Monday, September 27, 2010

Happier news

I realized lately, it's been just rather annoying or sadder posts I've had lately, so thought I would show everyone things are not all doom and gloom here. My cousin actually had quite a wonderful thing happen to her a few Sundays ago.

My cousin is a Christian, and is very into her church functions, so she has gotten to know several people at her church. She happens to talk to one family rather often about how she is trying to get into a teaching position and all the troubles and successes she's been having at college. This family's mother is either currently or formerly a teacher, so she gets rather fascinated by this.

One Sunday, this mother approaches my cousin and tells her, "Over the years, I believe my family has been blessed with good fortune. I wish to share my good fortune with you, so here is $5000 towards your education. All I ask is that when you find yourself in good fortune, to pass it onto someone else in need."

My cousin said her jaw dropped and hardly could say anything. She managed to utter, "I... don't know what to say..." The mother replied, "Just say yes."

Seriously, how awesome is that? And over these past weeks. the woman never brought it up again, not even to boast about her generosity or anything! All she does is how my cousin is still doing, and other casual things. No strings attached to the money, just to spread the love when you are able to.

I believe this is just one of those rare people you find that are truly generous.


  1. wow! that was amazing. if only all rich people are like this...

  2. That is amazingly awesome. I wish I knew someone like that.

    Good to hear that good things are happening around you, not just undelivered pizzas and emergency rooms. Hopefully, that trend of good things continues :-)

  3. Great story I wish I had someone helping me with college lol.

  4. There ARE good people in the world... They're just hard to find.

    That picture makes me smile.

  5. That's awesome, good to hear something good happen to you.

  6. I guess that's one way to get someone to pay it forward. I hope that it's had a lasting effect, though, and that your cousin is now more likely to show the same sentiment to another. :)

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  8. that's a good story of generosity you have now