Friday, September 17, 2010


I need to stop being so lazy. Was up earlier just watching a bunch of youtube videos. Actually, I rarely watch television nowadays since I can watch pretty much everything online. Hell, right now as I am typing this, i am watching a youtube video on my other computer, haha.

I figured I'd share some of my favorite things I like to watch online instead of TV.
The link may seem odd, but it is actually a stream of Family Guy, Futurama, Simpsons, American Dad and a few select other shows. Usually is 24/7, I used to watch it all the time... till I realized I pretty much watched everything! It shows some new episodes (as they come out anyway) such as futurama's newer episodes, but last I experienced, they play newer episodes at the most random times. I think you can request certain shows they have sometimes, but I never done it personally. I usually watch these shows when I'm about to go to sleep and need something noisy on.
This one is similar to Ladygagapeen but I think isn't as good a quality in some of its shows. It features the cleveland show a bit more often than LGP does, and is good as a back up when the other stream is down or not playing a show you care about.
These guys used to be the kings of stream, having the highest quality of the shows playing 24/7 until BlogTV got complaints from fox or something. This channel now streams classic old cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gummi Bears, Darkwing Duck and others. It's a nice nostalgia stream but some of the old shows really got on my nerves so I stopped watching for the most part. It all depends your tastes though.

There of course is Hulu and TV Channel's official websites where you can watch other shows, but besides that those have commercials and tend to be laggy on my older computer, they don't do well to play one after another. Usually, after a show ends, you have to find another on the site before being able to just sit back and relax to watch it. This is why I prefer the streams above, or...

Youtube playlists! If you really like certain youtube users' videos, you can just set up a playlist and watch it all at once! Sometimes TV shows are on there, though its been awhile since I searched for a tv show on there. Usually, I watch videos of "Let's Play"s, which are people playing games and recording it for an audience. Some people might find those boring, but it depends on who's narrating. I recently found a new person to watch so I have been watching his videos a lot lately. I'm not gonna mention my favorites since each person has different tastes, so just search around for Let's Play's of a game you like, and find one that suits you.

One thing I don't like about youtube playlists is that if you try to watch someone's playlist on there channel, you cannot have it stream in fullscreen mode. You can put the current video you want to watch on fullscreen but as soon as that video is done and switches to next, it takes you back to the channel and is back to smallscreen. I end up havign to search for the person's playlist in the search bar so I can watch it off their channel JUST so I can continue to watch it in fullscreen without having to get up. It's rather annoying.

Well, enough about that, time to do my errands for the day!


  1. Same here I dont watch tv anymore since I can just watch it online without any ads

    woo family guy XD

  2. good stuff here, will try to check some of them out later

  3. Good luck with errands :) And I normally don't watch TV, on TV or online. Connection isn't good enough here to let me watch online :(

  4. it looks like you're headed in the right direction with this post...

  5. I haven't watched TV in song long...

    Well, as in, like an extended sitting. I miss being young.

  6. I like some of those retro toons like Ghostbusters. They're fun to watch :P

  7. P.S. For your sweet comment I blogrolled you big time :)

    Thanks for the support!