Saturday, September 4, 2010

There will be brawl!

If you like super smash brothers and don't mind fan-based storylines, you should try watching, "There will be brawl." It's completed video series with a dark storyline based off of super smash brothers, but involves all of the nintendo world. There are some adult themes but no real nudity. The series is also completed (as of february or march from this year) so you could watch it to its end if you wish.

There will be brawl home page

In the beginning, I found it to be a bit slow, and the jokes were rather small, but as I watched more episodes I found myself getting into it. There are a few bad episodes here and there, but I felt the finale really did a great job bringing it all together. More interestingly, Luigi was pretty much the main character throughout the series, which I loved since Luigi is my favorite nintendo character, haha. I suppose Mario would also be a main character but this time he was secondary.

Even if you don't really play the smash brothers game series, if you like nintendo characters, it coudl prove interesting. Just note, it still is a dark story. A fair amount of murder occurs so if that sort of thing would bother you, it might not be for you.

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  1. Nice find I'll watch it in a few thanks.

    Since I do like brawl this better be good lol