Wednesday, November 3, 2010

5 Days a Stranger

I'm not feeling to well today, so I figured I would just share with you a game that I found to be amazing in its sci-fi horror elements. I first found it from looking at "Let's Play's" on youtube. For those who don't know what a "Let's Play" is, it's when a player plays through a game either as a guide, for entertainment of other people (and so they don't have to play it themselves), or both. The guy who does this is an excellent "Let's Play" host, and the storyline of the game is completely fascinating (to me anyway).

5 Days a Stranger Playlist link

This is the first of the series. It starts off sounding like a mystery, and then goes into the horror elements. After this one, it starts going into the sci-fi/horror genre. After that it starts to become completely whacked out and crazy. If interested after a few episodes, the guy who did this let's play did the rest of the series to. The next series is called, "7 Days a Skeptic," then "Trilby's Notes," and finally, "6 Days a Sacrifice."

I'll admit you will need to do some reading as you watch, which can get annoying sometimes, but it's worth the read and watch. If you rather play it, by all means try playing it! I never did, but I imagine you can find it by googling it.


  1. i'll check this game out, it looks interesting.

  2. Good ol' classic games. Gotta love em

  3. i'm trying to avoid playing games at the moment so i'll pass of this.

  4. Hmm, this is pretty cool. I'm watching through some of the LPs for it right now.

  5. Sounds like a great story/setup. I wonder if they have novels based on the game series :D

  6. That was entertaining. I'd play it :)