Sunday, September 26, 2010

More annoyances/drama!

First the amazon thing, then my G-grandma being hospitalized and now... a failed pizza delivery!

All right, so this one is much more minor, but it happened. We (my family and I) ordered from one of our favorite pizza places last night. They are the only pizza place near me that can make a GOOD Hawaiian or pineapple pizza. We've ordered from them so many times, they have all our cell phone numbers linked to our address in their computer so they know our address. Dad calls the order in, and he did ask if they had the address, and they read it back perfectly!

About an hour later, we were wondering where they were. Apparently, we had missed a call from them, so dad called them back asking what was up. They had the wrong address SOMEHOW, the delivery person had the wrong address in his GPS. The lady on the phone said, "Your address only came up as [town way farther away from us]." Dad asked if they even deliver there and they said no... why the hell would you even accept the order then if you didn't deliver to this supposed address, you even read BACK the address perfectly, NOT TO MENTION they delivered to us before several times! Dad kept his patience with her for quite awhile (I was impressed, he usually blows up after 2 minutes), trying to show her how those arguments don't even make sense. She just kept to her story, not really caring, and the end result was the food would have to be picked up, they weren't going to deliver it now. Dad said, "You know what, keep your damn food then."

We ended up just making our own food, and ate at friggin 10:30pm... The hotdogs were very delicious though. I sauteed up some broccoli for the appetizer to tide us over too.

I really did like that place, shame they won't be getting any more business from us.


  1. Ugh, bad customer service. The bane of the service industry. I hate apathetic workers like that, just want to strangle them.

    Serves them right for not getting you guys as customers anymore.

  2. Hope your grandmother gets better bro. Good luck through this screen.

  3. Denied...

    That really does make no sense from the pizza joint's standpoint. The driver probably just messed up badly.

    Good deal you still got some good omnomnoms, though. :-)

  4. man, when you're hungry, everything taste good!
    trust me on this, that's how the human mind works! :P

  5. pineapple has no place on a pizza. that's unamerican.

  6. hope ur grandma gets better bro! also pineapple pizza = :( bad customer service sucks....

  7. I highly favor steamed vegetables... so... good... especially when it has butter with it

  8. Hey Pineapple pizza is good D: Tal has some good taste :D

    Pizza place must had some employees who just didn't care working tonight. If you're a regular customer and know what you tend to order, your phone number and where you live, add on that they use GPS to find where you live, they either have to be really stupid or just don't care enough to even try. Compared to your G-ma and Amazon, the pizza is very minor, but every little bit adds on and on and snowballs. :( Hope things get better for you.