Sunday, September 19, 2010

Demotivator special!

Concerning my last post, if you wanted to see the second comic, you HAD to save it to your computer and zoom in on it manually to read it. Knowing people on blogger, you probably didn't want to go through that just to read it. So, i'll see about splitting the comic up so it won't re-size weirdly and can be read with ease!

And now, I bring you some demotivaters!

Yeah, don't try that when breaking up with someone.

Another drawing for a response! I actually did something similar to this in college when i had not studied for the final at all but still would get an A even if I failed. :P I'll write about that tomorrow!

I ran out of drawing-related motivators, so I went with diagram. :P


  1. lol

    nice way to break up with someone! i've gotta try that sometime.

  2. LMFAO...that last one got me. Never seen that one.

  3. Love the whale one and the last one.

  4. At least the first dude was honest and wasn't like "It's not you, its me" stuff. He doesn't understand his emotions towards her and, instead of making something up, he drew her a picture.

  5. ahaha omg he got a check mark for the whale, so epic

  6. The first one is just cruel and the last one always makes me laugh.

  7. haven't seen that giraffe before... pretty cool