly shut it. Then he started talking to the guy next to him and had another opportunity but a third guy came and sat next to me, then struck a convo with the other two guys! Whenever i started texting or trying to take a picture, the guy next to me leered over me to look so I had to keep shutting it. Finally, I just set the camera up, quickly acted as if I was going to close my phone and made a guess that it would get his picture. And I succeeded!

Shortly after that, I sent the picture to just about everyone on my contact list! Bad thing is right after THAT, I got called for the jury pool. It was a LOT of people and they didn't have chairs for everyone. The case is going to be about discrimination at a job. (I can talk about it at the moment because I am not serving on the jury YET) The lady that was suing's son was murdered (That got my attention big time) which caused several problems for her, and she feels the company has not accommodated thanks to these new disabilities that have happened which led to them firing her. They claim she was simply an employee that had an attitude, always tried to find loopholes to get her out of work or something (I wasn't paying attention enough, the whole "HER SON WAS MURDERED" was in my head). They informed the potential jurors this would be a lengthy case because of all the evidence and legal crap they have so first asked for people who believe could serve the case. Sadly, since I have no reason NOT to, I had to volunteer myself. Yes had to. Those who didn't volunteer still had to talk to the judge 1-on-1 to explain why they COULD NOT. So I got out 2 hours earlier than estimated but have to report back on Wednesday at 9am for possible selection. 9am is nicer than 8am at least.


I thought I'd share both the interesting "Peter Griffin" guy and the story of the case I almost was on. Anyone else have interesting jury duty stories? Or maybe finding people that look like someone/thing famous?


  1. Yo, try this site for your shirt.

    don't know if you have been there yet.

  2. That DOES look like Pea Tear Griffon :oO

  3. Ugh, the horrors of jury duty. But you're right, that fat man does look quite Griffinish.

  4. I was in a Jury pool before, but the case was settled out of the courtroom. I did see the asian version of Christopher Walken though.

  5. Lol I would just ask for a picture. So much easier.

  6. He does look rather like him
    Jury duty sounds rough :/

  7. Holy crap, he's dressed like Peter; lol.
    You got a new follower bra.

  8. Oooo... Jury duty. Does not sound like fun.

    I really hope I don't ever have to go do that.

    The thing is though, did he sound like Peter Griffin? :P

  9. @Dan - I was afraid it'd be insulting when he asked why I wanted to take a picture of him. I don't think he intentionally dressed to look like Peter Griffin for Jury Duty.

    @David - No, he didn't sound anything like Peter. This guy had a nerd-type voice.