Saturday, November 13, 2010

Time for another general update

Some time back, I talked of an annoying Amazon sale I had with my book selling. I have had no contact with the customer since they refused the book and according to Amazon policies (as well as how their rating systems go) she can not be refunded nor lower my rating. Looks like I won that battle, and got some free cash out of it. Unfortunately, I haven't sold any books in quite some time now, people just ain't buying. I probably have to lower some prices again.

Concerning about my Creative Writing grade, the professor has continued to ignore me. I need to get my ass up and find out what are my options for taking this up with the school. Unfortunately, every time I think of it, i go in a panic. Hell, writing this has me shaking again. Ugh.

My youngest cousin with whom I'm in contact with has her birthday coming up, which actually is on the night of the new Harry Potter film. Apparently, her mother decided to celebrate her birthday with the family tomorrow, which (as always) is completely sudden. We only found out on Wednesday. My other aunt and uncle are away on vacation, my parents will be coming back from a vacation and unlikely going to feel up to going. My sister had already made plans that day, so it very likely may be just me and the oldest cousin with her husband there. Not to mention I doubt my family had time to get a present for her yet. It's just so annoying yet whenever an event is planned on this side of the family, we always get TOLD with little room for discussion. I'll be doing what I always do for her, and making her a mix CD, she enjoys the different music I can find for her. I just feel bad for her since its her 18th birthday and hardly anyone will likely be there.

Haven't been reading much lately. Need to do that.

Gaming news is active, of course! I finally beat Dragon Quest Swords, which I had been meaning to for awhile. Not bad! Was a lot of fun! The bonus material afterwords is quite challenging, though. I probably won't get around finishing that any time soon... Took 20 minutes to put 25% damage on this one boss's lifebar, I just gave up.

I been playing WAAAAAAAAAAY too much Neopets. I get so addicted to earning points on there; just something so satisfying for some reason. I also got caught up in the plot they have going too. Yes, I realize how kiddy (not to mention evil) Neopets is, but for the time being, it's quite fun!

Haters gonna hate.

Caught up on all my DLC quests for Dragon Quest 9, but seriously need to make more headway into my grotto hunting. Haven't even found a monster that'll provide the best experience so I can grind a little easier, which is another thing I need to get on. Legacy Boss battles have proven to be going well though.

I had some really bad allergies or some form of small cold on Wednesday. It pretty much wiped me out the next two days, making me feel exhausted. Friday I was feeling a lot better and did my DDR thing plus hung with my best friend. Was a much needed thing.

Now to go find some songs for my cousin for a CD, hopefully songs she hasn't heard. No, I'm not asking for suggestions.


  1. >Neopets
    I could have been a master artist by now had I not started visiting that damned site. I'm glad you're having fun, but for your own good do NOT become addicted.