Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unexpected day off, haha!

No update yesterday due to being busy, haha! Time to play catch up with my followers' posts!

As for things going on in my life,  had a lovely problem with Amazon book selling. I sold a spanish textbook on amazon earlier this month, set with confirmation number so it can be tracked. Today I received the package back, as it was apparently refused by the buyer. However, the packaging was opened and resealed with cellophane over my original packaging to disguise the fact it had been opened! What's worse, when took a look at the book, I found it had been written in as well! The stupid buyer had actually wrote in it!

To those that don't know, packages can be refused by recipients when an unwanted package comes to their residence, but it cannot be opened or it is considered delivered. To try to return for free like this, it is considered illegal and subject to fines or possibly even reported to authorities if the post office cares to. Though they should have been more careful to examine the package, as it was OBVIOUSLY opened and repackaged.

I looked up on Amazon support forums for sellers with similar problems and people there actually recommended just refunding them due to a 30-day return guarantee according to amazon.

I contacted amazon's support e-mail place instead and asked them what my options were, instead. I have a feeling the best response they'll give me is to refund with a stocking fee... I don't think I should have to refund them at all! They didn't request a return during the proper time, they used the book, and they sent it back illegally! However, thanks to amazon having a way too friendly customer return policy, I can't just refuse to give them their refund back, or I risk putting my account in bad standing, possibly even closed (and amazon could make me repay it in full since they have bank account numbers).

I'll mention what happens when I get an e-mail back from Amazon.


  1. Hope everything works out alright.

  2. You could also try to put the dude who ruined the book and sent it back on a blacklist of sorts. Let other sellers know that this dude orders books, ruins them, then sends them back. If you do refund them, you should try to get the law on the person. On top of sending it back illegally, they damaged your goods. A lot of stores have a "break it you buy it" policy and the dude basically broke your book by writing all in it.

  3. i agree with james. if ever you will refund the payment, give him a negative feedback.

  4. looks like fun!

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  5. Do what James suggests and let's hope that Amazon takes your side.

    If all else fails, order pizza to the guy's house. Having the bill cost as much as the book did. :3

  6. That's such a broken system...shouldn't it be designed to avoid issues just like yours?

    I hope it works out for you in the end...keep us posted when you find out anything new.

  7. That seriously sucks bro. Hope it still ends in your favor.

  8. When I'm done with homework its a day off tomorrow.