Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on Amazon.

Unfortunately, the Amazon support people said I'll simply have to e-mail my buyer about this and ask them if it's a return or not. I haven't e-mailed them yet because I'm afraid I'll be very accusing or rude which won't help my case at all.Thank you though for all your ideas and opinions.

@James - I can give negative buyer feedback, but most sellers don't look at that. I suppose it's better than nothing. It's also going to suck because they are going to probably ruin my perfect 5-star feedback if I don't refund them right. As for law, I double-checked USPS policies and while I am right, I have no proof of the repackaging since I had already opened it up (stupid on my part). Best I can prove is they held onto the book for 9 days before refusing, unless some mail person ACTUALLY remembers a certain package, heh.

Oh and funny enough, I live one town away from the buyer, I could easily drive to them. BUT on google maps, it showed they live in an apartment, so egging their house or something would hardly be productive. When I can find the right words to e-mail the buyer with, I'll give another update about that here.

^^I actually look forward to that movie coming out soon!


  1. the best thing you can do is refund and give a negative feedback. or you can go jason bourne on the buyer's ass! hahaha

    also looking forward to the narnia movie. love the books. i wonder if they will make it like the book.

  2. Denied...that sucks.

    Just word the e-mail in a mild way, letting them know (but politely) that it's not okay to use material like that and then return it, especially after so long.

    If it comes to your feedback being lowered, though, I'd just refund them, simply to ensure you make more money through Amazon in the future rather than having people avoid you because of your score.

    Good luck, good sir.

  3. never seen the narnia movies :(

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  5. Yeah, the tenuous world of e-commerce. I don't like doing much person-to-person stuff cuz of stuff like this. Hate that you have to deal with this though, sux man :(

  6. I find it hilarious they live so close, I'm good friends with my mail person luckily, he's an old Vietnam war vet, really cool guy, if I was in your situation he'd probably help, but I'm not, :3

  7. this post made me hungry.

    or maybe i'm thinking of a different post...

  8. Ack, that really sucks. I wish there were more options for you.

    This is why I don't trust selling things online. :P

  9. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I hate people that take advantage of things that leave the other party screwed. Best of luck to you and hope you get some justice.

  10. We could go down to amazon and kick in their doors?