Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cooking: The results

Woke up a little later than I wanted to today... delayed this post a bit but ah well, I have the results of trying the peanutbutter cookies.

First, I have to say it was fun to be trying to bake something like this. Even though my friend ended up doing the mixing (which she ached about since the mixture was so thick, but she wanted to do that instead of the general prepwork), I think it was fun for us since all we do normally is watch tv or play video games.

As for how they came out... well... I think it either needed to cook longer or be broken down a bit smaller. The recipe said it could make 12 good size cookies, but when we made it exactly like 12, it ended up like large rounds of peanutbutter, haha. When they were done, my friend said it just tasted like hot peanutbutter, but I think the bottoms where it was most crisp tasted sort of like a cookie. It makes an okay "peanutbutter craving" snack but not the peanutbutter cookie I was hoping for. I probably should have suspected that based on the ingredients, but still wanted to try it since the ingredients were so basic, plus wanted to get rid of that jar of peanutbutter lying around. (No one really ate from it and we have 3 different other kinds of peanutbutter lying around).

Now for the pics of what they ended up like, haha!
I do want to thank chasity for the recipe again, even if it didn't come out like I wanted. It was fun to try with such an easy recipe. The hard part is getting it eaten now since my dad hates peanutbutter, sister is on a diet, and mom looked at them and laughed. I made my friend take home half of them though, haha.


  1. not bad :D

    look yummy

    Here, have some love <3

  2. Those don't look half bad. I should try making those now. May not be good cookies like you said, but it is better than eating a jar of peanut butter when one wants some peanut butter.

  3. OK when i first saw the recipe yesterday, i thought it was a troll recipe. but i just saw the same exact recipe under "flourless peanut butter cookie"

    i wanna try it now...

  4. I'm glad to see you're beating inertia today.

  5. Man, I'd love to eat some of those cookies. ):
    You live in Wisconsin? Wanna drive over and give me some?

  6. Hey Great Post Man! Just Passing By Your Blog To Show Some Support Take Care !

  7. Awww, sorry your cookies didn't turn out the way you wanted! It sounds like you had fun though!

    Peanut butter cookies are my favorite. =D

  8. Trust me, those look a lot better than the white chocolate cookies I tried to make a few weeks ago.

  9. Dude those look humongously delicious

  10. np dude :) man, those look huge!! lolol mine were definatly not that big did u double the recipe or something hahah sounds like u could have cooked them a little longer but meh they look yummy to me :P

  11. @James&others: It turns out they are actually very nice after they are fully cooled. Taste much more like a dry cookie.

    @William: East coast, sorry haha! Simple recipe in another entry that you can do yourself though!

    @Viper: Yeah no moisture like from what you'd get from chips ahoy. Milk or water is a must when eating.

    @David: you should have had pics of those! :P

    @chasity: I followed the recipe as it said: 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup peanutbutter, 1 beated egg inside. I think 1/2 cups would have been better but wanted to follow it exactly. They did end up being yummy peanut butter mounds though.