Thursday, September 30, 2010

And now for more annoyances.

Over the summer, I had taken a Creative Writing class. I only needed one more english related class left before I was done with college, so figured I'd have fun with it, since I do enjoy writing. The professor was the same one I had journalism with... twice! (basic journalism and advanced journalism). It was also online, so you just had to fulfill the practice writings, participate in message board discussions, and write so many pages of a short story in a week. You submitted on the college website where it would time mark your grade, and auto-close when it was passed the due date. This was rather easy.

When it came for the final assignment (the exam) we had to write 8 pages more than we had in order to get the grade. The exam was of course, 50% of the grade. I had already fulfilled the requirement of page length, but I couldn't get myself to finish the story. I knew what I WANTED to do, but just couldn't reach it. The time deadline was coming up too, I had to send it by 11:55pm. It was 11:52 when I said, 'You know what, I'll just send what I have and if she would rather have a complete late story instead of an incomplete but on-time story, I'll send it to her.'

I rushed to the college website, which of course was taking longer to load than usual. I hurried as fast as I could to get to the assignments section, I see the page halfway loaded with the submit button still eligible, I click it... and it says "THE TIME PERIOD FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT HAS EXPIRED!"

[Insert a rage picture here because I totally don't have one]

So I quickly e-mail my professor, explaining the whole situation, as well as my assignment. I was on the verge of tears thinking I was going to fail this easy class which I did all the work for, but just barely missed the time mark. She responded it was no problem, she would take this explanation in consideration when she grades my final exam. Relief returns.

2 weeks later, I check for my grades. A big... fat... F showed in there. I instantly e-mailed the professor, asking the professor if this was the true grade I got or just because I couldn't submit through the college website, it auto generated that or something. She said she never received my final exam. I told her I e-mailed it with the explanation, but said her inbox for the college gets full very often, which is why she didn't want people submitting assignments to her by e-mail. However, she said she would give me an incomplete for now and send the grade to the college later so I wouldn't have an F. (I resent her the final exam. It was still not finished because every time I went back to the story, I kept getting upset because of the situation surrounding it)

So over the summer, I keep checking the college website for the grade, but it still ends up as incomplete. Finally, earlier this month, the grade came in... And it was still an F. Very upset, I contact the professor once more, asking if this truly reflects my grade or if it was a mistake. She e-mailed me back saying it was a mistake and would handle it.

That was 3 weeks ago. The grade remains an F. I still have to battle this with her and the school. I even asked her if there was anything I could do to help but said she would handle this. I just want to get my real grade in so I can be done with dealing that school. I don't want to have to pay for one more class to get my shitty diploma. I hate having to keep e-mailing her since she really is a nice woman and professor, nor do I wish to sound impatient, but I want this to be settled and done with. >_>


  1. That's completely retarded...I understand how those situations go, though, being a college student myself. Welcome to the wonderful world of college bureaucracy.

    I really hope it works out for you in the end.

  2. that's completely messed up! i once received an incomplete when i was on my second year in college. after i found out, i went to the school everyday for more than a week to follow it up.

    you should definitely follow it up more. it will be less hassle compare than receiving a failing grade.

  3. That is seriously fucked up. I hate having do do all that grade battle BS.

  4. In case you don't check back on my comments, about the Mega Man movie, it is in English. No subs or dubs, just English. Hope you enjoy it if you do check it out :-)

  5. Eeegghh, that's really lame, that would drive me crazy... Like the previous comments said, keep following up and nagging at whoever you need to until it gets done. If you make a big enough scene, they won't forget about you.

  6. I had this happen with a chem teacher... the grade never got changed from a D... I was a sad person

  7. I like the way you designed your blog :)

  8. sigh, handing my assignment in tomorrow, she'll probably give me stick for not completing it today like she usually does.

  9. Your impatience is understandable. You're pretty calm considering this, which is good. You should tell her that you would like to get this straightened out so you can go on and do something great with your life. If you keep your cool like you seem to have, it should go relatively smoothly.

  10. Ugh, I know how you feel about these things.

    The profs at my University relieve themselves of all liability with these situations by telling students that they "have tons of time before to submit" and "You should be careful, the system tends to die the night the assignment is due" and "if that should happen it's not my fault, you should have submitted it sooner".

    I hope your prof doesn't give you any of that crap.

  11. Shit, three weeks of suspense? I do not envy you. In way, I'm glad I 'decided' not to go into college. So often people have to deal with things like that, I'm happy to just not deal with it at all.