Monday, September 6, 2010

Mario Party!

Lately, I've been on a Mario Party kick, and trying to unlock everything in all of the ones I owned. I recently got a good deal on Mario Party 5, the ONLY one of the series I had been missing from my collection for years, so I started playing it yesterday with my older sister and a friend. Some of its concepts are pretty interesting, such as being allowed to change a space into whatever capsule item you have, and paying for items if you choose to use them yourself, but not sure if that is enough. Doing that takes a bit away from the boards themselves, in my opinion.

Not going to do a whole review of the game considering its rather aged and plus I haven't played more than 3 boards (nor unlocked all the minigames, I just feel so far, it could be better.

On the plus side, I beat my sister and friend yesterday, twice, but then lost to a computer character on the third board. My sister got all pissy, claiming it's rude to steal from people and all that, but my friend and I were like, "That's the point of the GAME!" As a general rule, we always attack the computer first and then attack each other as needed. Doesn't mean we won't attack each other to win, but usually the computer player brings enough trouble that we can fight it enough. I also play a mercy rule with my sister since she usually is behind and isn't as good at minigames as my friend or I; I don't make her a target unless I have to, or happenstance occurs.

We'll see how the rest of the matches of Mario Party occur as we play more, haha.

EDIT: And now... Nazi Luigi shall kill Obama.