Friday, September 3, 2010

How to make what I call: Ghetto Garlic Bread

Sometimes I just want a quick tasty snack that isn't too plain or time consuming, so I came up with my Ghetto Garlic Bread idea. It pretty much is the normal fast way to make garlic bread except it uses a toaster, and I'm sure it's not THAT original, but wanted to share it.

All you need is:
-A toaster
-Parmesean Grated Cheese
-garlic bread sprinkle powder (the key ingredient next to bread)

Toast the bread and apply the butter evenly across it. It's being used as a base for the rest of the ingredients.
Next, apply the garlic bread sprinkle evenly, maybe a little thick depending how you like it.
After that, sprinkle the parmesean grated cheese evenly but not thick.
Last, sprinkle the paprika LIGHTLY over the toast. Boom. Ghetto garlic bread.

Experiment with the portions and see what works for you. Some breads this might not be too good on, but i tried this with potatoe, white, and wheat bread, so far they all work pretty well.


  1. Hey i am gonna try this out i love garlic bread anyways great blog bro

  2. I'm too lazy to make garlic bread the normal way so this works fine for me. XD

  3. I've made garlic bread somewhat like this way before. Used bread, butter, and garlic. Toast bread, butter toast, put garlic on toast, eat. It was okay but I'd rather have had normal garlic bread.