Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm cooking today!

Thanks to Chasityxo and this entry, my friend and I will be attempting to make peanutbutter cookies today using her recipe on the bottom of the entry. My friend was coming over today anyway, and when I mentioned the recipe, she said we should try making it! I'll post about the results sometime today or tomorrow, maybe with some pictures.

We did decide that if the cookies end up not coming out so good, we'll just buy some Chips Ahoy peanut butter cookies and pig out on those, haha.

Thanks again for the idea, chasity!


  1. If those cookies turn out I totally want to try making those.

  2. haha no problem :) i love makin them all the time, sharing is caring bro!!

  3. Nice have fun maken it hope it comes out great take pics :)

  4. Good luck! Let us know how they turn out.

  5. Dude, my favorite fking cookie ever

  6. Chasity needs to post more recipes on her site, she has good taste.

    Make sure to take pictures of the cookies no matter how badly they turn out!